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MCD election signals PM Narendra Modi’s hold over public perception

Bharatiya Janata Party’s victory in the MCD polls shows that negative politics of Arvind Kejriwal has failed to deliver and has dented even the good work in areas like education and health. Politics is a matter of perceptio

PM Narendra Modi must walk the talk on reforms, tax agriculture income

The Prime Minister has said that he will not hesitate in pushing tough reform measures to curb black money. Taxing agriculture income, which requires a constitutional amendment, could be a test case in this regard.

With GST on course, here’s why government must set up panel to cut income tax burden

With the goods and service tax (GST) all set to become a reality this year—the government is still looking at the July 1 date—the countrywide indirect tax system would only need the required modifications in terms of rate

HM Rajnath Singh right in telling civil servants to play by the rule book

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading a strong government at the Centre and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is ruling in a number of major states today. So, the bureaucrats have a challenging role to ensure that the government

After UP polls success, monsoon cheer for PM Modi government

IMD’s projection of a ‘normal’ monsoon this year also, will help RBI and government in managing inflation and boosting growth prospects at a time when the investment scenario is failing to improve.

PM Narendra Modi must keep the GST modification window open from the start

There is no doubt that clearing the path for the implementation of goods and services tax (GST) by prime minister Narendra Modi and his team is a big breakthrough. But, the GST being adopted is not the best one with higher ra

150 APAs signal end of tax terror, time to get rid of Vodafone and Cairn retro tax cases now

The high-pitched transfer pricing additions to the income of the MNCs, along with the 2012 retrospective tax amendments led to the coining of the term ‘tax terror’ for the Indian tax administration.

Don’t delay GST, run it as pilot from July 1, and implement it fully from September 1

The industry needs time to adopt the goods and services tax (GST), but that can’t be a reason for avoiding its implementation from July 1 – the government must utilize the time between July 1 and September 1 to fine-tune

PM Narendra Modi must look for a new finance minister

Railways minister Suresh Prabhu’s penchant for reforms, his clean image and acceptability across the board makes him a good choice for taking over the affairs of finance ministry, from current finance minister Arun Jaitley

Uttar Pradesh Assembly election results 2017 will draw battle lines for 2019 Lok Sabha polls

If BJP led by prime minister Narendra Modi’s extensive campaigning succeeds in getting the majority on its own, it will lead to a larger opposition unity at the national level in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

After exchange of bitter barbs, UP assembly elections cement dominance of growth politics

With the seventh and final phase of elections in Uttar Pradesh getting over today, all eyes are on the poll results to be announced on Saturday.

Demonetisation lessons for PM Narendra Modi: Forget Harvard, just scrapping old Rs 500-1000 not enough

Whether or not, or by how much, the demonetisation of Rs 500-1000 notes impacted the GDP growth, will take time to emerge.

Demonetisation drive: PM Narendra Modi’s claim of a digital transaction jump lacks wings

The demonetisation of Rs 500-1000 notes has hardly altered the dominance of cash in the economy, and digital transactions have remained where they were. Prime minister Narendra Modi needs to pursue a government-supported plan

India and the OECD BEPS agenda: Why India must attune itself to this platform to derive a windfall

ITRAF puts together the gains and losses from OECD action points to the deal with BEPS by MNEs, and suggests corrective actions for tax administrators.

Banking on Aadhaar without bank accounts via IndiaPost payments bank can be a real game-changer

Aadhaar-based transactions by people even without a bank account through the IndiaPost payments bank’s Aadhaar-pay model could be the real game-changer.

N Chandrasekaran takes over at Tata Sons; he may have a reputation for being soft, but also has capabilities to deliver

N Chandrasekaran takes over at Tata Sons; he may have a reputation of being soft, but Intro: Keeping the Tata Group away from controversies by maintaining transparency and strict corporate governance standards, while pushing

PAN and Aadhaar linkage could be the key to curb tax evasion

The PAN-Aadhaar combination will not only make the tracking of individuals easier, it will also be a big source to gather banking transaction information, which can be an important indication of a person’s income profile.

PM Narendra Modi’s Make-in-India is facing the IPR drag

India’s poor 43/45 rank in global IP index of the US Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center is worrisome, and India must attune its handling of the Intellectual Property issues to the global standards.

UP elections 2017: PM Narendra Modi and CM Akhilesh Yadav must talk about UP’s poor per capita income

It is quite natural that the war of words between the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and those of Congress-SP combine, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and Congress vice-presiden

RBI holds own rates, pushes for small savings interest rate cut 

While the Reserve Bank of India still wants to continue with the wait and watch policy on demonetisation impact, both domestic and global situation may not be conducive for further policy rate cuts in the near future.

Santosh Tiwari

PM Narendra Modi’s much-hyped soil health card on a weak footing

A close look at the outcomes of the Budget 2016 announcements of finance minister Arun Jaitley, outlined in the 2017 Budget, shows major gaps in meeting the identified objectives. The results obtained in the distribution of s

Union Budget 2017: PM Narendra Modi misses opportunity for big-bang income tax reforms

Even though it is a fact that the government’s keep big relief measures for the Budgets in the last two years of their tenure, ignoring the restructuring of income tax slabs to reduce the tax burden in Rs 5 lakh to Rs 15 la

Santosh Tiwari

Economic Survey: CEA Arvind Subramanian right in suggesting income tax cuts to FM Arun Jaitley

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi is serious about turning the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes to a fruitful exercise and not just a wild goose chase, he must have given his go ahead for a reduction in the income ta

Santosh Tiwari

Missing income tax reforms in 2017 Budget may cost PM Modi dearly

Reducing the income tax burden through restructuring of the current tax structure is the best way to curb black money. By not doing this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley may subject Bharatiya Ja

Santosh Tiwari

RBI and govt must disclose how much of old Rs 500-1,000 is back

RBI Governor Urjit Patel must find ways now to show that the apex bank is in complete command of the situation, instead of expressing disability in providing information about the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 that have come back.

Santosh Tiwari

Fracas over Budget impact on UP polls is a farce

The budget has to be kept independent of the state elections and in any case the central government would be foolish to announce any scheme that will be aimed at benefitting the voters just in the poll-bound states.

Santosh Tiwari

GST Council meet: Dual control a non-issue as Center eyes post-demonetisation solution

While the demonetisation of the old R500 and R1,000 notes appears to have derailed the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) completely from April 1, 2017, the central government is still hopeful of resolving the

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