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US-China trade war gradually destabilising world economy

Simultaneously, the US announced a number of stimulus measures of investment in infrastructure where the existing Make in USA policy and costly steel imports benefited the indigenous steel manufacturers to derive maximum bene

The current capacity utilisation of US steel industry at 82% is significantly higher by 10% as compared to the level achieved prior to March 2018. News

Subdued industrial growth needs big boost

Industrial production for FY19 was below the expectations. At 3.6% growth rate it was lower than last year’s 4.4%.

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Ability to grow amid global slowdown is a hallmark of India

The recent global economic outlook report by IMF and the annual outlook report by ADB are both cases in point. One distinctive feature of India’s growth is its ability to grow amid an all round global declining trend with s

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Despite challenges, steel industry fares well in FY 19

The crude steel production at 107 MT rose by 3.3%. Total steel imports at 8.8 MT went up by 5% and steel exports at 8.5 MT dropped down by 26%, resulting in India becoming a net importer in FY19.

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India needs to prepare as automobile sector readies for paradigm shift

Many start-ups are showing the implications of innovative technologies in a sporadic manner .

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Steel sector to have good scenario in current year and the next

The recent repo rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India to 6.0% has been favourably commented by ADB and is likely to enable more investment flow into the economy and would also help private consumption.

Steel sector to have good scenario in current year and the next News

India to surpass US as second biggest steel consumer by end of this year

The apparent consumption of finished steel at 97.5 MT, registering an annual growth of 7.5%, the highest among the global players, has made India nearly touching the level of the US and in all likelihood India would occupy th

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Demand in Asian region driving global steel growth

While India needs to enhance its steel exports, meeting the domestic demand should be the basic determinant of capacity augmentation efforts. 

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Steel pricing is largely determined by market absorption capacity

The ability of Indian steel producers to cover the major components of their cost of operations in the next year would primarily depend on the price of raw materials as cost of raw materials comprises 60% of the total cost of

Steel pricing is largely determined by market absorption capacity

January IIP falls, but difficult to gauge impact on steel demand

Growth in industrial production boosts steel consumption as some of the critical segments of industry are steel intensive. Hence, the fall in the index causes concern for steel industry.

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Steel-making units for SME sector become imperative

The export of total steel (including semis) at 7.8 MT during the period, a fall of 35%, would reach 8.5-8.6 MT by the end of the current year.

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To remain vigilant under trade protective regime

Now is the time to take product specific steps to thwart imports that are clearly violating standard rules of trade.

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Fast changing steel market scenario to propel India amaong top players

Steel exports are included in export figures of engineering goods.

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Steel imports: India should follow EU way of definitive safeguard measures

The global steel market is passing through a critical phase with uncertain elements cropping up infrequently to disrupt the slow and steady journey of revival.

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Development of engineering exports segment dampening actual steel use

On a similar note, India is trying hard to develop indigenous capacity (Make in India) for machineries and equipment required for, say, new steel capacity augmentation. Otherwise, the large scale of imports of capital goods i

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Budget 2019: Mix of good proposals for farmers, middle class

Small and marginal farmers owning small tracts of land would be largely benefited. Social security and health coverage for a large chunk of workers in the unorganised sector through innovative schemes announced in the Budge

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SMEs restrained by lower utilisation of installed steel capacity

While the major players are operating at a level of 81% of capacity, the SME sector is restrained by a much lower utilisation of installed capacity (68%), primarily due to raw material shortages in iron ore and non-coking coa

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WPI rate movement in steel categories shows healthy trend

The latest core inflation reflected in consumer price index (CPI) indicates that price level had increased by 2.19% during December 2018 and the headline inflation represented by wholesale price index (WPI) had gone up by 3.8

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Indian steel export strategy getting increasingly diversified: Sushim Banerjee, DG, Institute of Steel Growth and Development

The current market realisation in Indian domestic market offers a still higher return as compared to the ruling global steel prices and therefore the urge to exports is not there.

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Steel sector to get boost from government budget spending, credit flow in Q4

A lot of speculations are rife on the probable state of the sector in 2019. Now that Brent crude oil price has declined, it is not likely to go up in the coming 2-3 months, despite the alleged production cuts by Opec.

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Sector emerges from uncertain global prices,expects brighter future: Sushim Banerjee, DG, Institute of Steel Growth and Development

At the end of 12 months of 2018, Indian manufacturing industry can look back at the sector’s performance with a great deal of satisfaction and an anticipated brighter future.

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Steel sector supplements needs of a growing economy

The second caveat relates to share of manufacturing sector to reach 25% of GDP from the current share of 18.2% in Q2 of FY19.

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Industrial growth to leverage steel industry

The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) growth of 8.1% in October is encouraging. There has been a stable upward trend in the industrial output for the past few months.

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Uncertainty to determine fate of steel industry for 2019

During the first 8 months of the current year, the total imports of finished steel by India have gone down by only 2.3% compared to the previous year, while exports have fallen by around 35%.

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Consumption of steel in the light of back series of GDP

This new series supersedes the earlier back series on National Accounts, brought out by Sudipta Mundle Committee.

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How SME units play crucial role in steel sector’s growth

The enhanced steel supply was facilitated by fresh capacity augmentation (mostly brownfield), higher capacity utilisation and increased output of value-added steel as demanded by the critical sectors.

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Explained: Why industrial products exports need more push from government, industry

In The first half of the current financial year, the industrial production in the country has grown 5.1%. This rate could have been higher but for the poor growth in Mining (0.2% in September) and Intermediate Goods (1.4% in

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