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Book review – The RSS: A View to the Inside

Walter K Andersen and Shridhar D Damle attempt explaining the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS’s) rise in the last couple of decades in The RSS: A View to the Inside.

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Book Review- ‘For Reasons of State: Delhi Under Emergency’ is a handy tool to judge Indian political reality

For Reasons of State, thus, becomes a handy tool to judge the political reality today, even though ideological differences between Indira Gandhi's and Modi's politics are all too apparent.

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The Climate Solution by Mridula Ramesh: A message for the masses

The Climate Solution may not be masterful in an academic sense, and perhaps was also not intended to be, or may lack new insights, but it touches upon nearly all climate-change related topics, from the Paris Agreement to GM c

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AI on the future: Artificial Intelligence add ~$1 billion to India’s GVA by 2035, says NITI Aayog

Against such a backdrop, the NITI Aayog’s recently published working paper, National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence #AIforAll, presents a comprehensive AI vision for India.

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Budget 2018: How Arun Jaitley got the diagnosis right?

… but with just Rs 2,000 cr for the new health spend buffer, this is nowhere close to what is needed to improve healthcare access.

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Budget 2018: Education get a fillip, and a rethink

Budget gives a big push to research. Treatment of school education gets a fundamental rethink.

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Dark future: Climate change could mean Chocoholics Anonymous soon

Climate change could mean no more chocolate in 40 years, unless ongoing gene-editing efforts are able to make the cacao plant resistant to climate change effects.

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Marriage, memory link: Dementia risk higher for single people

That towering philosopher of ancient Greece, Socrates, had this to say of marriage: By all means marry. If you get a good partner, you will be happy; if you get a bad one, you will become a philosopher.

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How to control mood: Shock those blues away via AI-controlled brain implants

Most would baulk at the idea of having a machine reset what they are feeling, especially if it is embedded in the brain.

How to control mood: Shock those blues away via AI-controlled brain implants

From Railways safety, Ganga cleaning to NPA resolution, here is what grabbed infra spotlight recently

The recent derailing incidents put the focus on ensuring track safety.some that arenft past even 25% of their lifespan are showing fractures. But after the Elphinstone Road tragedy in Mumbai, the focus must be widened to en

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Fight against malaria; the question is whether to ACT or not to ACT

A decade ago, the malaria research community was stung by the discovery that a strain of the malaria parasite found in western Cambodia had developed resistance to artemisinin.

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Firecrackers ban in Delhi-NCR: Not just Diwali, what’s SC plan for other periods?

Firecrackers ban in Delhi-NCR: Pollution does spike in Diwali but it is very high at other times as well and, as yet, little action has been taken on this.

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A climate change opportunity

After all the doomsday talk on climate change, what if someone told you that the situation is still gloomy but not bleak as we have believed for some years now?

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Petrol, diesel prices: Yes, Arun Jaitley has kept oil taxes high, but he did this to stimulate GDP

Between central government excise duties and state VATs, taxes in Delhi comprise around 52% of the retail price of petrol and around 44% in the case of diesel.

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Cars of the future to be made of wood? THIS peek into future will leave you wonder-struck

One of the plot points in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is the invention of an alloy far stronger, durable and lighter than steel called “Rearden metal”, named after Hank Rearden, the fictional industrialist who invents it

Cars of the future to be made of wood? THIS peek into future will leave you wonder-struck

Pharma industry: After the wrong diagnosis, a worse prescription

With the government’s understanding of the pharma industry so wrong, not surprising draft policy is so flawed

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Algal bloom: This global warming threat is rarely discussed; know how it will harm us in 100 years

A robot checks for toxicity from algal blooms stationed 18-ft under the water surface.

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For robots to understand your subtlest gestures, there is a technology; read all about it

In a face-to-face conversation, you end up saying more in subtle gestures, tics, and shifting of pose than you do in words. Unfortunately, most of us would likely miss most of these cues.

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Heart treatment: New tech signals sea change from conventional therapy

Stents have for some months now been put under a price-control regime. Thanks to this, there has been little to no attention on the technological advancements.

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Colonising Mars: Why life will be a constant struggle on the Red Planet

The members of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists' Science and Security Board have reset the Doomsday Clock, an analogy for the threat of future global catastrophe that could wipe out humans, to two and a half minutes from mid

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MIT researchers develop chip faster than Artificial Intelligence neural networks

Everyday, the envelope is being pushed a little bit further on what artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually be like.

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Arresting those cheering Pakistan team on sedition charges is ridiculous

Even Supreme Court has cautioned against such casual use of the sedition law

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HEERA: Proposed higher education regulation needs to overcome many shortcomings

The proposed higher education regulation framework needs to overcome the many shortcomings of its predecessors, that too in a changed regulatory context.

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Minor planet named after Bengaluru student; here’s how names of planets are decided

A minor planet has been named after a Bengaluru student. What are the rules behind such nomenclature?

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Shocking revelation: Here’s how you could get your creative juices flowing

Electrical impulses to suppress your reasoning faculties could get your creative juices flowing

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How to tell faces apart: Cluster of neurons read, memorize features, not entire faces

Long before we learn anything, we learn to process and recognise faces. At as early as four months, a Stanford research shows, infants’ brains do this with near-adult competence.

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Drug price control: If it affects quality, it would have done more harm than good

If it affects quality and makes pharma cos wary of entering the market, it would have done more harm than good.

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