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No time to tighten those purse strings

Large enough swathes of the economy remain in trouble, so increased government expenditure will remain critical


Allowing business houses to own banks is fraught with risk

Allowing business houses to own banks is fraught with risk; India’s supervisory system is too lax to deal with it

Full-fledged economic recovery depends on MSME space

If listed firms’ profits are up & GDP is set to fall by 8-9%, it suggests the larger segment of smaller/unlisted firms is badly hit

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das does a Draghi, walks the talk

Governor Das shrugs aside inflation, makes money cheaper for governments, corporates and retail borrowers

The second half of this year could be as good as it was last year: RC Bhargava, chairman, Maruti Suzuki

If you look at what happens in the states, the time it takes to get approvals and clearances before you can run the operations, a lot of it still costs money.

I don’t have the exact numbers, but what is apparent is the sales of compact and entry-level cars have grown faster than the overall sales.

Still too many roadblocks in India: RC Bhargava, Chairman, Maruti Suzuki

The government realises that if you want sustainable high demand, which is required to grow manufacturing and employment, we need to make cars affordable.

Our norm is that dealers need to have one month’s stock; else, if there aren’t enough cars in the showroom, the buyer will go elsewhere.

Why Govt must spend to drive up demand

The pandemic is likely to have hurt the informal sector more acutely as it comprises smaller firms with limited economic buffers to withstand shocks. If small entrepreneurs are to risk their personal capital to go into busine

Kishore Biyani knows his onions, but he needed to be a lot more prudent with his finances

Biyani believed there was enough of a catchment for chains like Pantaloons. But, India was,and is, a country with lakhs of apparel stores and millions of kiranas, half of them makeshift stalls on the sidewalks, some spilling

Restructuring is a bad idea: Last thing we need now is systemic risk

Government should recapitalise banks to allow them to decide which firms to help, and remove the IBC-freeze

For banks, restructuring is nothing but kicking the can down the road or postponing the pain while window-dressing the balance sheet.

Govt must borrow for infra and spend to revive the economy

Without a near-term spending of Rs 4-5 lakh crore, it is going to be difficult to even reboot the economy

narendra modi, prime minister, banks, NBFC

Rural rebound some time away

Farm growth outlook is quite promising, but rural wages are likely to remain depressed, and consequently, demand too

The benefit isn’t quite mutual: Investors must accept MFs are risky products

Given less than ordinary returns for most of the decade, investors would be justified in feeling let down

The average returns from large cap schemes too have been negative for the past year, flat over two years and a positive 3.36% over three years.

‘Green shoots’ of economic recovery visible? Why it is premature to talk about it

Of course, economic activity is up, but it can fall as more cities lock down; and don’t ignore structural problems.

Right now, though the pace of recovery isn’t exciting enough to warrant any cheer.

India Inc must reform, raise capital

Without stronger balance sheets, firms will perish in this harsh environment; board, group structure reforms will attract investors.

Covid-19: For movies, OTT is rewriting the script

Theatres face a grim future in the post-Covid world; OTTs may be paying top dollar now, but producers could soon favour them

Uday Kotak tells India Inc what to do to tide over Covid crisis

Given promoters’ ability to infuse fresh capital remains limited, firms must raise money from institutions and do so well before their very survival is at stake, Kotak says.

The CII chief says India Inc must shun excessive obsession with short-term growth pangs and look at raising capital to tide over the pandemic and reap medium-term gains.

Covid crisis: Boost banks’ equity bases and get them to lend; else economy will sink further

Boost banks’ equity bases and get them to lend; else the economy will sink further

The unfortunate truth is that until companies are back on their feet, the economy is going nowhere; a 5% contraction in FY21 could well spillover into FY22 as well.

On a crash course

Banks will be hurt as defaults rise in a weakening economy; it is the start of NPA 2.0

Good liquidity-fix, wait for reforms: Helping MSMEs critical, but without collateral, chances of default higher

Given how they have been reluctant to lend to the weaker NBFCs and MFIs, the 20% partial guarantee scheme, for a targeted amount of Rs 45,000 crore, might be slow to take off, unless RBI offers some kind of forbearance.

Covid lockdown: Help states beat budget constraints

Intro: States’ revenues, including central devolution, will contract; Centre must help them out or let RBI come up with a solution

RBI unleashes liquidity, but no easy relief for NBFCs, MSMEs

RBI pumps in more liquidity, but, wary of credit-worthiness of these borrowers, banks may not just lend.

So, it is surprising that RBI has extended the timeline for making an extra 20% provision for a stressed account that hasn’t been resolved from 210 to 300 days.

COVID-19 aftermath: Get real about bailing out realtors

Most developers don’t deserve the consideration on loans they are pleading for; they squandered sops given earlier.

Coronavirus relief: Will RBI bazooka force banks to lend?

Banks now have enough resources, but may yet stay risk-averse, lending only to the best businesses.

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Coronavirus relief package: Too small a package, not enough cash

If needed, the govt should print money to support the vulnerable, especially the urban poor; but, banks must be protected at any cost

Spend money to save the poor: Why a rate cut is of no use

A rate cut is of no use, spend on infra etc that gives the poor jobs; give forbearance to MSMEs as they are hurting.

cash, Analysts noted that SaaS and cross-sector technologies are the most attractive opportunities in the next three to five years.inflow

Growth outlook: Crude crash could boost growth, but corona crisis will take it away

India’s economy today is weaker than it has been during previous crises even if a few of the macro indicators — mainly forex reserves, CAD and inflation — are more robust.

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