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Government versus regulatory: The Centre must maintain the balance of power

Instead of intruding into state matters, the Centre must focus on aspects such as availability of round-the-clock affordable power supply to consumers without any load-shedding

The Ministry of Power must refrain from overstepping its jurisdiction and interfering in state electricity matters

Rating agencies must be strictly regulated; SEBI should do the job

In India, unlike the west, rating agencies were set up by the development finance bodies, which were themselves government controlled institutions.

Crisis of democracy: The 3 pillars are no longer as transparent

Our media, particularly television, by differential exposures and opinions promotes politicians and parties.

Can ideas that place Hinduism at the apex of society have negative effect on development?

The BJP has a ‘Hindu’ image, its dependence on the RSS is evident, and some of its motor-mouth leaders call for recognition of their religious demands and restrictions on privileges of Muslims and other minorities.

The task before UP CM Yogi Adityanath: BJP’s young leader has unique opportunity

The BJP has a young and popular leader, and a unique opportunity. Instead of playing with peripheral issues, it must focus on the problems and resolve them fast

Transforming India: Unlike Congress, BJP has not articulated an ideology or even an economic policy

The current BJP government at the Centre has exercised power by itself and without allies (unlike the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government which did not have a majority by itself in Parliament)

Budget 2017 falls short of making any instrumental reform

The Budget had to address these factors: create jobs, accelerate demand, promote investment, improve indebtedness of enterprises and assets of banks, and promote domestic and export demand. The Budget speech addressed many of

India can’t be subservient; here’s why China needs to be tackled the Donald Trump way

India’s trade deficit with China has been accelerating. Imports in 2015-16 were more than five-times the exports. China exports mostly manufactured goods to India.

Will control of black money stop corruption? Here’s what Narendra Modi govt failed to realise

Controlling black money is just one step, but the country needs many more big actions if corruption is to be reduced

Demonetisation: Primer of corruption, black money, but much more has to be done

Demonetisation is a short-term step for cleansing the Indian economy, but much more has to be done. We must look forward to a cleaner society

India’s Trump card: US investments in India to rise even as those in China fade

In all his speeches, president-elect Donald Trump has expressed good sentiments for India. While, he has developed a relationship with president Vladimir Putin of Russia, China, Iran, Islamic-terrorists and their sponsors and

Corporate culture in India still has a long way to go

Tata incident shows why the job of independent directors is so critical

After the complaint was first brought forward in early 2015, Cyrus Mistry had been approached by the employee. (Reuters)

Regulatory process in India fails to perform its biggest function; here’s why

The regulatory process has failed to perform its main function of creating transparency and clarity in licensing and tariff setting

India’s economic planning does not take tech transformation into account

India is far behind China and the US in terms of contribution of industrial production to GDP. In technology for sophisticated products also we are behind both, except perhaps in information technology.

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A less harassing, more honest tax collection system coming; here’s how

When GST becomes operational, a less harassing and more honest indirect tax collection system will be in place

Here’s a sneak peek into Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton’s future America

Donald Trump, as President, will make the US an expensive and uncompetitive economy. Hillary Clinton’s plans are not much different, but are better nuanced

Global turmoil and Reserve Bank of India Governor

The country must treat the RBI Governor as an independent actor and not constrain his independence

A revived BJP needs a revised policy plan

The government must flatly state its objective to make India more of a market economy

Mauritius double taxation agreement: Welcome sign that government is tackling the root of problem

The new double taxation agreement with Mauritius is a welcome sign that the government is now tackling the root of the problem

Mauritius double taxation agreement: Welcome sign that government is tackling the root of problem

Unshackling the power sector

The Centre must focus on overall policy, and play a strong technical advisory and a coordinating role. It must not interfere in management decisions of an enterprise

Uday scheme, Power, discoms

Column: Dismantling corruption

From legislation to regulation, the entire system needs serious reforms if corruption is to be checked

Column: Dismantling corruption

Strengthening state-owned banks

We need to eliminate government interference in public sector banks

public sector banks

Go beyond just infrastructure

Given the global economic scenario, the govt must bring in urgent farm- and manufacturing-sector reforms

Go beyond just infrastructure

Column: Khesari dal; a wonder food

One of the non-protein amino acids in the legume, homoarginine, is actually beneficial for humans.

Column: Khesari dal; a wonder food

Column: India’s football of self-goal

While the BJP has functioned with unconcealed arrogance, Cong wants to leave a “scorched economy” for the govt

Column: India’s football of self-goal

How can the BJP recover now?

The Prime Minister’s current record does not suggest he has any novel ideas to change India. He is too comfortable exercising power through a select bureaucracy

The man who made EPW

The respected journal, approaching its 50th year, is perhaps the greatest tribute to its long-time Editor, Krishna Raj

The man who made EPW
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