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Know all about student travel insurance

Student travel insurance covers travel as well as academics-related risks

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Know how travel insurance can help you

Keep all your prescriptions, reports and payment receipts safe; provide them as defined in the claim procedure, in case of reimbursement. To avoid any rejection, ensure that all these documents are duly signed, dated and stam

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Health Insurance: Why you need to buy a Super Top Up health cover

A single critical medical condition is capable of upsetting your finances. Typically, the opted sum insured range for basic mediclaim policies is Rs 3-5 lakh. Bearing medical expenses beyond this sum can take a toll on an ind

Home insurance policy: Why you must buy one fast; 4 must-know points

With overall non-life insurance penetration standing at just 0.7% in India, it is not surprising to see a dismal contribution made by home insurance.

Home insurance, Home insurance policy, insurance policy, dismal contribution, home owners

Buying insurance policy: Here are 5 top points individuals must evaluate

INSURANCE premium is the most important factor influencing a customer’s decision to buy an insurance cover. As a result, insurance products that are cheaper see higher acceptability and...

Here’s why it is important to have a property insurance

New apartment owners can insure their flats for an amount that takes into consideration the value of the property as per the sale deed. Those who already possess an apartment and are looking for a cover can insure it on an am

Here’s why it is important to have a property insurance

Monsoon advancing rapidly: Is your home, car adequately insured?

What affects you and me the most is the damage caused to our assets – either our home, its contents or our cars and bikes. Further, if we do not have the right insurance cover, it takes not only a mental but also a financia

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