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Sunil Jain, Managing Editor of Financial Express, writes extensively on regulatory failure and uses data to expose policies such as those on reservations in education

and employment. He has written two books using NCAER’s annual household surveys of income and expenditure and is a co-author of Caste in a Different Mould which examines the role of education, location and occupation in determining the difference in incomes across various caste groups.
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India has ability to spend more money to revive the plummeting economy, but it lacks intent

Govt has no shortage of money, but its ability to execute is poor; till that is fixed, India can’t grow at a steady pace

But take the higher figure and apply that to FCI’s June 1 stock of 100 million tonnes and that’s an additional cost of Rs 80,000 crore incurred for no reason.

Hysteria over China imports means India can’t build a Statue of Unity today!

Given its Chinese inputs, even the Patel statue would have run into trouble! Need a mature response, not a panicky one

China imports, india china trade, anti dumping duty

Can’t beat China with this GDP

No China-containment plan can work till GDP booms; from defence expenditure to battling Covid, 24x7 reforms to boost growth critical

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Covid crisis: Forget the politics, work to save Delhi

Delhi lost valuable time in testing, tracing & readying new beds; with the Centre now in, vital to get it right quickly

Covid-19: Govt should focus more on pension/old-age benefits for workers

Industry will have to offer facilities like housing for workers, govt too should focus more on pension/old-age benefits.

PM-Cares about ‘atmanirbharta’

The structuring of PM-Cares has pointers to the path PM Modi needs to take, to free government decision-making.

Covid-19: Delhi accounts for 11% of India’s infections but just 6% of its daily tests

There is some confusion over what Delhi’s ‘positivity’ rate is since there are two sets of data on the number of tests being conducted; one set is contained in the Delhi Medical Bulletin and the other in the data submit

The notices sent out to private laboratories say they have not followed ICMR testing guidelines and have tested a large number of asymptomatic patients.

Covid-19: Delhi govt tells private labs to restrict level of testing

The government has called several private testing laboratories and told them that they need to pull back on their testing levels.

If citizens are worried they may have contacted the disease – while going to the office or to a market – they cannot just go and get a test done.

Twitter comes up trumps, or does it?

Rubbishing Trump’s anti-Twitter stance is easy, but social media is inherently biased, and fixing that is going to be tough.

Coronavirus in India: Are big cities up to the Covid-19 challenge?

Even Mumbai is facing an uphill task & it is not clear others have created even a fraction of the new treatment capacity

And, this assumes that all non-Covid patients are kicked out of hospitals, which is quite unrealistic.

Mumbai needs a lot better planning to handle Covid

It is short of hospital beds, but better planning—and good forecasting—would prevent the panic being seen today

Beware the babu, and the politician

The stimulus/reforms package has disappointed most, but the real issue is how far prime minister Modi is willing to make a break with the past to give a better deal to firms. The FM’s 5-day package is not the best way to ju

stimulus package, GDP,MSME,nirmala sitharaman, UDAY package, RBI, NTPC, BSNL 4G, airtel, NITI Aayog

Vision 2020, Rs 20,00,000 crore: Not just massive, signals a sea-change

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s Rs 20 lakh crore package is not just massive, it signals a sea-change in the way the country is to be governed.

Coronavirus crisis: India should address the yawning gap in infrastructure

New rules on testing, quarantining, etc. all suggest ad-hoc level of planning; will fall apart when COVID-19 cases go into millions.

COVID-19 war: Where are India’s rich, its temples?

In an unprecedented crisis, you would expect them to take full responsibility for lakhs of poor; as they did in ancient times.

NITI Aayog has suggested the government should come out with a stimulus of around Rs 10 lakh crore, but the government is worried about the possibility of a sovereign downgrade and its impact.

Coronavirus crisis: India simply can’t afford another lockdown extension

Even supporting the poor—whose numbers will double—can cost Rs 65,000-130,000 crore per month

Modi and the CMs take the wrong call

Likely extension of the lockdown is a bad idea; the PM and the CMs got trapped in flattening-the-curve rhetoric

narendra modi, modi meeting with CMs, l,ockdown extension, bank NPAs, hotspots areas, coronavirus outbreak, covid 19 cases in india, Infection Fatality Rate

Rational Expectations: Need a clear post-Corona exit strategy

The lockdowns were critical, but the limited opening up has been marred with confusion; that must be sorted out.

Coronavirus outbreak: Opposition cries foul as central teams monitor COVID-19 situation in West Bengal

Coronavirus spreading in any state has an all-India implication.

Tightened FDI rules: To be more vigilant with Chinese investors, India must carve out no-go areas

If India is to be more vigilant with Chinese investors, it must carve out no-go areas; without such rules, it will be impossible to ever clear Chinese investments in the startup world, which requires quick decisions on fundin

In other words, Chinese investment is welcome, but Indian government must approve each one through an FIPB process. (Representative image)

Ensure as few firms shut as is possible

Apart from huge health expenditure and funds for poor, set up govt-guaranteed fund to backstop all MSME loans

Modi must extend coronavirus lockdown, bad idea to allow industry to restart

Not enough done to test or check the spread; allowing manufacturing right now will take both lives & livelihood

Rational Expectations: Preparing for a post-China world

It is not clear if China will be held accountable for its role in the pandemic, but India won’t be a natural beneficiary.

Supreme Court’s order on corona testing is wrong

SC shouldn’t get into administrative issues & telling private labs not to charge will dissuade them from testing

Once again, that is a good reason for the government to bear the cost of the test.

Rational Expectations: Vital to get India’s health on track

Corona has exposed our pitiful health infrastructure, the result of decades of populism instead of the right policies.

Why is corona package taking so long to clear?

Economic activity is grinding to a halt, need much faster govt reaction; pay dues & clear tax refunds to begin with

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PM sets the stage, now to follow through with action

Vital to sensitize citizens & Janata Curfew is a good start; now do cash transfers for poor, support to MSMEs, etc.

modi, address to nation, coronavirus, covid 19, economic slowdown, global recession
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