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The economic slowdown is structural

Monetary and fiscal policy measures alone cannot do the trick. Sustained growth requires a reforms policy.

Little is spent on exploration of minerals, regulation of mining remains an issue

India has a lot of potential for discovery of minerals as the continental landmass and its offshore consists of several crustal elements going back ages.

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New industrial policy needed, aligned to trade policy

Making the case for an integrated trade-and-industrial policy, which means that the ministry of commerce and industry, the DIPP, and the ministry of finance (which takes a final view on taxes) will need to work together

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Numbers don’t lie: There is a real job crisis

We are repeatedly told by government economists that there is no jobs crisis. Surjit Bhalla, till recently part of the PM’s Economic Advisory Council, noted not to worry about slow growth of jobs, based on his employment es

Why skill development in India must grow from being supply-driven to demand-driven

India’s requirements for skilled workers are huge, but the current capacity to train has grown very slowly.

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