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DSP Investment Managers launches two ETFs – Know what they are and whom they suit

DSP Nifty Midcap 150 Quality 50 ETF follows a zero-bias, rule-based strategy by replicating the Nifty Midcap 150 Quality 50 Index, without fund manager 'thinking' or emotions involved.

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ICICI Prudential Midcap 150 Index Fund NFO: Who should invest in this MF scheme?

Nifty Midcap Index has consistently outperformed Nifty 50 TRI and Nifty Smallcap 250 TRI over the last 10 years.

Midcap 150 Index Fund, MF scheme, mutual fund investor, NFO, returns, risk, Top 10 Index Companies

NPS Pension Calculator: How much should you save monthly to get a pension of Rs 1 lakh per month?

You can use the NPS calculator to calculate the amount you need to save each month to get the desired amount of pension after retirement.

how does nps pension calculator work

How to invest in FAANG stocks from India

If you are looking to invest abroad, there are international brokerage platforms that can open the doors of the US stock market for you from here in India.

How to buy FAANG stocks from India, investing in US stocks, buying foreign stocks from India, 5 top US stocks, FAANG shares

How different is individual health insurance from family floater and critical illness plan?

A normal health plan is a must for covering most of your medical treatment costs while the critical illness plan will come handy in case of critical illness, where the treatment costs are much higher.

individual health insurance or family floater or critical illness plans, health insurance policy, Mediclaim, reimbursement, hospital bills

US stock futures rally as traders take Powell’s ‘Time to retire the word Transitory’ remark in their stride

Powell indicates early wrapping up the QE taper which is to be discussed in December meeting and also mentions that its time to retire the word transitory.

Time to retire the word Transitory, inflation, DJIA Futures, Nasdaq Composite Futures, S&P 500 Futures, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

Will there be a hike in term insurance plan premium soon?

Re-pricing of term insurance plan premium rate is expected to kick in from Q4 FY22.

term plan premium increase news, latest news, rate, hike, increase, re-insurers, Covid-19

Should Indian investors diversify their portfolio with global stocks?

It does not matter how well the Indian market does over the long-term, the whole point of investing internationally is diversification.

global stocks, diversification, US shares, from India, Indian stock market, US stock exchanges

Want to buy Nifty 50 Index? Know about Nifty BeES ETF and how to invest in it

NIFTY BeES is an equity exchange traded Fund combining the flexibility of stock market investment and the simplicity of equity mutual funds.

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Cybersecurity ETFs to consider amidst increasing threat from Internet crimes

Cyber ETFs are thematic ETFs giving investors an access to a diversified basket of stocks with exposure to a specific investment or economic theme.

Cybersecurity ETFs, Internet crimes, Cyber ETFs, thematic ETFs, First Trust’s CIBR, ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF HACK

HDFC Multi Cap Fund NFO: Find out what it offers and who should invest in it

The fund is aimed at investors looking to diversify their portfolio with a disciplined exposure to large cap, mid cap, and small cap segments.

HDFC Multi Cap Fund NFO, large caps, mid caps, small caps, Multi-Cap Funds, Diversification, long term investment

Here’s why to opt for a home inspection report before getting possession of your house

For new property, you should get the home inspection done during the possession process and for resale property, do the inspection just before finalizing the property or giving the token money.

home inspection report, home buyer, new property, house possession, builder, RERA 14.3 clause

UAN Aadhaar Linking: Deadline extended to file employee’s details with EPFO

Employers have to mandatorily file the ECR online with the EPFO on a monthly basis containing member-wise details of the wages and contributions, including basic details of the members.

UAN Aadhaar link last date, seeding, linking process, Aadhaar UAN link news, linking mandate from EPFO

How much return S&P 500, Dow 300 and Nasdaq 100 have generated so far in 2021

S&P 500 is considered to be the top-most single indicator of large-cap US stocks.

Returns, 2021, S&P 500, Dow 300, Nasdaq 100, investors, US Stocks

Here’s how to diversify across Nifty index funds to build a strong MF portfolio

Index funds can be a good starting point for beginners to build a robust mutual fund portfolio.

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Atal Pension Yojana Vs National Pension System: Things to know before opening APY or NPS account

While National Pension System is a defined contribution pension plan, the Atal Pension Yojana is a defined benefit pension plan.

APY Vs NPS, opening APY or NPS account, Guaranteed pension, minimum pension, subscriber, returns

US mid-caps, energy, financials and reopening themes to watch out for in 2022: UBS

This is a good environment for equities overall, and in particular for the energy and financials sectors, US mid-caps, and companies exposed to economic reopening.

Stocks to buy in 2022, US mid-caps, energy, financials, shares, technology

Earned Wage Access: A financial product for the well-being of Indian employees

Earned Wage Access is a financial product that enables employees to access a portion of their earned salary at any time before their payday.

Earned Wage Access, early salary, wages, employer, income, pay

How has buying insurance post outbreak of Covid-19 changed – Tips to know

As a result of the pandemic, people are more actively asking about and buying insurance which is a positive development but there are also some areas to be watchful about.

TIPS, Covid-19, buying insurance, PPE kits, cost of hospital bills, life insurance,

US IPO Watch: List of upcoming initial public offerings this week

Here is how to buy the stocks of international companies from India after they get listed on the US stock exchanges.

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How to manage debt, risks, asset allocation before starting to invest

Even before starting to invest your hard earned money, here are a few key things to consider to keep your finances in control.

Important financial things to know, personal finances, basic steps, financial plan, money management, budget

Mutual Funds: Who should not invest in MFs and instead look for other investment options

Here are a few instances when you should not go overboard into equities otherwise staying away from equity funds may not be the right approach with your finances.

Who should not invest, mutual funds, equity funds, volatility, risk, investment options, schemes

Dow 30 closes above 36000 for first time in 125 years – Know how to invest in index stocks

For the first time in its 125-year history, Dow 30 is trading at over 36000 levels as 2022 may witness a comeback of some of the old-economy stocks.

Dow 30, all time high, 15 top stocks, how to invest in index stocks, international brokerage account, top American companies

Mumbai records 1441 property registrations in 1st week of November: Knight Frank India

Homebuyers are now decisively taking a property purchase decision amidst multi-year low home loan interest rate and attractive property prices.

Mumbai, government stamp duty, best property, sale registrations, low home loan interest rate, attractive property prices

Top online term insurance plans in India for Rs 1 crore: A first time buyer guide

Buying a term insurance plan that takes care of future financial obligations should be the approach and not merely buying a cover on an ad-hoc basis.

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Renaissance IPO ETF gives access to newly listed US companies: Check details

The Renaissance IPO ETF tracks the Renaissance IPO Index designed to hold a portfolio of the largest, most liquid, newly-listed U.S. IPOs.

Renaissance IPO ETF, ipo fund, holdings, stocks, list, ETF, US stock market,

15 year or 30 year home loan? Know impact on EMI, interest before choosing tenure

Before selecting the tenure of a home loan, use a home loan total cost calculator to know the impact on your EMI and interest cost.

home loan 15 year vs 30 year, home loan 30 years vs 15 years, home loan 30 years calculator, home loan total cost calculator
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