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Moves in the right direction? SC upheld the IPR of an MNC

While the Supreme Court upheld the IPR of an MNC, the Uttarakhand HC upheld the liability of another MNC to share the benefits it was deriving from exploitation of local biological resources

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Liberalise retail trading space: How ministry of commerce and industry has added ambiguity to existing policy on FDI in e-commerce

Via Press Note 2, the ministry of commerce and industry has added ambiguity to the existing policy on FDI in e-commerce.

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Homeward bound

According to a July 2014 report by the Migration Policy Institute, 2.6 million Indian immigrants live in the US, making it the third largest immigrant population in that country.

Homeward bound

Towards an investor-friendly regime

With one year of ‘minimum government, maximum governance’ already over, one would hope we have four years dedicated to establishing a certain regime, if not an investor-friendly regime

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