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Plant-based diet is key to fighting climate change, here’s how

Ever heard of a flexitarian diet? You may find some interesting cues from the latest UN body report.

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First time ever! India to conduct its biggest tuberculosis preventive trial with two new vaccines

As of now, treatment of TB involves multi-drug course that usually spans six months.

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Good news! Humayun tomb, Safdarjung tomb and other monuments to remain open even after Sunset

You can now visit ten most popular historical monuments across India from as early as sunrise till around 9 PM.

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Meat on your plate? Europe wants to change your protein intake!

Did you know that around half of Italian consumers are cutting down their red meat intake? Here's why

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Chandrayaan 2: How did India’s biggest space mission come to life? 9 interesting facts to know

In a detailed explanation through a video shared on the ISRO Twitter handle, A Rajarajan also highlights the following facts:

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Super 30 Review: Hrithik Roshan sheds star image to portray common man!

Given the struggles of young Indian students from rural areas, the dilemma of Anand Kumar is something that the common man and the aspiring students can connect with.

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Chandrayaan 2: Racing against time, meet the ISRO women scientists set to script history!

Notably, the two leading ISRO scientists, Vanitha and Ritu, are in their 40s, but their work experience with ISRO spans more than 20 years.

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Chandrayaan 2 Launch: ISRO’s inspirational stories becoming Bollywood’s new source of scripts

On July 9, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar's social media posts sent fans and moviegoers into a tizzy, as he shared the teaser of upcoming film Mission Mangalyaan, which celebrates the contribution of ISRO's women scientists.

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Turkey tourism gets Olive oil boost! A little soap shop turned to country’s first Olive oil museum becomes new destination

You may be amazed to know that a little soap shop in 1960 transformed itself into what we now refer to as Turkey's first olive oil museum!

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Budget 2019: How Modi government’s Ayushman Bharat can boost ‘Health for all’

Budget 2019 India: Further, the PMJAY had been given an allocation of Rs 6,400 crore in the interim budget.

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Good News! Travellers from these countries can visit Brazil without a visa

According to the data shared by Brazil Tourism, the country's e-visa programme has been a huge success in leading to a record of tourists for the year 2018. This poses several lessons for countries like India.

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I&B Ministry issues advisory to TV channels on portrayal of children in dance reality shows

The TV channels have also been advised to exercise maximum restraint, caution and sensitivity while showing such reality shows and programmes.

According to the above mentioned rules, no programme should be carried on TV which denigrates children. News

Diabetes menace: Lack of access to insulin and preference of foreign brands making situation worse

By 2035, the number of people with diabetes in India is expected to increase by 70%, pointing to the possibility of a serious epidemic that triggers an urgent need for anti-diabetic medicines and insulin therapy.

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More Indians dine out than ever! Delhiites throng to restaurants the most

With several reasons such as busier lifestyles, disposable incomes and quirky food choices, consumer choices are fast changing in India when it comes to dining out.

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Kerala payasam fans, Ambalapuzha temple’s paal payasam to be now served in paper containers soon!

With this new green initiative, the Travancore Devaswom Board is keen to make the temple premises free of plastic containers.

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Tughlaq has taught me not to judge people harshly for the choices they have made: Anuja Chandramouli

Readers will be delighted to know that Anuja Chandramouli's latest offering 'Muhammad Bin Tughlaq: Tale of a Tyrant' has already broken into Amazon's bestsellers list (historical fiction).

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At 90, Anne Frank will forever be the 15 year old girl whose diary conquered hearts worldwide

Anne Frank's legacy is valuable as in her own words, she reminds us so gently: "How wonderful it is that no one has to wait, but we can start right now to gradually change the world."

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Girish Karnad, Jnanapith awardee, noted playwright and actor dies: His works will continue being popular, says PM Modi

As an actor, Girish Karnad has dabbled in various languages but his key focus remained writing plays for almost four decades. His TV credits include the popular 'Malgudi Days' series in which he portrayed the role of young Sw

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PM Modi in Guruvayur! Here is everything you need to know about Kerala’s ancient Krishna temple

Everyone is curious about Kerala's Sri Krishna temple at Guruvayur, following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit and the offering of 'thulabharam' that he made at the sacred shrine.

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Most healthy Indians resistant to Antibiotics! What this means for your health and how it will impact treatment

For medical practitioners and doctors, continuous surveillance of drug resistant strains is very important to identify the changing antibiotic susceptibility pattern and the resistance pattern in patients.

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Breakthrough in breast cancer therapy set to benefit women in India, know why treatment costs loom large

For those who are not yet convinced about the seriousness of these details, take a look at some of the facts pertaining to breast cancer, which is the most frequent cancer among women, according to the WHO as it impacts 2.1 m

Several doctors recommend that this drug has a clear edge over conventional cancer treatment options such as chemotherapy. News

World Environment Day 2019: Iceland’s tap water is free for all and filtered through lava!

The Iceland campaign follows on the basis of a survey that found that more than two-thirds of people opt to buy bottled water when travelling and only 26 percent use refillable water bottles while they are on the move during

On World Environment Day, this is the kind of amazing tourism campaign that can transform lives forever and in the right direction. News

World Environment Day: Why it is celebrated and how China, Bangkok and Finland are emerging game changers

Climate awareness campaigns mark the first point of communication with the public to trigger informational gateways that translate into public discussion, debates and pave the way for results on the ground in the form on sust

The quality of the air we breathe is not dependent on the weather alone but upon the lifestyle choices that we make on a daily basis. News

World’s Most Powerful Passports 2019: These three Asian countries rank at the top!

In 2015, both the UK and US passports got ranked at numbers one and two. Now, as you can see, both countries have dropped outside the top five!

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Mediterranean diet is the best way to stay healthy, according to new rankings

Studies also indicate that this diet can greatly reduce a person's risk profile for cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction (heart attack), stroke and cardiovascular disease.

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Modi govt’s 100 day healthcare plan: Cheaper medicines, online pharmacy norms and compensation for patients

The Narendra Modi-led NDA government is set to take charge for its second 5-year term, a report in IE has indicated that the country's health services industry may have to soon gear up for some regulatory changes such as more

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Stop wasting food: Six ways to love and respect the food we eat

Nothing beats the joy of cooking food and serving it to our loved ones, friends and family members. World over, the food we eat is an integral part of who we are.

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