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Sunil Jain, Managing Editor of Financial Express, writes extensively on regulatory failure and uses data to expose policies such as those on reservations in education

and employment. He has written two books using NCAER’s annual household surveys of income and expenditure and is a co-author of Caste in a Different Mould which examines the role of education, location and occupation in determining the difference in incomes across various caste groups.
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Vodafone pulling out will send out poor signal on India’s investor-friendliness

If India's biggest foreign investor -- Vodafone -- is about to shut shop, this will also send out a poor signal on India's investor-friendliness.

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Why blame Arvind Kejriwal for Delhi’s smog, blame Narendra Modi

If MSPs weren’t so high and FCI wasn’t buying all the crop, Punjab’s farmers would grow less paddy and burn less stubble.

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If you can’t do RCEP, can’t do US/EU either

The narrative that RCEP-Asean-type of deals are hurting is incorrect & the talk of a US/EU FTA is just wishful thinking.

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Sweeping reforms to boost exports

The HLAG rightly identifies several domestic constraints as the main problem; the question is whether govt can fix these quickly.

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Reliance Jio right on COAI; but govt made the mess

COAI can’t represent industry when Jio’s views are totally different, but govt didn’t approach revenue-definition issue with clean hands.

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Let’s get realistic about BSNL revival

BSNL-MTNL subscribers will have to increase their monthly-spend considerably if they move to 4G; while it is not clear they can afford to do that, they will also need to buy new handsets since they cannot use their current fe

But, before BSNL’s top brass, and the politicians, start trotting this out, a reality check may not be a bad idea. News

Taxpayers must fund an unviable Rs 70,000-crore BSNL-MTNL plan

While BSNL’s sales fell 33% in the last 4 years, govt projects this as rising 66% in the next 4 four in the belief that once it has 4G spectrum, users will flock to it. Not fixing AGR-definition for 6 years means broke telc

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What if JSW had paid Rs 19,700 crore?

If there is a crime, the authorities are empowered to attach property. But, this was always known, and since many IBC cases involve allegations of funds-siphoning, why were these even sold via the IBC? This is how governments

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Poor Economics vs Good Governance: Abhijit Banerjee’s Nobel an affirmation of need for evidence-based policies

Banerjee-Duflo’s models don’t always work, but the Nobel is an affirmation of the need for evidence-based policies

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With GST compensation cess falling short, states may agree to raise rates at the lower end

With the compensation cess falling short, states may now have no option but to agree to raise GST rates at the lower end.

In which case, while the states can blame the central government for not implementing a perfect GST—since GST is a joint responsibility of the GST Council in which all states are members, of course, a blame game may not even fly—this won’t really help. News

Govt needs to focus on lowering Cost Of Doing Business

The CostOfDoingBusiness includes the cost of capital, the risk of policy changes, the government not honouring contracts, etc

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Modi govt must change the law to deal with stressed PSUs

Parliament or Supreme Court must remove ‘instrumentality of state’ clause for PSUs that function in competitive markets.

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Onion tears again, to make farmers cry

Ironically, when a committee of chief ministers was formed to examine how agriculture could be given a boost, one of the proposals mooted was to ease, if not altogether eliminate, any restrictions on agriculture.

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FM Nirmala Sitharaman takes a punt on growth, finally

For one, if deficits rise too much—the tax targets were always aggressive, and Friday’s giveaways add up to 0.7% of GDP—interest rates can start trending up again; certainly, the hope of a continued fall in rates looks

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FM Sitharaman’s tax cuts bring in early Diwali; India’s tax rates now on par with those globally

The move should stimulate investment levels since one of the big hurdles to investment has been higher tax rates in India, apart from issues like labour laws and unfriendly policies in various sectors like telecom and mining.

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Vaping is bad but bidis and gutka are worse

Those opposing vaping, however, argue this is a partial view since nicotine is also carcinogenic; so, while many of the other 28 carcinogens in tobacco don’t find their way into e-cigarettes, even a few are enough for them

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Fast privatisation vital for economic turnaround

Apart from easing govt finances, faster privatisation will boost productivity and also help finance fresh investments.

Privatisation of PSUs is also closely linked to the revival of India’s investment-cycle News

We need one retail policy, not two

Making a distinction between local and foreign players in the retail sector is bad policy, govt should drop it

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Media’s Bombay Club

Not clear why FDI levels are restricted in the media space.

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Now to deliver on FDI in commercial coal-mining

Indian firms could commercially mine coal years ago, but no mines allocated to them; vital to see this isn’t repeated.

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No, RBI hasn’t capitulated govt by giving it Rs 1.76 lakh crore

If the govt signed on to the Bimal Jalan report that resulted in it getting much less than the Rs 4 lakh crore it wanted, it suggests the report is technically sound

With such an endorsement by someone of Subramanian’s stature, the RBI’s capital attracted everyone’s attention like bees to honey. News

Arun Jaitley: From Lutyens to Lajpat Nagar, everyone’s favourite politician

Always affable, with a deep knowledge of facts and the law, it was Jaitley that even the BJP’s detractors turned to for an explanation

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Nirmala Sitharaman’s mini-budget fixes most problematic issues

FM does well to fix FPI- and angel-tax, very good steps to boost banking; other ministries now need to pitch in to boost investment.

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Chidambaram Case: Can’t crack corruption if govt controls everything

If FDI was allowed freely, there would be no need for an FIPB approval or a bribe for it ... If Modi really wants to rid India of corruption, he has to eliminate govt permissions, free up the economy

The larger issue, and this is not specific to the Chidambaram case (which still needs to be proved), is that it is government restrictions that are at the root of most corruption. (AP Photo) News

Can India learn from Vietnam how to manage export-led growth?

As a result of this sustained growth, Vietnam’s exports, which were a mere 6% of India’s in 1960 and 13% in 1990, managed to reach 34% in 2000 and a whopping 75% in 2018; at this rate, within a few years, they could even

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Now to deliver on what prime minister Narendra Modi promised at the Red Fort

Can’t celebtrate wealth if taxes are sky-high, or promise water conservation without fixing agriculture policies.

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Make-in-India: Need a brand-new policy to curb imports

IAMAI reports that India exported just 18mn handsets in FY19 for $1.4bn or around a seventh of the target; for some reason, India’s export data shows a number of $2.7bn but that could include some components as well.

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