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  • Promotional efforts required for use of more steel

    A collective approach from a group of major and medium steel manufacturers to develop strong justifications in favour of Indian steel would go a long way to convince the major Indian end-users to choose India-made steel as has been done by the government in many other countries for their own industries

  • Steelmakers’ challenge for profitability to remain stiff

    The financial results of a few steel plants in Q1 of FY16 clearly indicate that a big push in domestic demand can only bring some cheers to the bottom lines of producers. However, it is also to be appreciated that unless the average global prices move up significantly in the coming quarter, domestic realisation would continue to be under pressure

  • Import-led policy to meet gap disastrous for steel sector

    In Q1 of the current fiscal, steel consumption in the country has grown by more than 7%. The higher consumption is largely fed by rising imports that have grown by 57% in the quarter on top of 75% rise in FY15

  • Govt needs to act fast to check cheap steel imports

    India exported 5.9 MT of steel in FY15, a negative growth of 2% compared to the previous year, while imports at 10 MT grew by 76%. There was a net deficit of R238 bn in FY15 and it stood at R92.5 bn in Q1 of FY16, threatening to be much higher than last year

  • GST on steel imports should be at par with domestic

    Conceptually, GST is unique as it combines a plethora of taxes and levies currently in vogue, like central excise, service tax, CST, VAT, entertainment tax, luxury tax, octroi, electricity duty and SAD/CVD under customs, and would make the tax procedures more fair, transparent and efficient

  • Does investment in manufacturing generate steel demand?

    Large volume of steel imports is taking place only on price consideration. It is still worthwhile to initiate dialogue with the large buyers of steel and work out acceptable terms of transaction for supply from indigenous sources

  • Common approach needed for manufacturing, steel

    The crux of the matter is either to match the cheap landed prices of imports or make imports prohibitive by enhancing customs duties, imposing AD and countervailing duties and wait for further exchange depreciation

  • Can industry ask govt to exclude steel from foreign pacts?

    India still holds the potential of one of the biggest consumers of steel on the back of revival of manufacturing and capital goods sectors and construction supported by higher public and private investments. Thus steel as a sector continues to remain an attractive space for accommodating higher imports with abundant duty concessions

  • Make in India campaign needs to learn balancing act fast

    The machinery equipment and electrical equipment segments achieving 20.6% and 13.4% growth, respectively, over April may be taken as an early indicator of the success of Make in India programme, but needs a watch in the coming months for confirmation

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    Indicators point to good days ahead for Indian steel industry

    The coal mining auctioning process has raised the hope of boosting of supply of indigenous coal for steel plants. CIL is putting up maximum endeavours to raise coal availability.

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    Fresh challenges for steel industry

    As the stark reality of the current commodity market is coming to light, it is being increasingly felt that the global market space is actually truncated.SUSHIM BANERJEE

  • India needs labour-intensive small manufacturing units

    In the modern era, no country aspires to manufacture all the items on its own. Instead, it concentrates on producing goods that have domestic resource base, in terms of labour, capital and technology

  • ISP: Pragmatic approach can make it successful

    As integrated steel plants’ share in long products is a mere 30%, Burnpur’s production would enhance the high quality component in the market by catering to the institutional requirements, the forte of
    all the major steel plants

  • Positive growth in index can still fuel aspirations

    From all available indications, it appears that the industrial production index would continue its slow and steady growth journey with the manufacturing sector back on rails since March onwards. The percentage growth may appear satisfactory calculated on the low base of the previous year

  • India needs better data system for market share

    Market data on Indian steel industry do not permit such kind of incisive analysis. Around 55% of the total production is catered to by secondary sector which is yet to be convinced of the advantages of data sharing

  • Domestic steel prices need to come down

    Any further drop in global prices of iron ore, which is likely in May, the differential would go up.

  • Steps needed to facilitate private investments, FIIs

    Another significant feature of the GDP growth in FY15 has been the declining share of fixed investment as a percentage of GDP, which has come down from 33.6% in FY12 to 29.8% in FY15. This factor alone has pulled down the steel demand trend

  • Industrial growth must face challenges comprehensively

    For steel industry it is unfortunate that this sectoral growth is achieved not by enhanced domestic production but by rising imports from China, Russia, Taiwan and Japan. A 54% decline in domestic availability of electrical sheets in February has further aggravated the problem

  • Steel demand may return to normal in global market

    NMDC has brought down the domestic prices of iron ore in recent months. Like in the global market the spread between EBITDA and marginal cost being significant for majority of ore producers, a further drop up to $10/t can still be sustained

  • Domestic production of iron ore may drop sharply in FY16

    As global steel production is showing negligible growth over 2014 and China, most importantly, is slowing down steel production following internal economic restructuring, the short-term projection for iron ore prices is further down. World Steel Dynamics report says the global prices may come down to $45/t CFR China by September ’15

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    Steel imports need urgent govt policy interventions

    It is revealed that India is a net importer in bars and rods where large-scale imports of Boron-coated wire rods and TMT primarily from China and Ukraine…

  • MSME sector needs to be incentivised to generate jobs

    The concern is over the employment elasticity of manufacturing. It is well established that an average addition of 1.2 million people every year in the job market much exceeds the employment capabilities of manufacturing, mining and electricity sectors, three cornerstones of industry

  • Taking cue from US steel industry

    According to a recent report on the US strategy to tackle the threat of rising steel imports that has already captured…

  • Budget: Annual exercise or road map for the future

    The Budget for 2015-16 is a welcome departure as it lays down a roadmap in terms of growth acceleration (8-8.5% in 2015-16) through higher investment and emphasis…

  • Investment road map must be clearly spelt out in Budget

    The concept of 100 smart cities with R1,000-crore investment for each to provide infrastructural facilities has to be translated into reality. As 80-85% of investment into this is to come from the private sector, the Budget may specify some sops to facilitate the flow of investment.

  • New national accounts series may augur well for biz

    The Budget must place maximum emphasis on raising resources by plugging non-productive subsidies and utilise the same for investment in infrastructure, irrigation, communi-cation and transport

  • Steel industry seized with threat of rising imports

    Higher steel consumption is long believed to be the barometer of industrial growth in the country…

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