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Infosys case: Hanging on to surplus cash shows non-application of mind

Infosys is one of the global leaders in the IT services business, with an enviable foot-print across the world. It has had a sustained growth over its history of more than two-and-a-half decades. This article focuses on capit

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How to make payments banks work

The need is to test and refine existing models before a final one is adopted

Saving tax via bank fixed deposits; is it a good option for you? News

Perils of greed in peer-to-peer marketplaces; India must enforce stringent business discipline

The P2P lending represents the largest pool of investments, as a category, within the fintech segment, and Lending Club is a market leader in this category.

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Do payments banks have a viable business model?

It is the right pursuit for India to bring 300-400 million unbanked individuals and add another $1 trillion to monetary flows

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Peer-to-peer lending: Making a mark in the fintech market

A lack of market depth could derail the P2P model

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