Sunil Jain

Sunil Jain, Managing Editor of Financial Express, writes extensively on regulatory failure and uses data to expose policies such as those on reservations in education and employment. He has written two books using NCAER’s annual household surveys of income and expenditure and is a co-author of Caste in a Different Mould which examines the role of education, location and occupation in determining the difference in incomes across various caste groups.

Why protect steel, not telecom: How does the government pick winners?

If PM Modi’s policy towards creating national champions is unclear, it is also not clear what criterion is used to select industries that need protection.

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Huge delays in procuring are the real Rafale scam

BJP deal cheaper, but real issue is why the deal was not finalised in 10 years and why issue of HAL's cost and Rafale quality assurance not addressed.

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Sugarcane dance: Fixing cane prices at realistic levels the solution, not govt ‘packages’

The real issue, of course, is the high cost of cane mandated by the Central government—states like Uttar Pradesh add to the Centre’s Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) to arrive at their State Advised Price (SAP)—that ha

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Jack Dorsey summoned by Parliament: What does the Indian govt really want from Twitter, WhatsApp?

Apart from the legal and ethical issues that come up, the government wants WhatsApp to be pro-active in removing content but objects to Twitter doing this!

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Universal basic income transfers better than subsidies; Madhya Pradesh model shows improvement in living standards

SEWA-INBI pilots in Madhya Pradesh showed how Universal Basic Income improved living standards in a sustained way

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Caste in a different mould: Inter-caste inequality is falling as education levels rise

As in the past, even upper-caste families in poor-growth states fared worse than SC/ST in high-growth states, and vice versa

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Budget 2019: Modi’s capex thrust is over, it’s sops for 3 crore middle class, but the farm package is woefully small

For all the misses, Modi’s USP is many foundational reforms like GST and IBC, UPI, Jan Dhan Yojana, LPG and electricity for all, subsidised insurance & houses, massive road and rail expansion.

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Statistical Commission chief quitting casts shadow on Modi’s jobs claims

With independent NSC members, including its chief, quitting over jobs survey this buttresses view that jobs growth is poor

No denying 2018 was a bad year for techies and not enough jobs were created but in the coming year, three new-age sectors will be out; looking for goods engineers. News

Any income-plan like Modi and Rahul planning are just a palliative

Farmers lose Rs 2.5 lakh crore every year as markets not free; and a Rs 1,500 per month UBI equals just a few days of wages

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FM versus CBI says a lot about government functioning

When Arun Jaitley describes ICICI Bank case as investigative adventurism, imagine the fate of bankers in this and other cases.

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The good and bad news on education

And while universities continue to see their standards plummet thanks to such controls and the pernicious reservations policy, the quality of school education is also getting poorer.

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MSME and Mudra NPAs are rising, but a slew of fintechs promise safe lending by using data

India is a global leader in digital banking thanks to the push given by, not just IndiaStack, but also UPI, DBT, Jan Dhan Yojana, DigiLocker, etc.

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Devil in the details: Why the angel-funding notification won’t help much

Tax circular on angel funding doesn’t help much and, in any case, only applies where tax orders not passed.

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Will PM Modi push farm reform through universal basic income?

The govt has wasted four years already, but can revolutionise both agriculture and fix subsidies if UBI is done well.

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HAL lessons for PM Modi: What other PSUs can learn from govt’s Rafael defence

Given how complicated and sophisticated fighter aircraft manufacture is, the criticism of HAL may be excessive, especially since there is no well-established vendor base in the country to source parts from.

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Monsanto wins patent battle at SC, but govt policy ensures the win means little

SC rejection of govt claim that patent is illegal will help all biotech firms, but govt policy keeps new seeds away.

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Modi’s upper-caste reservations card can help get 55 million households voting for him

Instead of winding down quotas, they are being raised, so even less space for the truly meritorious to make it.

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Cow equation: Yogi Adityanath govt’s new cess is proof of havoc wreaked by gau rakshaks

Yogi Adityanath needing a cess to build cow shelters is proof of the havoc wrought by gau rakshaks and govt trading rules

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PM Narendra Modi’s interview: Some reassurance, some rhetoric

Waiting for SC outcome on Ayodhya welcome, as is not pushing farm loan waivers; statement on RBI unconvincing

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Rational Expectations: Fix government policy, or NPAs will rise again

Telecom and power sectors’ debt alone is `5 lakh crore, so sensible govt policy critical to ensure defaults don’t rise in these sectors.

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Course-correcting in the new year

Losing critical state elections, standoff with RBI, and the farm fiasco overshadow Modi’s good work, make him look vulnerable

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New e-tail policy makes little economic sense

Policy to stop back-door FDI bans commercial tie-ups & even store labels. But unfair to change rules after billions of FDI dollars came in.

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Govt needs WhatsApp info to stop terrorists, but such powers have been grossly abused before

The draft guidelines that are being debated right now talk of content that is grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene etc.

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Less taxing solutions for startups

An IIT/IIM panel to resolve the issue of tax-treatment for startups a good idea; indeed, do this for others as well.

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Farm loan waivers: Rahul’s wrong, but so is Modi

Loan waivers to farmers are no favour, they are being given to compensate for not giving them market prices for crops

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Trai caught napping, again – It has no realistic model for calculating spectrum prices

It has no realistic model for calculating spectrum prices, and TDSAT rips into it on predatory-pricing recommendation.

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Rational Expectations: Brand Modi can’t just be ‘not-Rahul’

Instead of Congress-bashing, Modi must focus on what he has delivered & what he plans to—voters are more likely to like that.

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