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SMEs restrained by lower utilisation of installed steel capacity

While the major players are operating at a level of 81% of capacity, the SME sector is restrained by a much lower utilisation of installed capacity (68%), primarily due to raw material shortages in iron ore and non-coking coa

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WPI rate movement in steel categories shows healthy trend

The latest core inflation reflected in consumer price index (CPI) indicates that price level had increased by 2.19% during December 2018 and the headline inflation represented by wholesale price index (WPI) had gone up by 3.8

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Indian steel export strategy getting increasingly diversified: Sushim Banerjee, DG, Institute of Steel Growth and Development

The current market realisation in Indian domestic market offers a still higher return as compared to the ruling global steel prices and therefore the urge to exports is not there.

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Steel sector to get boost from government budget spending, credit flow in Q4

A lot of speculations are rife on the probable state of the sector in 2019. Now that Brent crude oil price has declined, it is not likely to go up in the coming 2-3 months, despite the alleged production cuts by Opec.

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Sector emerges from uncertain global prices,expects brighter future: Sushim Banerjee, DG, Institute of Steel Growth and Development

At the end of 12 months of 2018, Indian manufacturing industry can look back at the sector’s performance with a great deal of satisfaction and an anticipated brighter future.

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Steel sector supplements needs of a growing economy

The second caveat relates to share of manufacturing sector to reach 25% of GDP from the current share of 18.2% in Q2 of FY19.

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Industrial growth to leverage steel industry

The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) growth of 8.1% in October is encouraging. There has been a stable upward trend in the industrial output for the past few months.

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Uncertainty to determine fate of steel industry for 2019

During the first 8 months of the current year, the total imports of finished steel by India have gone down by only 2.3% compared to the previous year, while exports have fallen by around 35%.

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Consumption of steel in the light of back series of GDP

This new series supersedes the earlier back series on National Accounts, brought out by Sudipta Mundle Committee.

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How SME units play crucial role in steel sector’s growth

The enhanced steel supply was facilitated by fresh capacity augmentation (mostly brownfield), higher capacity utilisation and increased output of value-added steel as demanded by the critical sectors.

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Explained: Why industrial products exports need more push from government, industry

In The first half of the current financial year, the industrial production in the country has grown 5.1%. This rate could have been higher but for the poor growth in Mining (0.2% in September) and Intermediate Goods (1.4% in

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Crude steel production up 5.2% at 61.1 MT this fiscal

The current trends in the global economy are highly influenced by the conflicting events in the political scenario of major economies.

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Buyers of commodities demand good quality products: Sushim Banerjee

In order to frame standards and codes in various commodities and thereby specify the chemical and mechanical properties of the item when used individually or in combination with other commodities, the Bureau of Indian Standar

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Domestic market steel absorption capabilities brighter than earlier

HRC price in the domestic market of USA which was ruling at $ 716/t in March’17 (the month of duty imposition) is now available at $ 918/t, a rise of 28%.

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Current growth cycle in steel sector to last for 24 months: Sushim Banerjee

We recall that the market scenario in Q1 of FY18 was dull. Prices were down; capacity utilisation was poor, expansion plans were put on hold and PMI exhibited bleak forecasts of new order booking and were on the brink of cont

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IIP and industrial growth to support steel consumption in India: Sushim Banerjee

Growth of Industrial Production in August’18 at 4.3% with manufacturing at 4.6% is somewhat lower than what was expected with the publication of July results. But there is lot to cheer about for the industry.

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Unique strategies needed to do away with imports of defective steel

Data for half yearly growth of production and consumption of steel is encouraging.

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Forging alliance for Indian capital goods manufacturers

The major components of capital goods are: heavy electrical equipments, process plant equipments, engineering goods, earth moving equipments, metallurgical machinery, machine tools, textile, plastic machinery, tools dies and

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Steel import share to come down with capacity augmentation

Commodity demand outlook in the first 2 quarters of the current fiscal raises hope that it would be sustained in the coming months. A positive scenario on steel demand is primarily reflected in the market realisation of the p

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Global excess capacity behind drop in Indian steel exports

Industrial production figures for the month of July just available from CSO indicates a growth of 6.6% contributed by a 7% growth each in Manufacturing (wt: 77.6) and Electricity generation (wt: 7.99).

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Pessimism around National Steel Policy 2017 swells

The feasibility of achieving the target of 300MT of crude steel capacity in the country has been a subject of intense deliberations in almost all the seminars and workshops held following the release of National Steel Policy

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Rebuilding in Kerala can be significantly reduced by adopting steel intensive buildings and small span bridges

Most of the buildings hit by floods are damaged beyond repair and therefore need to be rebuilt completely. Since the steel framing itself is durable enough to withstand the fury of flood.

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China cuts steel exports to India, may target domestic market for growth

It is interesting to note that imports from Korea and Japan in the current year is 24% more compared to last year while imports from China is down by 22%.

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Stable economic growth — a great facilitator for steel growth

Indian steel industry is currently operating at 77% capacity utilisation with primary and major producers exhibiting capacity utilisation of around 100%, the capacity utilisation of other sector predominated by SME producers

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Steel sector feels assured of steady growth in demand

Last week, we had envisaged a strong IIP growth in June’18 based on a robust growth achieved by the eight core sectors which have a combined weight of 40.2% in IIP released earlier in the month.

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First quarter corporate results bring back issue of market dynamics

The Corporate results for the first quarter of the current fiscal have resurfaced the issue of market dynamics which is fast changing in our country.

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Steel needs to be kept outside purview of FTAs, RCEPs

A common topic being discussed and deliberated in most of the seminars or workshops relates to the feasibility of the major goal set up in NSP 2017 for crude steel capacity to reach 300 MT by 2030-31.

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