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Mohanlal turns 60: Mammootty wishes ‘younger brother’ in an emotional video message

Mohanlal turns 60: Mega star Mammootty’s Facebook video message on the occasion of Mohanlal’s 60th birthday goes viral! This rare and candid tribute to Mohanlal clearly won hearts. The most heartwarming part of th

Mega star Mammootty's Facebook video message on the occasion of Mohanlal's 60th birthday goes viral! News

Happy birthday Mohanlal! Malayalam cinema’s ‘complete actor’ turns 60 today, wishes pour in from celebs, fans

Growing up in the 80s outside India, Mohanlal's popularity with movie going audiences is something that I have directly experienced and that too, not just in the Gulf or the US, but even in African countries.

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COVID-19: Innovative! Copenhagen’s ‘floating islands’ set to create recreational space for public parks

From developing a series of floating islands to create space for public parks, Copenhagen has literally set the ball rolling by coming up with innovative measures to tackle COVID-19 pandemic.

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International Nurses Day 2020: Why ‘The Language of Kindness – A Nurse’s Story’ by Christie Watson is a must read

As a nurse who has served for more than 20 years, Christie Watson shares valuable insights from her life's challenges about a profession that is synonymous with noble service to humanity and selfless spirit of compassion.

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Coronavirus outbreak: No lockdown, testing or tracking! This European country is tackling COVID-19 differently

A logical question to ask: Why is Sweden taking it easy? Have there been no COVID-19 infections detected yet?

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Happy reading! National Book Trust of India announces free download of over 100 books

In an effort to encourage families to stay at home and read books while they have time, the National Book Trust of India is rolling out some of its best selling titles and select books for FREE download as part of this initia

Coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19, Stay at home, Stay home India with books, News

Coronavirus pandemic: Stuck at home? Check Canada’s Kelowna neighbourhood feel-good initiative!

Normalising daily routine becomes a challenge in these times as people feel forced to stay indoors as part of their battle against Covid-19.

Lockdowns, quarantine measures and restrictions to one's every day routine is particularly stressful and challenging for professionals and those who have been used to a rush-filled, hectic lifestyle. News

Coronavirus pandemic turns travel plans upside down! Check how cruises, hotels, flights are impacted

However, the FICCI report indicates that cruise bookings for countries like Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia have registered considerable cancellations already.

Lifestyle News

International Women’s Day 2020: From spooky to supernatural, three Indian writers to read now!

On this International Women's Day, take a pledge to read new women writers from across the country.

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World Book Day 2020: Buying story books for kids? Five common mistakes parents make!

As a parent who has spent most leisure hours in book shops, here are some common mistakes I have witnessed parents making while they walk into a bookshop to buy books for their children.

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Mahashivratri 2020: Four festive books to read! Celebrate with these glorious retellings

Just as good food and good vibes make life so much happier and peaceful, so do good books on Lord Shiva.

Mahashivratri 2020, books on Lord Shiva News

Beware! Spices like Turmeric, Red Chillies in your kitchen can be prone to adulteration, check FSSAI guidelines

Given the FSSAI's crackdown on food adulteration, pay attention to quality when you buy spices from retail shelves. Don't allow smart packaging to dupe you and ruin your health!

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Your favourite samosa and gulab jamun may soon be a ‘healthy’ food option, thanks to FSSAI

Doctors and experts caution the use of food colours as it is emphasised that the use of artificial colouring is known to not only damage the body but it can also cause cancer.

food, nutrition, lifestyle, FSSAI, food adulteration, diet, fats, salt, sugar News

Coronavirus outbreak: Non-vegetarians, pay attention! FSSAI to release hygiene ratings of meat, fish shops

For the last six months, India's food regulator stepped up efforts to ensure sanitation and hygiene across the country's fish and meat markets.

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Eat Right India: Daily power-packed tips for every home

Built upon the twin pillars of 'eat healthy' and 'eat safe', the 'Eat Right India' is a campaign led by the FSSAI, marking a collective effort to engage and enable with citizens to improve their health.

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Kerala’s mural magic works its charm! Kozhikode district jail gets grand makeover

For prisoners, these are not merely on-the-face reforms but an opportunity to showcase their creativity, skills and productivity in tasks that can bring them a more meaningful income once they are out of jail.

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Australia bushfire: Dangerously heroic, top secret firefighting mission saved million year old ‘dinosaur trees’

Termed to be a remarkable tree species found only in Australia, these trees are known to date back to 100,000 years!

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World’s most powerful passports 2020: Asia dominates world rankings! Check India’s rank

Once again, an Asian country has been successively ranked at No. 1 on the prestigious world passport rankings, followed by Singapore, Germany and South Korea.

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Can workplace stress cause irregular heartbeat? Study links vital exhaustion with risk of atrial fibrillation

The study titled 'The Atheroscelerosis Risk in Communities Study' highlights that atrial fibrillation is the most frequently encountered cardiac arrhythmia in clinical practice.

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Be the change! Get inspired by UN’s ‘Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World’

The United Nations has published 'The Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World', which lists several easy-to-do steps to enable every individual to make a meaningful impact.

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Travel based on zodiac sign: World’s first astrology hotel offers star sign based rooms, City Guides

For travelers who love to match their choices to their zodiac signs, here’s an interesting option

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Dropping thousands of veggies! Operation Rock Wallaby is Australia’s most widespread food drop ever done

Even as there are reports of koalas being declared as 'endangered' species in Australia, efforts are already underway to save rock wallabies and these measures have been taken by the New South Wales (NWS) government, accordin

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Grand Egyptian Museum opening and ticket prices: Over 15 million tourists expected to visit Egypt in 2020!

According to reports from Egypt, the number of tourists expected to visit Egypt in 2020 will exceed a whopping 15 million!

Egypt tour packages, Giza pyramids, Grand Egyptian Museum, Tutankhamen, Tutankhamen burial treasure, Luxor, Egypt tourism, Alexandria, Baron palace, Is the grand egyptian museum open yet? News

Croatia’s Museum wants to hear your best hangover stories!

The museum website opens with an invitation to all those who want to share their hangover story and get an opportunity to have it showcased to the whole world!

Croatia, Croatia Museum, Museum of Hangovers, Zagreb, latest news on Croatia museum News

Happy Birthday Dr KJ Yesudas! Kerala’s legendary ‘Gaana Gandharvan’ turns 80 today

There is hardly any Keralite who does not turn emotional when listening to a song rendered by iconic singer K J Yesudas, a singer who has redefined the history of music in southern India and transformed playback singing in a

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UK’s ‘Megxit’ mess! Here’s why the Queen is ‘upset’ with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The aforementioned UK paper cited inputs from a senior source that indicates that Harry-Meghan statement is 'a declaration of war' on the British royal family.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, UK Megxit, The Crown, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Charles News

Australia bushfires: Love koalas? Five heartwarming ways to save precious lives!

The Australian Red Cross has come out with notable initiatives including bushfire emergency grants of $5000 for those who lost their homes or their primary place of residence during July 2019 and February 2020.

Increased support comprising of extra food and water for fire-affected landholders and farmers in NSW. (Reuters image) News
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