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No more human resources: AI invades the workplace, bot becomes the new hiring manager

As artificial intelligence invades the workplace, the bot has also become the new hiring manager. Is this the way companies will hire, manage and train the workforce now?

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Lucknow: On a sumptuous food trail in the city of tehzeeb

Lucknow, the city of nawabs, is a foodie’s paradise, especially in the winter months which are just right for smoky kebabs.

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Tales from a bygone era: Historian Rana Safvi provides rare glimpse of Delhi

Historian Rana Safvi provides a rare glimpse of Delhi over the ages through translations of four Urdu narratives.

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Gym time! From crawling, grappling to duck walking – how India is changing way it works out

From crawling and grappling to duck-walking and kettleball swinging, a series of unconventional workouts are gaining currency among the health-conscious in the country. We take a look at what is the current rage and how it’

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The freelance army: Why many Indians are choosing part-time over full-time

An increasing number of professionals in India are moving from full-time employment and opting for freelance work projects.

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Book review: What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape by Sohaila Abdulali

A rape survivor makes an honest attempt to normalise the discourse around rape

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Library 2.0: Delight for Book lovers, from access to books to a multitude of cultural events

A majority of public libraries in the country remain in a state of despair resulting in lack of access to good reading material for many. But now, a handful of individuals have come to readers’ rescue with an innovative sol

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Book Review: Eating Wasps by Anita Nair

She is among the handful of contemporary Indian writers to bring out the best in her female characters. Anita Nair knows what her women want and how they are going to get it.

Book Review: Eating Wasps by Anita Nair

Camel milk is gaining popularity. Could it be an alternative for dairy market?

From camelccino to camel milk chocolate, there’s no dearth of delicacies on offer.

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With many literary awards in the offing, a reality check on how much purpose they serve

With several new literary prizes being announced in India this year, the time has never been so bright for a writer. Or is it so? A look into what these prizes have on offer and what it means for the publishing world...

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Compensation matters: What is it about the West that compensation amounts to million-dollar suits, while in India, patients are left with a pittance?

Pharma giant Johnson & Johnson recently agreed to pay Rs 20 lakh as compensation to patients in India who suffered due to its faulty hip implants. In the US, however, the company agreed to pay an estimated $2.5 billion to 8,0

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We want the youth to be owners of their own ventures: Pawan Chamling, Chief Minister, Sikkim

Pawan Chamling, the CM of Sikkim, spoke to Smitha Verma in an email interview about his flagship scheme for promoting startups in the state, the need for youngsters to become entrepreneurs and how Sikkim has become a model st

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Forget government jobs! Sikkim’s younger generation is betting on startups, thanks to new scheme

Unknown to many, Sikkim has been witnessing an upsurge in startups, marking a definitive shift in the mindset of the younger generation, which till now only coveted government jobs.

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Spotlight: India has more regional language users than English; Startups try to bridge gap

A slew of start-ups are looking to bridge this divide by providing platforms for regional language content, be it novels or poetry.

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Book Review – Karno’s Daughter: The Lives of An Indian Maid

The story of the invisible people who work hard to keep our homes running like clockwork.

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In pursuit of happiness: Why is it important to be happy?

Personal happiness has become big business today. From ‘happiness curriculums’ in schools to ‘happiness departments’ in state governments, there’s a huge thrust on the emotion and its attainment. But why are we chas

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Flying on nostalgia: Here’s Vistara’s special tribute to JRD Tata

Vistara pays a tribute to JRD Tata with a special flight.

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Nutraceutical in India: How big is the market? Are they really beneficial?

Lack of medical aid, a general scepticism about allopathic medicines and food fads make nutraceuticals extremely popular. No wonder the market is booming, with new products launched everyday. But do we really need them?

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‘Claims regulations are in the final stage and will be announced in a few weeks’, says Pawan Kumar Agarwal

Pawan Kumar Agarwal is the chief executive officer of food regulator Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), which brought out new regulations in 2016, covering nutraceuticals, foods for special dietary and medi

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Digital web: Real and unsettling dangers of digital dependency

With the proliferation of social media sites, the desire to stay connected online has become permanent. But this digital addiction is now beginning to take its toll on people’s happiness. As technology becomes omnipresent,

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Acid: A psychedelic rollercoaster

A disturbing narrative of a romance that struggles to survive within the confines of a relationship.

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Creative or crass? Viewer sole censor of web entertainment

On OTT platforms, as of now, there is no censorship, except for prohibition on pornography. Earlier this year there was talk of TRAI developing a consultation paper to regulate OTT platforms.

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How life coaches are helping their clients successfully navigate maze of everyday issues and challenges

Around 89% people in India are aware of life coaching and around 59% have partnered with a life coach at some time, with 97% being satisfied with the experience, revealed the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, which wa

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Stephen King’s Outsider unfolds an unknown reality

Outsider carries forward the ever-popular character of Holly Gibney—the private detective of the Hodges trilogy—who, with her unparalleled imagination and superlative sense of the paranormal world, helps in bringing the s

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How Tiffin start-ups helping working parents for whom first challenge of the day is figuring out children’s tiffin boxes

Help is at hand for harried parents for whom the first challenge of the day is figuring out children’s tiffin boxes. Thanks to a slew of start-ups, which deliver tiffins to schools, their kids can now get interesting and he

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How popular culture is changing to bring women’s desires to the forefront

As a film on friendship starts drawing room discussions about female sexuality, a look into how popular culture is changing to bring women’s desires to the forefront and what comes with this change

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We are living in an unjust world full of misogyny and hate: Saeed Akhtar Mirza

The book starts with his multicultural upbringing at Fonseca Mansion in Mumbai, moves on to the impact of the Vietnam War in his world views, the myths created by western nations and how contemporary events like the Charlie H

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