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Craving for mangoes? Kerala man turned his terrace into a mini-orchard of delicious mangoes!

With what began as a simple hobby, Fort Kochi resident Joseph has shown the will and the way with his full-time passion for growing mangoes.

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Weight loss and obesity: This book can inspire your ‘Fight with Fat’

"Obesity," he cites again as a gentle reminder, "is a unique disease and we are all touched by it".

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Delhiites, your daily milk consumption may not be safe as per FSSAI food safety standards!

There are successes in India's dairy story to celebrate, the reality of some unsafe food products continuing to percolate into the system cannot be ignored.

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Hindu Marriage Act: Married without taking ‘saath pheras? Find out if your marriage is legally valid!

Now, coming back to our question on whether a marriage without 'Saath pheras' is legally valid as per Hindu law, the answer is 'Yes!', provided the marriage was conducted as per the rites of either the bridegroom or the bride

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200-year-old mysterious gondola unearthed in Lucknow’s Chhatar Manzil

As new findings continue to tumble out during excavations, we can look forward to a new historical narrative of a society and its cultural patterns that deserve to be documented, shared and told.

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Big win for common man! Delhi hospital to pay Rs 20 Lakh for pregnant woman’s death due to negligence

While disciplinary action can vary from case to case, the fact remains that most private hospitals remain unregulated.

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Hypertension a big threat! More than 50% of Indians unaware about their condition, see which states are affected

India forms 18 per cent of the world population and by 2025, it is estimated that the nation is poised to be the world's most populous country.

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Good news! Mumbaikars can now drink water directly from taps, says BMC

Given that clean, drinking water from taps is now a reality for Mumbaikars, the next step forward can be to formulate a broader approach to catalyze these water reforms and take it to the next level via digitization.

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Mother’s Day: Dare greatly to shine as a working woman!

On Mother's Day, let us choose to be more understanding and more compassionate in our social, personal and professional interactions with all women.

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Blue roti, purple biscuit, black noodles! Indian scientists develop colored varieties of wheat; check health benefits

For decades, bio-fortification of staple diets has been a major challenge for agricultural bio-technologists. Now it is known that colored wheat can be adapted to local climatic conditions along with satisfactory yield potent

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Kitchen to space-shuttle! India’s youngest chef from Kerala aspires to be an astronaut chef

Not only is Kicha so passionate about cooking, he already has a highly popular following on YouTube, where he posts his cookery videos.

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What is ventricular fibrillation and how does it affect your heart?

A recent American Heart Association statement has elaborated on specific socioeconomic factors linked with cardiovascular disease.

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Rukmini Devi Arundale: This iconic Indian dancer was a strong crusader of vegetarianism and animal rights

With her demise, Rukmini Arundale left behind a vibrant and rich legacy through the institutions that she directly worked to establish.

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Big setback for Sri Lanka tourism! Tourists opt for Thailand, Bhutan, North East

With temperatures on the rise, these scenic destinations are sure to enchant travelers who are either postponing a trip to Sri Lanka or have already canceled their travel plans to the island nation.

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The legend of Yeti: Everything you need to know about the elusive snowman

The Yeti legends are plenty across the world. A Russian legend, a Chinese legend, and many more legends about the Yeti flourish.

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‘Being a mom is hard!’ Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Sleep Box’ for wife can inspire couples and entrepreneurs

With this innovative 'Sleep Box', one gets a feeling that Mark Zuckerberg is poised to change the world of parenting in incremental and meaningful ways, just as he pioneered path-breaking change in the sphere of social media.

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Delhi High Court scripts history! Becomes 1st High Court to have state-of-the-art telepresence facility

To drive the actual impact of the telepresence system, it becomes imperative for members of the Bench and the Bar to utilize the facility to the fullest extent with the launch of e-courts in the High Court.

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In a first, Mumbai hospital claims injecting stem cells saved infant’s life

In the future, newer breakthroughs at a global level may spearhead change and bring the ongoing debate to a more logical conclusion in the field of medical and clinical applications.

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Husbands, take note! Wife’s parents being rich is immaterial for deciding maintenance, says Bombay HC

In these cases, the court has to direct balance between the standard of living of both husband and wife to ensure that the standard of living for the wife is secure doing pendency of the matrimonial dispute.

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Your kidneys work better when you make these lifestyle changes!

Remember, when you consume more proteins, your body produces more protein waste, which is difficult for your body to process if you are suffering from a kidney related disease.

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Parents, take charge! Don’t let children use smartphones, iPads during family meals

The golden rule when it comes to managing children's screen time, parents need to lead by example first and prioritize nourishing personal connections and real conversations.

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Are eggs good for you? Results of recent JAMA study will make you think twice!

Health-friendly options include a bowl of plain oats with nuts and fruits, plain yogurt, fresh fruits and smoothies and an assortment of nuts, which may provide a more wholesome healthy meal on a daily basis.

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Kerala’s Jatayupara Earth Center: World’s largest functional bird statue is a tribute to nature’s splendour and women’s safety

The first impression of 'Jatayupara' is that of a colossal statue that is 200 feet long, 70 feet tall and 150 feet wide. More importantly, this giant concrete structure makes Kerala's Jatayupara the largest functional statue

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What makes a normal man suddenly become violent? Author and filmmaker Salil Desai decodes the psyche

In conversation with Financial Express Online's Swapna Raghu Sanand, Salil Desai, writer, and filmmaker share his insights on.

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Want to stay young? Eat one serving leafy greens daily!

A recent study has found that elderly people who have at least one serving of leafy greens daily show a much slower rate in terms of decline when they undergo tests related to memory and thinking skills as compared with those

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Good news for frequent fliers: Your pre-booked airline seats cannot be changed without explanation!

Recently, the country's apex consumer commission directed Air India to pay Rs 5 lakh as compensation to its two passengers. Wondering why? The reason is that the airline was found to have changed the passengers' pre-booked se

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Will Smith in Haridwar! Hollywood star’s picture wearing Rudraksha mala and tilak is winning the internet

Smith's Instagram post begins with these words, "My grandmother used to say: 'God teaches through experience." The actor has included a series of photos and a video including one of the Ganga aarti in Haridwar.

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