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    The modern day news hunt

    Closer home, NDTV began an initial experiment with mobile journalism about two years ago. Asim Warsi, SVP — mobile business, Samsung India, provides that the company and NDTV signed an agreement in 2017 wherein it provided Galaxy S8+ smartphones to the news organisation for the purpose of filming/recording of news and other programme/content.

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    Drones replacing reporters?

    The global digital video team at CNN Digital uses VR in the field when covering major news events, and produces packages in stunning 360 degree video, transporting users to the front row of global events as part of their toolbox of reporting tools.

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    Of ‘aLL’ shapes and sizes

    After cultivating its consumer base largely offline, aLL has rolled out a campaign to gather attention towards its online presence. Does it work?

  • Facebook, Cambridge Analytica
    Facebook, and the big privacy breach. Again.

    When news of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data leak broke, users of the platform knew they had been ‘sold’ as a product. Brands knew they could be caught in the cross fire.

  • Joanna Catalano, APAC, iProspect
    ‘Digital is as measurable as you set it up to be’: Joanna Catalano, CEO — APAC, iProspect, Dentsu Aegis Network

    As the digital ecosystem becomes more sophisticated, agencies of all shapes, sizes and specialisations have newer fields to play in, having to upgrade their offerings bearing in mind the changing market dynamics.

  • Manish Bhatt,Scarecrow Communications
    Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications

    I am currently reading Odd visions and Bizarre Sights by Simon Bond, he said.

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    Alexa, play Echo for India

    Being the first major advertiser in the smart speaker category in India, Amazon goes with the now familiar tone it has cultivated over the years for its maiden ad for Echo.

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    Martech: The future is here

    While, for the most part, using technologies such as AR, AI, geofencing or even NFC may be the special flourish or part of a larger campaign, bold brands are finding creative ways to use them.

  • Instagram, thailand
    Instagram: The small entrepreneur’s hero

    As entrepreneurial aspirations go up, aided by an ecosystem that encourages it, small businesses are finding a cozy corner on social media, particularly Instagram, to find takers of their products.

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    Take 5 with Mahuya Chaturvedi

    Anything that I eat at home after returning from work at 11pm while watching Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, tastes wonderful!

  • Manish Sharma, Panasonic India, panasonic india president and ceo manish sharma
    ‘We lost a lot of time & opportunities’: Manish Sharma, President & CEO, Panasonic India

    Panasonic, a household name in India long ago, had been noticeably missing in action for a good portion of time.

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    News, and the Ugly Truth

    Clearly, social platforms and tech giants are in the line of fire given the almost unquestioned and free reign they have enjoyed till now. Feeling the heat Everyone from publishers to advertisers to social media influencers are feeling the impact of seemingly corrective measures that are being undertaken.

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    The colour and pop of gifting

    The customer behaviour from a long time ago where people used to dog-ear pages from books and magazines or save clippings from the newspaper of things they would like to buy has translated to pinning pictures to a board, saving a screenshot, adding to a wishlist or double tapping to ‘love’ something on Instagram.

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    Fake news alert: Publishers look to build their competencies for better distribution of content

    Facebook shook the system up when it announced changes to its news feed earlier this year, which will bring back the focus on showing people more content from their first degree connections.

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    Veeba: Modern India’s kitchen partner

    The youngest entrant in the sauces, dressings and condiments space, Veeba is looking to catch up in the market going up against some stiff competition.

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    Taking the ‘safe’ route

    With women’s safety being a matter of paramount importance in the country today, brands have a real opportunity to address these concerns, either via products or ads. The trick is to avoid being gimmicky

  • reebok, havells, Titan, sonata, brands, advertisements, kangana ranaut
    Women’s safety takes front seat for brands like Havells, Reebok among others

    Advertising is considered a reflection of society, which is currently undergoing a transformation.

  • nima namchu, nima namchu interview, interview of nima namchu
    Nima Namchu, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Worldwide

    I picked up several books during the Christmas holidays and have begun reading two of them: The Noodle Maker of Kalimpong by Gyalo Thondup (The Dalai Lama’s brother) and Indra Bahadur Rai’s There’s A Carnival Today translated by Manjushree Thapa.

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    ‘While managing a crisis, prioritise’: Alan Iny, Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group, New York

    Between content, emerging trends and technologies, big data, analytics, and ever evolving strategies, there are a lot of things pulling businesses in different directions, making it challenging times to be in.

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    Straight talk with IDFC

    IDFC is out with another cheeky campaign striking a blow to the often serious toned BFSI ads

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    ‘We are a baby in the Indian market’

    Nissan and Datsun aren’t terribly old in India; since their launch, the two car brands from the Nissan Motor India stable have distinctly targeted two different customer sets. While for Nissan, the focus is on tier I and metros, Datsun is looking to make deeper inroads into the heart of the country. Jerome Saigot of Nissan Motor India speaks with BrandWagon’s Shinmin Bali on the small town push for Datsun, the 2020 aim and becoming an ‘accessible’ brand.

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    The ‘grey’ area of marketing

    Millennials might bring in repeat purchases for brands, but it is the older generation that has heavier wallets and higher brand loyalty. Then why do marketers often give the elderly a miss?

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    A springier bounce for branded mattresses

    As consumers slowly become more willing to try branded mattresses, given that it is a cost-sensitive proposition, long-standing traditional players in the category are reimagining themselves

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    ‘The Cannes Lions model will never be replicated’: Terry Savage, Chairman, Cannes Lions

    Since November, 2017, Cannes Lions has been in the news for two things. One, Terry Savage is moving on from his role at the Festival after a 33 year-term. Two, the Festival has announced a series of changes it plans on bringing in — a start towards the Festival of tomorrow that Cannes Lions is looking to be.

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    Playing on FOMO, BMS gains

    Dialling up the fear of missing out factor that plagues the current youth generation, BookMyShow presents itself funny side up for the audience’s benefit.

  • Protection against condom ads?

    MIB’s directive last month about a ban on airing condom ads (with sexually explicit content) on TV during daytime received mixed reactions from all
    sections of societies, bringing with it a debate on ‘sanskaar’, restricting creative liberty and even the issue of population control.
    BrandWagon speaks with four stakeholders to get a sense of what has prompted these reactions.

  • Newsmakers 2017

    BrandWagon handpicks some of the big-bang developments that made headlines this year

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