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Agrarian reforms: Can over-reliance on MSP harm agricultural states?

Dependence on MSP-led procurement of grains has led to low crop diversification in states like Punjab, keeping farmers from reaping the benefits of high-value crops

By focusing on lower-valued crops, Punjab is missing benefits of diversification that Bihar is tapping on.

COVID-19 may double poverty in India

Even a 25% fall in their incomes due to the lockdown will make 354 mn more people poor. fixing this with cash transfers will cost the govt Rs 19,500 cr per month.

The latest available data is for the year 2011-12 (2017-18 NSSO Survey report is pending for release) and in that year, India had about 270 million poor people, or about 21.9% of the population. (Representative image)

Doubling farmer’s income: Ease doing of agri-business

To achieve this by FY23, incomes must grow at a CAGR of 23-24% over the next three years, a feat unprecedented at the national level.

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Direct Transfers: Learnings from Telangana’s Rythu Bandhu and Odisha’s KALIA

A list of beneficiaries that excludes the better-off farmers and includes the vulnerable ones is the right foundation

Farm distress: MSP, loan waivers vs direct income support

MSPs or loan-waivers cannot reach more than 20-30% of peasantry and distort the market much more than direct income support policies

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Maharashtra’s MSP diktat sets the stage for chaos, will leave farmers in the lurch

Forcing traders to buy agri-produce at MSP will leave farmers in the lurch as traders may not be there to buy and the state certainly can’t buy all the produce.

How doubling farm income just got even tougher

NABARD presented a gift to the nation on August 16, 2018, when it released results of its NABARD All India Rural Financial Inclusion Survey (NAFIS). Among other things, the Survey estimates 2015-16 farmers’ income levels.

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Under Modi, agriculture is just trudging along

Rather tHan MSP, for better prices getting the markets right by overhauling the agri-marketing infrastructure and associated laws presents a better solution.

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Creating a national agriculture market

The e-nam platform only caters to 7% of the Indian farmer population, and handles only about 2% of the total value of agricultural output of the country

As many as 22 states have adopted it in some form, yet it failed to transform the agri-marketing structure in India.

Reading Modi government’s agri-performance right

From Plate to Plough: In the last four years, agri-profitability fell rather than increased; and FCI paraphernalia expanded and deepened rather than getting reformed and shrinking

Next month, the Narendra-Modi government will complete four years in power at the Centre.

Why doubling farmers’ income by 2022 is a pipe dream

Take bold decisions like restricting subsidies on food, mgnrega, etc, to less than 25% and increasing investment in the sector to 75%.


With caution on food inflation

Assured procurement and trade liberalisation could help keep pulses, sugar and vegetable prices down

Wholesale price index, Wholesale price index July, WPI July 2016, WPI data, WPI latest data

Transforming India’s agri-food landscape

It must work on a Brown Revolution to incentivise precision agriculture. This will save precious water, reduce fertiliser usage, maintain soil fertility and make agriculture not only sustainable, but also productive

Narendra Modi’s doubling farm income ‘dream’ suffers from faulty vision

Sadly, for all these concerted official efforts, there are ambiguities surrounding the dream itself. As professional economists, we feel compelled to state the challenges as explicitly as possible.

Column: Animal power, RNF to power PM Narendra Modi vision?

As the Narendra Modi-led government completed two years in office, almost each of its arms issued hordes of advertisements celebrating achievements and delineating policies and programmes that were transforming India.

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Column: Doubling farmers’ income by 2022

For the last two months, the Narendra Modi-led government seems to be in an overdrive to appease farmers. Several farmer rallies have been organised in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and recently at New Del


From Plate to Plough: No finger on the pulses

Govt exposes its poor pulses-price management strategy with raids on traders, paltry imports

pulse price

Column: Losing the pulse

A 1960s-style policy response to control the price of pulses will not work, and instead, be anti-farmer


Column: From Plate to Plough – The dal-bhat conundrum

Crop-neutral incentive structures are the need of the hour

Column: From Plate to Plough – The dal-bhat conundrum

From Plate to Plough: The dal-bhat conundrum

Crop-neutral incentive structures are the need of the hour

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Narendra Modi govt’s challenge: Urgency for agri-reforms mounting amid drought warnings

With warnings of a drought this year, the urgency for agri-reforms is mounting.

drought in maharashtra, India

Drought scare: ‘Farm sector should be high on govt’s agenda’

Poor rains forecast for 2015 could flatline the sector’s growth, already hit by untimely rains and last year’s drought

deficient monsoon

Column: Tackling below-normal monsoon

Prepare a contingency plan with ample supply of seeds, technology-powered crop insurance and easy credit

Column: Tackling below-normal monsoon
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