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Lighting industry focused on LEDs, contributing in driving energy efficiency, eco-friendliness: Nirupam Sahay

'Surya had very good growth in the festive season, and we expect that momentum to continue in the coming months.'

‘Ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 would be paved through an All-Electric All-Digital world’

Energy is responsible for about 80% of the world’s carbon emissions, as per the estimate by the International Energy Agency.

Green Yodha is not restricted to the big companies but it’s equally important for Small & Medium Enterprises.

Pandemic has been the toughest for the elderly; Here’s how technological innovation is helping them

'The pandemic has been the toughest for the elderly around the world for many reasons which led to seniors feeling isolated, depressed, lonely. '

Gym V/s Online Fitness Apps: What is the future? Experts speak

As COVID restrictions started getting relaxed across the country, majority of people went back to their tedious daily routines, this once again led to them neglecting their health.

Technology is the most effective way to transform healthcare industry in India: Gaurav Gupta, Navia Life Care

Healthcare in India has always been an industry with ample opportunities, and this covid times this sector has witnessed massive growth.

Healthcare. technology, healthtech, Navia Life Care

Pandemic and pollution: Technological advancements in the air purification industry

Many researches around the world have proven coronavirus to be airborne, which means it can stay suspended in the air for a long period of time.

covid, air pollution, coronavirus, magneto

Rise in demand of ventilators, hospitals preparing for any situation beforehand: Ashok Patel, Max Ventilator

There is smog in the air and it will continue for a month or so. It has triggered serious health problems for all the age groups especially children and elderly.

ventilators, covid, air pollution, smog

Cloud based communication tools making remote healthcare, telemedicine more pervasive: Kuntal Shah, Avaya

In the past 18 months have completely transformed the way healthcare is delivered. Patients now have access to care through virtually any channel they want, be it chat, phone, email, video, in-person, or all the above.

AI and cloud-based communication tools changing the dynamics of the healthcare industry

Latest technology is helping in fight against pandemic and pollution: Airific Systems’ Ankit Sharma explains

UVGI is a new segment that has emerged in the Indian market post- Covid. However, UV is a well-established technology.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2021: How the ladies are powering India’s economic growth like never before!

The influx of women into the workforce over the past half century and their meteoric rise in senior managerial roles and professional careers is one of the major developments of contemporary society.

women Entrepreneur

Total online education must be discouraged, adopt hybrid models: Govind Narayan Singh, GNS University

'Children have unfortunately made themselves comfortable with technology and they are not realizing the harmful effects of it on their physical and mental health as well as their social growth. '

Online education, hybrid education, virtual classrooms, Govind Narayan Singh University

India has advantage in making its travel, tourism holistically eco-conscious: Shruti Shibulal

'Building a holistically sustainable business model requires designing novel systems of operation that will not only function efficiently but remain resilient and self-sufficient.'

sustainable business, eco-conscious tourism, sustainable tourism, Sustainable Development Goals, Shruti Shibulal, Tamara Leisure Experiences

Urban planners have critical role in decreasing carbon emissions due to construction: Dikshu C Kukreja

Prime Minister Modi’s five-point or the Panchamrit plan is extremely holistic and comes at an appropriate time.

Cop26, narendra modi, carbon emission, net zero carbon, urban planning

In-person events will always reign supreme over virtual ones: Sharad Chaudhary, Dreamz Production House

'While the events industry is adapting to the pandemic era through virtual events, people are missing the fun of attending an event live.'

events industry, Covid-19, Virtual events

Millennials account for half of all astrological consultations, gemstone sales: Aaradhya Khanna, Khanna Gems

'Since the pandemic, the number of people seeking astrological consultation for a range of difficulties and reasons has also increased, with millennials accounting for the majority of the increase.'

Gemstones, gemstone jewellery, Gulf of Mannar pearls, Golconda diamonds, Kashmir sapphires, astrological gemstones, khanna gems

Radio segment continues to transform itself to provide new age content: Ashit Kukian, CEO, Radio City

'Social media coupled with radio will dominate brand communication for clients given its potent combination. Hence it is the future of the business, and social media influencers will play a huge role in steering this shift.'

FM Radio, Radio city, Online radio, digital radio, social media

With policy changes & incubation, India can emerge as global nutraceutical hub: Amit Srivastava, Nutrify Today

'India can overtake China by 2025 if policies are changed and the government recognises this industry.'

nutraceutical industry, pharma and food, Indian nutraceutical business, Nutrify today

Future of healthcare is digital; No leadership without technology leadership in pharma sector: Rishabh Bindlish, India Life Sciences and Global Generics Lead

In an exclusive conversation with the Financial Express Online Rishabh Bindlish, Managing Director, India Life Sciences and Global Generics Lead, Accenture explained how cloud and digital technologies are transforming the pha

digital healthcare

Air-to-water tech entering India: Indian consumers more aware of water purifiers, says Cody Soodeen, Kara Water

According to our data, consumers in India are more aware of water purifiers compared to the consumers in the US.

air-to-water, Kara Water, reverse osmosis (RO), Atmospheric Water Dispenser, Air-to-Water Dispenser

‘Pandemic has taught us no single healthcare system can give competent answers to all our wellness needs’

'Society needs to have sustained and robust immunity and lifestyle changes to fight against COVID-19. All the companies have come up with different products to counter the virus, but this overnight research doesn't help.'

Zyropathy, wellness, nutraceuticals, covid-19 pandemic

The Maldives offer a slice of paradise for everyone: Thoyyib Mohamed, MD, MMPRC

'During the pandemic, we learned that one of the best ways we can market our destination is through digital and social media. We are exploring how else we can use social media and digital media in creative ways to market the

Maldives, visit Maldives, Maldives tour, Maldives resorts

Delhi’s air pollution, stubble burning menace finds cure? Thousands of farmers trying PUSA bio-decomposer to solve stubble problem

Bengaluru-based AgTech startup nurture.farm tied up with the IARI to provide the PUSA bio-decomposer for free to famers in Kaithal, Karnal, Ambala, Sirsa, and Kurukshetra

Community managements apps came to the rescue during Covid lockdown: San Banerjee, co-founder and CEO, ADDA

"Community management apps in India will evolve with the community management business itself."

Community management app, adda, covid-19, lockdown, adda app

Intercity bus travel has raised the bar higher for the entire travel industry: Prashant Kumar, zingbus

'EV’s carry a huge scope in bus segment and without any doubt we can say that the future is rise and shine for such buses.'

zingbus, book zingbus ticket, bus to delhi ticket price, intercity travel, pandemic

Is hybrid work culture the most preferred way of returning to offices?

The hybrid work approach is visibly a hot topic in the industry. Many companies believe it presents a safe and most efficient path to return to the office rather than filling the space with full capacity.

work from home, hybrid work, hybrid office-wfh, covid-19

Need for both talent, experience makes data science difficult expertise to cultivate: Siddharth Das, Univ.AI

Data Science is a very interesting field. On the one hand, the barriers to learning are low. You need only high-school math, and some python to get started.

Service quality and value chain can be significantly enhanced with the help of the data and insights garnered through such an approach.

Global fashion industry moving towards sustainable ways to thrive in the market: Shivendra Nigam, CFO, Cantabil 

With the growing consciousness towards saving our environment, most brands are trying to shift their image towards sustainability.

cantabil, fashion industry, sustainable fashion, textile
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