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Hawkins Cookers FD Scheme offering interest up to 10.5% opens from September 18: Should you invest?

The fixed deposits are unsecured in nature and carry MAA (Stable) rating from the rating agency ICRA.

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Public Provident Fund Trick: You can add Rs 11 lakh to PPF with just Rs 2500 in 5 years

PPF Trick: The sovereign guarantee that PPF enjoys on both the principal invested and interest earned is the clincher while the interest income also remains tax free.

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Senior citizen tax benefits: From income tax to pension – 10 exclusive points explained

Here are 10 income tax and other investment benefits available exclusively for senior citizens.

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Central government employees to get house building advance at lower rate of interest: FM

Central government employees: The Government had earlier revised the House Building Advance rules for the Government Employees incorporating the accepted recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.

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Government notifies E-assessment Scheme 2019 for faceless scrutiny of income tax return

The scheme states that all communications between the National e-assessment Centre and the assessee, or his authorised representative, shall be exchanged exclusively by electronic mode

E-assessment Scheme 2019, taxpayers, Budget 2019-20, faceless scrutiny of income tax return, National e-Assessment Centre News

Income Tax Refund Status: Filed ITR and waiting for refund? Check, update bank details to get refund on time

Income Tax Refund: If you are waiting for the income tax refund, you need to take note of a few things before the refund amount reaches your bank account.

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PPF, SCSS, post office saving schemes rules revised: Check what’s new

Post Office Saving Schemes Rules: The new rules provide powers to certain post office authorities to sanction the claim amount even without the production of succession certificate or probate of Will.

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Policy Lapsed? Purchase a new policy within 90 days of expiry or lose this benefit

Motor Vehicle Act 2019: While driving, keep insurance record with you and if it has lapsed, ensure to renew it early especially before the expiry of 90 days.

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Driving Without Insurance? Penalty doubled to Rs 2,000; Here is how to get bike insurance online

For new bikes purchased after September 1, 2018 (registration date) , the third-party premium has to be paid upfront for 5 years.

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SBI to revise service charges soon: Penalty for non-maintenance of minimum balance cut up to 80%

SBI charges for ATM: Currently, for Metro Centre branches and Urban Centre branches, the requirement for Average Monthly Balance (AMB) is Rs 5,000 and Rs 3,000, respectively.

SBI minimum balance charges, SBI charges, SBI NEFT charges, SBI charges for ATM, cash withdrawal limit News

New SBI Fixed Deposit rates: Know how it will affect your money in bank

Retirees and senior citizens who rely on bank fixed deposits for their regular income needs will get hurt the most.

SBI, FD rates, bank fixed deposits, Retirees and senior citizens, inflation , tax News

SBI festive offer for home loan borrowers: Check details

The SBI's recent move is expected to help the existing MCLR-linked borrowers reduce the interest cost in servicing their loans.

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IRDAI New Regulations: Keeping minimum sum assured will have income tax implications

Ulips provide a risk cover and enable one to invest into equity or debt markets basis their risk appetite and gain significant returns which can then be used to accommodate their goals.

IRDAI New Regulations, life insurance, tax benefits on premium, millennials, Ulips, sum assured News

SBI Home Loan Interest Rate September 2019: How repo rate linked home loan works; An illustration

From October 1, 2019, all new floating rate personal or retail loans such as housing loan or auto loans will have an external benchmark.

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All about SBI RLLR linked home loan: Features, eligibility, EMI and fees explained

In the SBI repo linked lending rate (RLLR), the home loan interest will change upwards or downwards depending on the movement in the repo rate as set and declared by the RBI.

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Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana: 4 ways to find your name on PMAY list

If you have already applied for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), there are four ways to find your name and details on the PMAY List.

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How can CIBIL defaulters or those with low credit score avail personal loan

Low salary personal loans or loans to those with low credit score are left with very few options to get funds from a structured and organized places.

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Good News for LIC Customers! LIC Tech-Term, a new online term plan launched; Check features, options and premium

LIC's Tech-Term plan is a non-linked, without profit, pure protection 'Online Term Assurance Policy' which provides financial protection to the insured's family in case of his or her unfortunate demise within the chosen term.

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5 new income tax rules to be effective from September 1

Whether you are buying life insurance, property or making bank transactions, the new rules will have an impact on your income and taxes.

TDS, income tax rules, income tax, life insurance, bank, property,September 1 News

Income Tax Return 2019: How ITR filing benefits while buying life insurance, applying visa or establishing compensation

Income Tax Return: Even if one has nil income or income below the exempted limits, one may voluntarily file the income tax return.

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Income Tax Return 2019: 10 steps to file ITR-1 Form for AY 2019-20

Income Tax Return: Compared to filing other ITR Forms, filing ITR 1 is relatively easy and simple. Here, we explain the filing process of ITR 1 in 10 steps and a video to help you file the return in quick time.

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ITR Filing Alert! Don’t believe social media rumours on last date of filing returns, warns CBDT

Filing of ITR may not be a time consuming process especially for those who are filing ITR-1. Watch our video to file ITR 1 in under 15 minutes.

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Income Tax Return 2019: Should a salaried taxpayer file ITR even if his employer has deducted TDS?

ITR Filing: The self-assessment of income is intimated to the income tax department through the filing of the return of income.

income tax return last date, income tax return 2019-20 last date, how to file income tax return 2019 online, Filing of ITR, cbdt, due date for filing of ITR, salaried taxpayers News

Income Tax Return Filing 2019: Things to consider by life insurance agents while filing ITR

Income Tax Return 2019: If a person is engaged in the commission business, then the income from commission business shall be offered to tax under the head Income from business and profession.

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Here is how to benefit if spouse becomes a co-applicant while applying for a home loan

A co-applicant in a home loan impacts the credit profile and may help in improving his or her credit score.

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Digital KYC makes DigiLocker a verified document, yet self on-boarding remains a dream

The document and its steps primarily cater to the agent on-boarding model of KYC. There is a vacuum around self on-boarding, which needs to be addressed.

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Gold price rise above Rs 40,000 per 10 gram: Here’s how interest rate, rupee impact the value of gold in India

Gold is largely imported and hence if the rupee weakens against the dollar, gold prices will likely appreciate in rupee terms.

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