Sunil Jain

Sunil Jain, Managing Editor of Financial Express, writes extensively on regulatory failure and uses data to expose policies such as those on reservations in education and employment. He has written two books using NCAER’s annual household surveys of income and expenditure and is a co-author of Caste in a Different Mould which examines the role of education, location and occupation in determining the difference in incomes across various caste groups.

5G spectrum auctions: Trai has no logic, best to ignore it

Given this is not the first time Trai has refused to budge from its recommendations—indeed, it just did the same in the case of the Rs 3,050 crore penalties on Airtel, Vodafone and Idea—the ball is in the DoT/DCC’s cour

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Finance ministry’s decision to restrict access to journalists is effectively a ban

Logging all meetings restricts a reporter’s ability to get sensitive news; the Finance Minister’s decision is effectively a ban.

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Budget 2019: Good start in parts, timid in many ways

Union Budget 2019 India: Good NBFC-fix, no tax reform & numbers iffy; just plans on power, labour etc for now

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Budget 2019: India needs an agriculture budget

Union Budget 2019: Ideally, the budget should double or triple this direct cash transfer and, simultaneously, reduce subsidies on fertiliser or agriculture loans since these are, by and large, used by richer farmers.

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Govt right to arrest farmers who plant illegal GM seeds, but what about its own role?

Govt wants to arrest farmers planting illegal GM cotton, but it did nothing when 35 lakh illegal seed packs were sold in FY18.

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Maratha quota was a terrible idea, but don’t blame just politicians, blame the courts too

After Indra Sawhney put a cap on reservations, SC did nothing to ensure this was met, even relaxed the norms in various judgments.

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Farmers guilty in case of illegal GM seeds, but so is govt

Govt right to arrest farmers who plant illegal GM seeds, but what about govt role in delaying clearances for cotton, brinjal and maize? And what action did govt take when 15% of total cotton crop was based on illegal seeds?

Bt Brinjal is approved for use in various countries, including neighbouring Bangladesh (Express Photo/ File) News

Govt must scrap Soviet-era controls if it wants investments to grow

Over 75% of gas gets 40% market price but govt says prices freed! Scrap Soviet-era controls if investments to grow rapidly

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What can revive India’s GDP growth — consumption and investment

Budget 2019-20: Cutting corporate taxes, or RBI cutting repo, won’t help much if the government’s policies are seen to be hitting investments.

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Trai is the judge and Trai is the jury!

The current case pertains to RJio asking Airtel etc for Points of Interconnection (PoIs) in June 2016 to enable its subscribers to talk to those on Airtel etc’s networks.

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NBFC crisis keeps getting worse, wait-and-watch by govt isn’t quite a solution

In the case of IL&FS, for instance, apart from the issue of how much of the group’s debts are related to assets on the ground and how much of this was inflated, it is becoming clear that there aren’t that many buyers of i

NBFCs can now raise funds at lowest cost as bond spread falls (Representative Image) News

IL&FS case: Govt gets tough with auditors, at last

It is not just auditors & raters that got it wrong in IL&FS, so did RBI and other regulators. Govt needs to fix its rules and there has been little or no action on reports of siphoning funds by using opaque structures

PWC is the latest to resign, as an auditor of Reliance Capital and Reliance Home Finance. News

After Arvind Subramanian questions GDP data, India’s growth mystery deepens even more

Former chief economic advisor Arvind Subramanian estimates India’s GDP grew by just 4.5%, not the 7% that official data claim.

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Don’t arrest farmers for sowing next-gen GM cotton and Bt Brinjal, address their issues

The benefits of Bt Cotton in terms of both increasing yields as well as farmer profits are well known, and that is why almost all the cotton acreage in the country is based on Bt Cotton; and as a result of the surge in produc

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Budget 2019: Slashing tax rates is a good way to boost collections; here’s why

Union budget 2019 India: Hiking surcharges on higher income brackets tempting, but won’t help as much as cutting rates to get more into tax net

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Cut budget size, time to get real

Taxes won’t grow anywhere near the target, so govt investment will slow; in which case, where will higher GDP come from?

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Collapse in GDP means Modi has to push for sweeping reforms

Amit Shah will be a tough home minister & Nirmala Sitharaman brings in experience, but how they perform depends on PM’s appetite for change

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For new Modi govt, protecting investor interests critical

If large swathes of private investment in infra have turned NPA, govt must provide a solution; critical for raising investment level.

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Not just an FM, Jaitley’s counsel will be missed

The economic trough makes his successor’s job that much tougher, though the final decisions are always those of the PM

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What’s the best way to divide India?

After Modi’s victory, some commentators spoke of a ‘toxic masculinity’, others of India’s soul ‘lost to a dark politics’, even of a country plunging into a ‘moronic inferno’.

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Modi 2.0: Push market reform to revive growth

Market access is critical for farmers to get better deal; cash transfers will ensure even poor get fair share of subsidies. Reviving the power sector also needs market reform and sectors like oil and mining can’t get a boos

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More support for I-regret-collegium

With Justice Kurian regretting his collegium-support, the anti-NJAC ruling could have been 3:2 instead of 4:1 and that could have persuaded a third judge to come around—a case of repent at leisure.

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Google Pixel 3a Review: Retains the best AI features, and adds a few new ones at half the price

The 3a series offers users the facility of an e-SIM. This means users can, theoretically, have two numbers on the Pixel, though the current software doesn’t allow both to be operated at the same time.

The 3a series retains the best Artificial Intelligence features, and adds a few new ones at half the price News

An apology for justice, where is this going to stop?

Supreme Court erred badly in insisting that Priyanka Sharma apologize for re-posting a meme; should have censured WB cops

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Reservations: Now merit is even less about marks!

SC gets over Nagaraj’s maintenance-of-efficiency rule by redefining merit as something that delivers ‘societal’ value.

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As the CJI Gogoi case confirms, judges are now a law unto themselves

Judges appoint/promote themselves, there is no mechanism to sack corrupt ones; and now, they conduct their own inquiries.

As the CJI Gogoi case confirms, judges are now a law unto themselves

SC does well to reject the forced NSEL-FTIL merger

It went against the principle of limited liability, didn’t satisfy the criterion of ‘public interest’ & attached assets covered the liability.

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