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All you need to know about passive and active fund management before buying index funds

Based on the global experiences, a nominal growth rate environment of sub 5 per cent is more suitable for passive investing.

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Joker in the pack could be inflation! Impact on debt fund investments and where to invest

For fixed income investors it is wise to choose a fund which is dynamic and can capture the interest rate movements which are in line with inflationary trends.

Inflation impact on debt fund investments

Robinhood IPO: HOOD lists on Nasdaq 100 – Check stock price here

The shares of the online brokerage platform Robinhood Markets trade under the ticker HOOD and are listed on Nasdaq 100.

Robinhood IPO, date, stock, price, valuation, ticker, Nasdaq, how to buy, invest,

Quick Money! Open a credit line to get funds at short notice – Here’s how

As far as the interest cost is concerned, borrowers incur interest cost only on the borrowed amount until it is repaid, and not on the sanctioned amount.

Line of credit loan, How it works, personal loan, overdraft, interest rates, credit score, credit cards, prepayment charges

Are you earning negative returns on your investments?

Inflation is going to hit us in such a way that even though you're making money, in a real sense you will not be making a net positive return on your investments.

negative returns, equity, investments, mutual funds, inflation, fixed deposits, FD, inflation-adjusted return, tax

Should Indian investors consider US stock market investment from India?

US equities have not only been one of the best performers over the last few years, but also allows Indian investors access to high growth new technology stocks like Amazon, Tesla, Netflix etc.

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Mumbai Residential Market: 40% of sales in Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore price segment in Q2 2021

There is an increased preference and willingness to pay a premium for projects by developers with an established track record.

Mumbai Residential Market, price, projects, developers, real estate, rbi

Which debt fund category suits you amid rising inflation?

As inflation continues to rise and interest rates remain stagnant, the growth prospects of debt funds do not look good.

Which debt fund, inflation, equities, fixed deposits, asset classes, portfolio

Young Investor Query: I have recently started earning, should I start saving for retirement?

Saving for retirement in your 20s can be several times less expensive than starting to save with a gap of a few years.

saving for retirement in your 20s, started earning, how much to save, retirement, savings plan, young investor

Is the lender asking you to buy an insurance plan before sanctioning a home loan? Here’s what to do

It is essential to get an insurance cover so that the liability of repaying the home loan does not fall upon the family members in the case of death of the borrower.

home loan insurance, life insurance policy, term insurance plan, mortgage insurance plan, borrower,

Robinhood IPO price set at $38 to $42, seeks valuation of $35 billion – Check offer details

Robinhood is a brokerage firm providing access to individual investors to invest in stocks and ETFs.

Robinhood IPO, date, stock price, valuation, ticker, Nasdaq, how to buy, invest,

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund launches ICICI Prudential FMCG ETF NFO – Check details

The fund will allow the investors to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of companies in the FMCG sector with a minimum investment of as low as Rs 1000.

FMCG ETF, ICICI Prudential FMCG ETF, FMCG sector, stocks, consumer goods sector

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple users: Here’s how to own these stocks listed on US stock market

Simplified regulatory norms have made it possible for investors to seek diversification towards international mutual funds and stocks for their wealth diversification needs.

money making opportunities, US stock market, Investing in US stocks, from India, investor in Indian stock market, stocks, shares, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple

Unmarried or married millennial? Here’s how to buy life insurance at different life stages

Buying life insurance should not be an ad-hoc event, rather one should correctly estimate the insurance need based on one's goals and then purchase insurance plans.

No more delays for pensioners! First credit of pension to be on the basis of e-PPO

The delay in crediting of pension to the pensioner’s account has been causing undue hardship to pensioners.

credit of pension, pensioners, PPO booklet, e-PPO, government , memorandum

General Provident Fund (GPF) interest rate for July to September quarter declared – Check details

At the start of each quarter of the financial year, the government revises the interest rate on small savings schemes and subsequently declares the rate on GPF and other schemes.

General Provident Fund , GPF interest rate, Public Provident Fund (PPF), NSC, post office small savings, government employees

Commuted pension for government employees as per scheme for central govt civil pensioners – Details

All the authorised banks and Pay & Accounts Offices are directed to sacrosanctly follow the procedure for the payment of commuted value of pension mentioned in the Scheme for payment of pensions to Central Government Civil Pe

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Nasdaq 100 heading towards 15000! Here is how to invest in top US stocks from India

As an Indian investor, it's better to diversify globally and bring the international flavour to your Indian portfolio with the best US stocks of 2021.

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What role do guaranteed insurance plans play in meeting long-term goals?

Even in a low interest rate scenario, life insurance products offer benefits that no other financial product does including life cover, additional riders, guaranteed returns, safety net, and tax benefits.

Savings, Bank FDs, Public Provident Fund, National Savings Scheme, guaranteed insurance plans, Life insurance products

Housing sales in top 8 metro cities fall by 55% as 60,000 units sold in April-June 2021

Property sales in Apr-Jun 2021 were badly hit as buyers exited the market temporarily as metro cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune remained the worst impacted.

Indian real estate sector, housing sales, Property sales, residential market Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Homebuyers

NPS Swavalamban Subscribers can exit fully if corpus less than Rs 1 lakh – Check conditions

The accumulated corpus of those Swavalamban Subscribers is to be calculated after deducting Government's co-contribution, if any, and the returns thereon.

NPS Swavalamban Subscribers, rules, exit, apy, pension, conditions

Star Health Study reveals reduction in mortality, ICU stay and treatment cost among vaccinated patients

The cohort study revealed that the average cost of hospitalization of the unvaccinated group was Rs.2.77 lakh while the vaccinated group recorded an average cost of Rs.2.1 lakh.

cost of hospitalization, health Insurance, Covid-19, Star Health and Allied Insurance, study,

Interest rate, doorstep banking charges revised by this bank – Check details

IPPB is a payment bank and the maximum balance per customer at the end of the day has already been hiked from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh for these banks.

India Post Payments Bank, Doorstep banking charges, IPPB, interest rate 2021, banking with QR card,

Big relief for those availing LTC Special cash package scheme – Check details

Earlier, the government had clarified that submission of bills or claims with regard to LTC Scheme may be settled by Ministries or Departments not later than May 31, 2021.

India’s particularly disastrous Covid-19 second wave-exposed the weakness of the public healthcare system.

Stocks to watch on the back of growing demand in residential sector

S&P index had surged nearly 250 per cent between March 2020 and early May as the housing market proved one of the rare bright spots in an economy paralyzed by the pandemic.

top US home builders stocks, US homebuilders stock, US Stocks to watch, US housing market, new houses prices, real estate index

5 smart tips to bring the best out of bank fixed deposits

In order to mitigate the reinvestment risk and to ensure liquidity, one may use the ‘laddering’ approach while investing in bank fixed deposits.

Bank fixed deposits, interest rate, Senior citizens, Tax saving FD, Section 80C

7 personal finance tips for beginners: Know how to save and spend smartly

Here are some ways to save and spend smartly so as to make every rupee work to your advantage.

personal finance tips for beginners, how to save, spend smartly, start saving early, Check bank accounts, habit of saving
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