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Sunil Jain, Managing Editor of Financial Express, writes extensively on regulatory failure and uses data to expose policies such as those on reservations in education and employment. He has written two books using NCAER’s annual household surveys of income and expenditure and is a co-author of Caste in a Different Mould which examines the role of education, location and occupation in determining the difference in incomes across various caste groups.

More support for I-regret-collegium

With Justice Kurian regretting his collegium-support, the anti-NJAC ruling could have been 3:2 instead of 4:1 and that could have persuaded a third judge to come around—a case of repent at leisure.

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Google Pixel 3a Review: Retains the best AI features, and adds a few new ones at half the price

The 3a series offers users the facility of an e-SIM. This means users can, theoretically, have two numbers on the Pixel, though the current software doesn’t allow both to be operated at the same time.

The 3a series retains the best Artificial Intelligence features, and adds a few new ones at half the price News

An apology for justice, where is this going to stop?

Supreme Court erred badly in insisting that Priyanka Sharma apologize for re-posting a meme; should have censured WB cops

Priyanka Sharma, West Bengal police, Mamata Banerjee morphed image, Supreme Court, Balakot strikes, lok sabha elections 2019, kolkata voilence News

Reservations: Now merit is even less about marks!

SC gets over Nagaraj’s maintenance-of-efficiency rule by redefining merit as something that delivers ‘societal’ value.

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As the CJI Gogoi case confirms, judges are now a law unto themselves

Judges appoint/promote themselves, there is no mechanism to sack corrupt ones; and now, they conduct their own inquiries.

As the CJI Gogoi case confirms, judges are now a law unto themselves

SC does well to reject the forced NSEL-FTIL merger

It went against the principle of limited liability, didn’t satisfy the criterion of ‘public interest’ & attached assets covered the liability.

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Supreme Court needs to pause before directing RBI to make bank inspection reports public

Supreme Court rulings on RBI seem contradictory. Also, making bank inspection reports public can trigger a panic, so caution needed.

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Apple & Qualcomm are FRANDs again!

Apple settled with Qualcomm as few others had its technology edge; the move also settles the canards about excessive royalty

Apple & Qualcomm, Qualcomm revenues, Samsung, 5G modems,  Ericsson, FRAND basis, TRAI News

CJI case caught in harassment-vs-conspiracy tangle, real issues continue to get ignored

The real issues are about how judges select judges and SC scrapping NJAC Bill. Similarly, the Judicial Accountability Bill would have meant independent review of complaints, but that never saw the light of day either.

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Investigate harassment case against CJI Ranjan Gogoi, don’t pre-judge it

It is possible, as CJI & FM Jaitley have argued, that this is a hit job, but a complete investigation of the facts is essential.

Ranjan Gogoi, CJI harassment case News

By fielding Sadhvi Pragya, BJP has made the election about Hindutva, not development

Digvijay Singh is the father of the so-called ‘Hindu terror’ story, and there are big gaps in the case against Sadhvi Pragya, but Singh can’t be fought by someone who has still not been cleared by the courts.

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What matters in this election! Is it jobs, GDP or caste or Hinduism?

Jobs and low inflation didn’t help Vajpayee, caste didn’t save VP Singh/Mulayam/Mayawati/Lalu; evidence on GDP mixed.

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SC ruling on Rafale big win for media, but not a loss for Modi either

Big SC win for media as govt can’t invoke OSA to hide secrets, but govt should use the chance to argue merits of its decisions.

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When everyone, from Modi to Rahul and Mayawati, are flouting rules, what is Election Commission to do?

If Election Commission bans party chiefs for flouting its directives, all hell will break loose; parties need to ponder over this possibility.

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BJP manifesto should have focused more on market reforms

Narendra Modi government's performance makes many promises believable but, as in this term, lack of market reforms will restrict progress.

BJP manifesto, Sankalp patra News

NaMo TV is not the issue; why should govt permission be required for setting up any channel?

Issues such as clearances for setting up TV channels are representative of yesterday’s thinking. For one, with today’s technology, news websites can also have significant ‘television’ content and, with the rapid growt

NaMo TV, Election Commission, narendra modi, elections 2019, TataSky, lok sabha elections 2019, Information & Broadcasting ministry, sunil jain News

RBI circular was to save PSU banks

Perhaps the Supreme Court should consider entertaining petitions to impose debilitating penalties on these arms. A 10% penalty per month on a SEB would surely ensure it paid all dues on time.

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Defaulters get a boost, NPA-resolution via IBC gets hit

Till this circular was issued, banks had a series of mechanisms to resolve bad loans—Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR), S4A, etc—but the success achieved was very poor. RBI disbanded all these schemes and said that, henc

By striking down RBI’s Feb 12 circular, SC has made it more difficult for banks to recover loans from defaulters News

SBI does well to challenge the NCLAT in Essar Steel case

The Committee of Creditors is empowered to decide & the law is clear that secured creditors get priority; why ask it to reconsider its decision?

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Rahul Gandhi’s Nyay becomes Anyay as it ignores the real issue

Apart from being too expensive, Rahul Gandhi’s income scheme—like Modi’s—will ensure real solutions are not implemented.

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Rahul Gandhi’s Nyay becomes Anyay as it ignores the real issue

Apart from being too expensive, Rahul Gandhi’s income scheme – like Modi’s – will ensure real solutions are not implemented.

Rahul Gandhi, Nyay, Minimum income News

GST magic dulls, big tax shortfall likely

After Rs 100,000 cr GST shortfall, Rs 50,000 cr in direct taxes in FY19; low average tax paid means compliance quite poor.

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Rahul Gandhi’s minimum income is either too expensive or unimplementable; and will he abolish subsidies?

Though Rahul Gandhi has not said so, the fact that the Congress has said the scheme will be fiscally responsible, suggests that all other subsidies will be removed. So, there will be no fertilizer subsidies, no power subsidie

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Explained: How India can reduce oil and gas imports

The government ups estimate of oil & gas ‘resources’ by 50%, and BP India head estimates output can double with the right policy

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The NCLAT has got it wrong; if RBI can’t force them to provision, banks can’t be safe

Courts like the NCLAT and the SC need to understand the implications of their rulings.

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You can burn Chinese goods on Holika-dahan, but it won’t achieve anything

Till India’s conditions for manufacturing are not world-class, there is no alternative to large Chinese imports

Chinese goods, Pulwama attack, ban on chinese goods, Masood Azhar, india pakistan tensions, Holika dahan of chinese goods, china, chinese imports News

If Modi is accused of manipulating GDP data, he has only himself to blame

Official data has always been questioned but by not releasing jobs survey, Modi made it appear he was manipulating the system.

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