Sunil Jain

Sunil Jain, Managing Editor of Financial Express, writes extensively on regulatory failure and uses data to expose policies such as those on reservations in education and employment. He has written two books using NCAER’s annual household surveys of income and expenditure and is a co-author of Caste in a Different Mould which examines the role of education, location and occupation in determining the difference in incomes across various caste groups.

Modi Mantra: Expanding road, railway and river networks to help boost GDP growth via increased productivity

Along with Piyush Goyal, the work on expanding road, railway and river networks will help boost GDP growth via increased productivity

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RBI and SEBI should help rating agencies make better evaluation. Here’s what needs to be done

Raters can rate better if RBI/Sebi make default data public 24x7, and if boards ensured firms are run honestly and efficiently.

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Tyranny of the elected in RBI vs Govt? The Reserve Bank has got it wrong many times, so have lawmakers!

Of course, regulators like RBI get it wrong many times, but this doesn’t automatically mean elected representatives get it right each time, or that only they are punished for getting it wrong

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Centre vs Central Bank: Govt can’t second-guess RBI, time to work together

Can’t question RBI call on PCA or say regulators aren't accountable – if govt has misgivings, have a debate with technical experts.

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Bye, bye, plastic: Are credit, debit cards becoming redundant?

Interoperability guidelines and Bharat QR could help UPI overtake debit cards in just a few years

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Google Pixel 3: Forget the RAM, it’s really about the Artificial Intelligence now

From Artificial Intelligence to Call Screening to getting contact details of the restaurant mentioned in an SMS via Lens, what’s on offer is a brand new experience

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Rational Expectations: Rafale Deal and MeToo are big issues, but they are eclipsing bigger concerns

HAL’s record is poor, 34% MPs face criminal charges, huge PSU wealth erosion & export-jobs potential being hit—but who cares?

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PM Narendra Modi can learn these lessons from Cairn on raising oil output

Don’t hound investors, especially those who have delivered so much, ensure policies are attractive to raise oil/gas production.

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The big solution to reducing India’s imports is privatising PSUs, not imposing import duties

India’s largest imports take place in areas dominated by PSUs and which are, in cases like coal, almost exclusively reserved for them

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Shouldn’t IL&FS’s ex-directors be penalised?

It’s not just IL&FS, if directors don't have to pay a price for sleeping on the job, there’s no deterrent to ensure they won’t do this again.

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Did bureaucratic cover help IL&FS?

While the government’s immediate job is to ensure there is no contagion from the IL&FS default—that’s where LIC’s lifeline comes in—sooner rather than later, it has to probe whether the fact that IL&FS had so many e

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Big Aadhaar win, some disappointment – SC says it doesn’t violate privacy, so change law to fix this

Apart from huge savings of around Rs 1 lakh crore made using Aadhaar-based cash transfers —over 27 mn fake ration cards were eliminated—Aadhaar has helped catch several other frauds.

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India simply cannot afford to keep supporting agriculture the dumb way

Subsidies cost 8% of agri-GDP vs public investment of just 2.2%; the MSP-plan that costs 1% of GDP will make it worse.

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Interest-rate defence of rupee a bad idea, junk it

Each rate hike means capital losses for long-term debt investors; new investors will juxtapose interest gain against losses due to rupee.

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There’s overwhelming proof of IBC’s success, but Kapil Sibal sees cronyism in it

And despite the irritating slowing in recent months with so many bidders filing appeals before the courts including the Supreme Court, there can be little doubt IBC is the fastest and most efficient loan recovery process Indi

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Telecom’s dying, forget about a new auction, telcos might default on existing spectrum payments, will Modi fix it?

Even more worrying for the government—apart from the hit that government-owned banks will take when telcos go belly up—is the ability of telcos to make good their spectrum payment obligations from earlier auctions.

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MSP hike won’t help the bulk of rural folk, government advisors may just need to go back to the drawing board

What matters more from the point of view of the impact of the MSP-based policy, though, is how much of rural India’s incomes come from agriculture.

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RIP Atal Bihari Vajpayee: “Mein Atal hoon, par Bihari bhi”

Vajpayee’s nuclear triumph is well known, from managing to keep the tests secret to getting the US to come around and relax the sanctions.

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee passes away: “Mein Atal hun, par Bihari bhi”

Most remember the humour, the self-deprecation, but Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also one of India’s most reformist prime ministers

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Modi’s elephant looks fitter but still can’t run

The govt has done very well on IBC, NCLT, GST and many of its social schemes successful, but getting the elephant to run is a long way off.

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BJP opposed UPA corruption in telecom and coal, but its own AG blames Supreme Court for hurting these sectors

The BJP may have pilloried Kapil Sibal for his there-was-no-loss theory of telecom following the CAG report that put the A Raja scam between Rs 57,000 crore and Rs 176,000 crore, but last week’s developments would have glad

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And what happens after WhatsApp is blocked?

Govt can’t block every messaging service, including email. But if lynchers quickly sentenced, impact will be salutary.

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Reliance wins case govt should never have filed

Gas ‘migration’ happens all over the world, but instead of resolving issue, Govt/ONGC accused Reliance of theft; award will have implications for cost-padding case also.

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Reservations politics’ violence will rise – Is another Mandal around the corner?

Reservations politics’ violence will rise, as in Mumbai, since even a Modi isn’t looking to dampen the movement.

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Explained: Why the ecosystem of political donations needs greater transparency

Political funding in India has remained doggedly opaque, thanks to lawmakers putting parties’ interests before the interests of the nation—among many, a clean and transparent polity.

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Shrugging off ‘suit-boot’ tag, PM Narendra Modi praises India Inc; now to see if his policies are helpful

It was Rahul Gandhi’s famous ‘suit-boot-ki-sarkaar’ jibe that, most agree, made a supposedly pro-industry prime minister Narendra Modi shy away from helping industry even when it was obvious existing government policy n

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Since mining and environmental degradation can now be monitored 24×7 via satellite, clearances should now be faster

The government’s decision to set up a task-force headed by the Cabinet Secretary to see how import-substitution can be increased has, not surprisingly, been criticised by former NITI Aayog deputy chairman Arvind Panagariya.

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