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Financial Technology: Is it bane or boon for Indian banks?

Instead of competing with fintech firms, banks must look at collaborating with them

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Aggregate retail loans by banks make up under 10 pct of GDP; 55 pct in South Korea, 52 pct in Taiwan

The Indian economy witnessed a decline in credit to the industrial sector from 12.8% in 2014 to 2.7% in 2016, on account of economic slowdown due to supply-side constraints.

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Great challenge for Indian banks: How to manage capital by taking optimum risk

With expected higher growth of GDP, the credit growth in India is expected to pick up in the coming years mainly due to higher requirement of credit to infrastructure sector and government’s drive on financial inclusion.

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Fuelling infra-led growth

To remove India’s economy from the cobweb of lower growth path, there is a need for driving higher investment in the sector

Fuelling infra-led growth