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Global Tuberculosis Report 2019: India shows significant progress but 27% patients still in the country

Another rising challenge pertains to drug-resistant TB, which poses a direct threat to global TB care & prevention. Clearly, it remains a major public health concern in many countries.

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Thanjavur Saraswati Mahal Library: India’s ‘most remarkable library’ turns 100 years old

Referred to as ‘the most remarkable library in India’ in the Encyclopedia Britannica’s review of the world’s best libraries, Thanjavur’s iconic Saraswathi Mahal library, which has its origins as

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Never heard of any Prime Minister talking about toilets: Akshay Kumar at Swachh Bharat book launch

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written the Foreword of the book, which has been published by Harper Collins India.

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Dussehra and Diwali story picks: 11 Must-Read Books for Children

The Indian tradition understands the power of storytelling to ignite the curiosity of young minds in exploring the hidden depths of human existence.

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Plant based protein innovation: IIT-Delhi’s ‘mock eggs’ with moong dal as main ingredient

IIT Delhi's researchers unveiled their 'mock egg' with moong dal as its main ingredient but it actually comprises of five different types of dal.

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How important is a tree’s health? Delhi National Museum sent fine of Rs 5.4 lakh!

The National Museum in Delhi has been sent a notice imposing on it a whopping fine of Rs 5.40 lakh!

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Nature deficit disorder: Shocking! Kids no longer able to identify common birds, plants and animals!

Have you ever heard of nature deficit disorder and whether your kid is prone to it?

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From Chandni to DDLJ and Ae Dil Hai Muskil: Bollywood brought Switzerland to every nook and corner of India!

Many other Indian filmmakers picked up the cue from Yashraj Chopra in following the trend and showcasing Switzerland in dreamy song sequences.

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Your next hotel stay will include drinking water in paper sealed glass bottles instead of plastic ones!

The plastic waste problem is also a serious concern for frequent Indian travellers who stay in hotels.

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India’s gift to the UN has found special place on the roof of the United Nations! Here’s how

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 14th Conference of Parties of UN Convention to Combat Desertification at Greater Noida on September 09.

Narendra Modi, importance of solar energy, UN News

PM Narendra Modi’s BIG statement: Time to say goodbye to single use plastic!

What is the way forward in tackling desertification effects and coming up with innovative desertification solutions?

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Big boost for travel! India jumps six ranks on world travel and tourism competitiveness index 2019

The report indicates India has better air infrastructure, ground and port infrastructure, international openness and natural and cultural resources.

travel and tourism competitiveness index 2018 WEF report News

Indore’s Waste to Energy model leads the world, 72 countries set to follow!

Indore had earlier earned itself the title of being India's cleanest city for two consecutive years.

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Yoga for stress management: A book on ancient yoga techniques for healthy living

We lead hectic, sedentary lifestyles and burnout is no longer raising eyebrows simply because it has become so common in most workplace scenarios.

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Onam 2019: Kerala’s ten festive days! Gear up for digital pookalams, flower shopping and sadhya booking

From small to elaborate floral carpets, known as pookalams, every office establishment and home in Kerala is marked with the festive signature of 'pookalams'.

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Ganesh Chaturthi 2019: From India to Bali to Mexico, the much loved deity with universal appeal!

What is most interesting is that Lord Ganesha worship enjoys a universal appeal that is rare, unusual and beyond geographical and cultural barriers.

ganesh chaturthi, ganesh chaturthi 2019 News

Sanitary napkins for just Re 1! Suvidha biodegradable pads now available at Jan Aushadhi stores

The Narendra Modi government's push for a healthier and more fitness-oriented India has been one of its key themes right from May 2014.

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Barack Obama’s summer books list: The ultimate book lover’s guide!

Sharing some valuable book recommendations through his Facebook post on August 14, Obama begins with Toni Morrison's globally acclaimed masterpiece 'Beloved, Song of Solomon', followed by other titles such as The Bluest Eye,

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Why are more people suffering from food allergies than ever before? Here’s what you should know!

Between 1997 and 2008, the incidents of peanut allergy tripled and was identified as potentially fatal allergy than as chronic food allergy.

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Janmashtami 2019: A book that explores Lord Krishna’s relationship with nature

Life around us reflects a bond with Nature, which is why climate change and sustainability dominate most narratives today.

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Kodaikanal is a unique ecosystem, at least preserve what is left: Madras High Court

The Madras High court stated that the government has to plan for preserving Kodaikanal's unique natural heritage.

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Junk food becoming menace in India! Data points to dangerous increase in consumption

The way in which children are fed on a daily is important to their health and well-being.

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Plant-based diet is key to fighting climate change, here’s how

Ever heard of a flexitarian diet? You may find some interesting cues from the latest UN body report.

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First time ever! India to conduct its biggest tuberculosis preventive trial with two new vaccines

As of now, treatment of TB involves multi-drug course that usually spans six months.

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Good news! Humayun tomb, Safdarjung tomb and other monuments to remain open even after Sunset

You can now visit ten most popular historical monuments across India from as early as sunrise till around 9 PM.

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Meat on your plate? Europe wants to change your protein intake!

Did you know that around half of Italian consumers are cutting down their red meat intake? Here's why

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Chandrayaan 2: How did India’s biggest space mission come to life? 9 interesting facts to know

In a detailed explanation through a video shared on the ISRO Twitter handle, A Rajarajan also highlights the following facts:

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