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NPS may offer investment in private equity, venture capital; cap of 5% in alternative assets

The proposed NPS move, which is part of PFRDA's attempts to widen the choice available to subscribers, would take it to hitherto uncharted territories for retirement fund investment in India.

NPS, PPF, Tax-free bonds: All you need to know before investing

Renewing your car insurance? here’s how to get the best deal

Car insurance: While the premium rates quoted by each company would be based on your profile and history and the company's internal risk assessment, there are ways with which you can ensure that you get a good deal at the tim

Car insurance

7th Pay Commission pay hike, 10 things you should not do with the money

7th Pay Commission pay hike: As you plan your finances ahead with the added money flow, there is always a chance to be reckless with your spending and not thinking of the long-term possibilities the increased pay packet can g

7th Pay Commission pay hike, 10 things you should avoid doing with the money

Raising equity exposure of EPF, opposing trade unions in tight spot in CBT

Decision on the issue of raising EPF's equity exposure from the current 5 per cent to a higher level within the overall 15 per cent cap could not be taken at the CBT meeting on Friday as the government decided to have a wider

Indian rupee vs US dollar

Mutual fund inflows rising, how to select the best option

Mutual fund selection method is one of the least understood process in India, feel experts.

What you must know about eKYC in mutual funds

Gold prices at 28-month high, could be a good investment bet even after run up

Gold prices surged to its highest point since March 2014 to touch $1,371.40 an ounce in global markets, thereby registering gains of nearly 30 per cent from the $1060 levels it traded in early January, 2016.

gold prices

Buying life and health insurance combined offers? Are they worth your money

Insurance combi plans: Experts believe that these plans may not offer the best value-for-money and may be good in very limited instances.

Shiftover to e-Insurance from October 1; challenges remain for industry

Retirement money into equities, NPS proposes 75% cap, EPFO should hike level from present 5 percent

The equities for retirement debate is taking an interesting turn in the market with the two principal vehicles to create an old age income security - NPS and EPFO taking widely divergent views on the issue.

Retirement money into equities, NPS proposes 75% cap, EPFO should hike level from present 5 percent

How much of the money that you have set aside for investing for your retirement years should be invested in equities? There may not be a scientific answer to this, but most investment advisors would say it would depend on var


Post-Brexit silver on a high; does it remain a good investment option?

Silver prices have been on a relentless move upwards ever since United Kingdom voted in favour of exiting the European Union and has moved to over $21 an ounce in global markets, from the $15-16 levels a couple of months ago,

Silver prices on a high after Brexit

7th Pay Commission payout soon; best tax-saving investment options for you

7th Pay Commission payout: You will have nearly eight months till March 31, 2017 to make your investment for tax-saving purposes but it is always good to start investing early.

7th pay commission

Going abroad for higher studies? Here’s why student travel insurance is a must

Student travel insurance can be made an integral part of your financial plan for your study life abroad.

Now, purchase travel, home insurance through common service centres

Insurance cover for dengue, cancer, diabetes, here’s when you should buy these disease-specific plans

Insurers provide disease-specific covers against variety of illnesses including diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension and cardiac care.

7th Pay Commission bonanza; 5-fold increase in equity investment cap to 75 per cent under NPS likely

All central government employees who have joined on or after April 1, 2004, have to mandatorily invest 10 per cent of their salary and dearness allowance to NPS to create a pension corpus.

Indian rupee vs US dollar

Income Declaration Scheme 2016: Go ahead and avail the immunity offer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants you to have 'peace of mind' by coming clean under the Income Declaration Scheme (IDS), 2016, in case you have undisclosed income in the past.

Hurdles in way of higher EPF exposure to stocks through ETFs

Central trade unions are all set to oppose the proposal to raise investments in ETFs from the current 5 per cent of the corpus when the Central Board of Trustees (CBT) of the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) meet

7th Pay Commission hike approved: Are government jobs more lucrative than private now?

7th Pay Commission hike has raised the salary level for lowest entry-level government jobs to Rs 18,000 per month.

7th Pay Commission, 7th Pay Commission hike, 7th Pay Commission nod, 7th Pay Commission salary

7th Pay Commission impact: Your pension choice set to more than double

With a massive inflow of funds likely to come to the NPS from central government officials by way of increased pay and arrears, the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) is set to expand the choice of pens

Indian rupee vs US dollar

7th Pay Commission to get Cabinet nod soon, here’s why you will get 10 per cent less arrears in hand

The Union Cabinet is likely to clear the 7th Pay Commission recommendations on Wednesday paving the way for higher salaries and arrears to nearly 90 lakh central government employees and pensionsers

7th Pay Commission payout

EPF exposure to equities through ETFs may be raised, here’s what it means for you

Currently 5 per cent of EPF corpus is invested in ETFs in its efforts to take advantage of possible higher returns from the equity market. The government has given a leeway to invest upto 15 per cent of the corpus in equities

7th Pay Commission payout nears amid Brexit fallout worries: 10 tips that would help you while dealing with the money

If you are a central government employee awaiting the implementation of the 7th Central Pay Commission report, you would have been worried over reports that the recent Brexit decision might force the government to delay the p

Indian student community to gain from Brexit

While worries over Brexit consequences remain in many quarters, one major beneficiary of the development could be Indian students the United Kingdom or those who are planning to travel there for higher studies.

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Brexit pushes gold higher, could breach $1400 an ounce

Gold was trading at $1329 up over $67 or 5 per cent higher in global markets after news that Britain has voted convincingly for exiting the European Union.

Gold prices - brexit

7th Pay Commission payout date nears: 10 mutual funds you can invest your money in

7th pay commission date nears: Mutual fund could be a preferred option as it provides you the opportunity to benefit from equity and debt and balance your risks according to your age.

What you must know about eKYC in mutual funds

Income-tax returns: 5 crucial things about how to deal with savings bank accounts

Savings bank balances do earn interest, with some banks offering a healthy 7 per cent per annum. At times, the cumulative annual interest on an individual's savings bank deposits may be substantial and could trigger a mention

Planning to invest in a debt fund? why short-term funds are better option

With the Reserve Bank of India's recently indicating in its Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Review that it would focus more on improving liquidity in the system and less on rate cuts, experts believe that the short-term debt funds

Debt fund

7th Pay Commission payout nears; here’s where and how to invest the money

7th pay commission: Experts say it is better to look at short-term and long-term financial goals while dealing with arrears rather than splurging.

Union labour ministry, EPFO, ETFS
Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax


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