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Oxford Covid vaccine safe, no major side effects: Study

Findings of the study, published in The Lancet, detail minor side effects like localised pain, feeling feverish, chills, muscle ache, and headache.

Ten participants were studied separately, receiving a booster dose of ChAdOx1 28 days after the first dose.

Covid-19: 249 million cases, 1.8 million deaths by March 2021; MIT researchers’ gloomy prediction

Coronavirus: In such a scenario — absent drugs and vaccines — non-pharmacological measures like hygiene, distancing and wearing masks have the most efficacy.

In Ladakh, the virus has infected 1,206 people and killed two people, as per data on the Union health ministry's website. There are 186 active COVID-19 cases in Ladakh as of now, it stated.

Testing myopia continues: Even for fast antigen tests, ICMR has restrictions on usage

The way to test the entire country is to do the kind of antibody tests or sero-surveys that ICMR did last month regularly to see which parts of the country are more likely to have a higher disease burden.

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Coronavirus infection: Around 1 crore Indians were exposed, Sero-Survey finds

This is lower than in other countries, but is good news as it means fatality rates are just 0.08%

For a Moment of Taste: It’s vegan evangelism, targeted at consumers

For a Moment of Taste is vegan evangelism, targeted at consumers. A shift away from meat-eating will require engagement with other stakeholders

An army against COVID-19: How countries like Israel, South Korea, US are racing to develop Corona monoclonal antibodies

Israel has just reported a potent monoclonal antibody (mAb) against SARS CoV-2. Firms in South Korea, the US are leading mAb trials.

Fighting Corona: Look at local data, not a national curve

An RT-PCR test takes several hours for the result to be available. We cannot make a patient who comes with a non-Covid-19 problem wait till that result is available.

K. Srinath Reddy (Portrait by Shyam Kumar Prasad)

COVID-19: We need not be in chains, but we should not shed our armour, says PHFI’s Dr K Srinath Reddy

It is difficult to comment on a trend—the only thing that can be said with some degree of certainty is that asymptomatics are largely below 50-45 years of age.

Dr K Srinath Reddy

COVID-19 crisis: Need social distancing for one year, says PHFI’s Dr K Srinath Reddy

Reddy spoke of how it is very difficult to catch asymptomatics, unless individuals get themselves tested on demand, or the public health authorities organise testing in a cluster.

A population-wide testing, Reddy says, or even large-scale testing, is neither advisable nor feasible given the requirement for testing kits, reagents, lab personnel, protective gear, sample collection paraphernalia, etc.

Controlling COVID-19: To slay the Coronavirus-Goliath

CDDEP-Princeton-Johns Hopkins researchers estimate a mammoth hospitalisation problem from COVID-19 in India. Pushing out the peak,i.e. delaying its occurrence through lockdowns, seems the only workable strategy till a vaccine

These cases were from 36 districts in 15 states, and the ICMR has advised prioritising these districts and states for Covid-19 containment efforts.

India Coronavirus cases near 10,000: Flattening of COVID-19 curve still a little away

The 30th reported case is considered for the baseline since the growth in cases since the first reported case/clutch of cases has seen widely varying timelines.

Delhi’s reported cases doubled from 30 in just 6-7 days, and Maharashtra, too, roughly took the same time.

Good and bad news from ICMR study

In either case, the study shows more testing as well as thorough mapping an investigation of contacts is required for a complete picture of the spread of the infection.

The results are based on self-reporting, not rigorous collation of a matrix of contacts which are then investigated for corona.

A longer lockdown? Here is what researchers have to say

A study by two India-origin researchers at the University of Cambridge, is based on the SIR approach, but takes into account age and social contact structure to assess the impact of the lockdown and social distancing measures

Use pooled testing to identify hotspots, lower number of Covid-19 tests: CDDEP

This will lower the number of tests to be conducted, while help identify corona hotspots faster, critical for any containment strategy.

India, too, has a had a low testing level so far—69,245 tests had been conducted till 9 pm on April 3, while 2,653 had tested positive.

Covid Crisis: If more than 1% Indians get infected, we will run out of hospital beds

At a 5% infection level, India may need to increase hospital beds by 4-5 times.

Johns Hopkins says CDDEP model is robust

The report, based on the lockdowns in effect in the country at the time of its drafting, estimates ~190 million infected at the peak of the Covid 19 outbreak in the country.

Coronavirus Outbreak: With no vaccine, nations rely on existing drugs

Without vaccines or a new cure, nations are relying on existing, approved drugs/vaccines for other diseases with mixed reports of efficacy.

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Johns Hopkins says CDDEP Corona model robust

In a tweet, Johns Hopkins said, “The use of our logo was not authorized in this case and JHU is engaging with CDDEP on it”.

The release also claims that the model has been used by the National Technical Advisory Group for Immunisation.

Coronavirus challenge: Govt planning 150-fold increase in COVID-19 testing

The ICMR has prioritised urgent delivery of the new kits, asking potential suppliers to state the maximum supply capability for the first week, at six locations.

Capital Crisis: Delhi COVID19 infections can cross 2 lakh, if quarantining is not effective, says ICMR

If quarantining is not effective, the number can be 10 million; nationwide lockdown instituted now can help reduce impact

The importance of the study is to show how critical lockdowns and quarantine are.

ICMR approval: India okays use of FDC Kaletra to treat Covid

Hospitalised adult patients with laboratory confirmed SARS CoV-2 infection can give written informed consent to receive the treatment for 14 days.

In one control study cited by the authors in the article, the lopinavir/ritonavir combination, given along with ribavirin to SARS patients, reported a much lower rate of death compared to the control group that received only ribavirin (2.4% versus 28.8%) at day 21 of the onset of symptoms.

Delhi infections can cross 2 lakh: ICMR

If quarantining not effective, can be 1.5-10 million; nationwide lockdown instituted now can help reduce impact.

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CDSCO approves restricted public health use of HIV drug againt COVID-19

Lopinavir/Ritonavir, a fixed dose combination antiretroviral sold under the brand name of Kaletra, has been approved by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), for restricted public health use among the sympt

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Race for corona vaccine hots up; US, China enter human-trials stage

At least two candidates have already entered the clinical evaluation stage, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Book Review: A Warning Anonymous – A warning about Trump that comes a little too late

The Trump impeachment trial shows up the basket of deplorables the Senate Republicans showed themselves as willing to become to keep the Trump circus running even as the fundamentals of America’s liberal democracy are bulld

Anonymous was prompted to write A Warning because he was appalled at the pettiness and bile Trump showed himself to be capable of at the time of Republican rival John McCain’s death.

Budget 2020: From agri trade to warehousing, govt talks of ways to spur market-led farm growth

Budget 2020-21: The FY21 Budget allocation for agriculture & allied activities and rural development, at Rs 2.99 lakh crore, though, isn’t a big jump over FY20’s budget estimate (BE) of Rs 2.92 lakh crore.

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Indigo’s action in Arnab-Kamra issue unfair and smacks of govt direction

Under the rules, the maximum ban for what Kamra did was a three-month ban, but that too takes place after an internal committee examines the issue and, presumably, Kamra gets a chance to defend himself.

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