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Saral Jeevan Bima: An attempt to cover the ones who need insurance the most

Saral Jeevan Bima will play a major role in expanding the term insurance market in India and increase insurance penetration rate in a relatively new and larger customer segment.

Do not ‘Panic-Buy’ life insurance due to the COVID-19 pandemic – Here’s why

With a rise in the sale of term life insurance plans, Indians are believed to be moving towards “panic buying” amid growing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Term Insurance: Benefits of buying a term life insurance plan online

In order to make sure that your family is financially protected during times like these, it is important to invest in a term insurance plan.

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Why is term life insurance important for self-employed?

A self-employed individual faces a plethora of more challenges than a salaried individual and this is why it is all the more important for a self-employed person to invest in term plan.

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Does your life insurance policy cover Coronavirus?

When a pandemic like COVID-19 becomes world news, you may start to wonder how news of an outbreak might shape the life insurance policy you already have.

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Your money: Term insurance is not just for death benefits but also for disability

The fundamental benefit of term insurance is the monetary benefit the dependents receive on the death of the insured.

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Financial Planning: Achieve your financial goals with insurance

A combination of term insurance, child plans and whole life Ulips can help you meet your various financial goals

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Good News! IRDAI may soon allow life insurers to sell indemnity based health insurance plans

If the new regulations come in place, customers will get more choices as the number of options will increase with the introduction of health insurance plans by life insurance companies.

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Your Money: Buy insurance for financial protection, not for saving taxes

To mitigate the possibility of being left without an income, you can avail special riders as part of your term insurance plan in the event of disability.

And to be precise, tax savings motives are found to be positively related to the purchase of term insurance policies.

Life Insurance: Customised plans for protection needs

Term insurance with return of premium and limited pay premium plans are seeing increased customer interest

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IRDAI new rules on ULIP, Non-Linked insurance products: Check what has changed

IRDAI has made it mandatory for all insurance companies to get these guidelines with effect from February 2020 superseding the earlier circulars on the subject.

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Critical illness cover: Super top-up plans of Rs 1 crore and above

Individuals who have a history of critical illnesses in the family—illnesses that require expensive and prolonged hospitalisations—may also opt for a big cover.

A health insurance cover provides you with a much needed financial backup at times of medical emergencies.

Life Insurance for NRI: Can Non-Resident Indians buy life insurance plans in India?

Indians well settled in a foreign land understand the importance of life insurance to protect the financial needs of their family members.

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Term insurance to become more expensive soon; Here’s why

A key Reinsurer has sent notices to all its portfolio group insurance companies that prices will be revised upwards in the next 90 days.

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Life Insurance for Smokers: How smoking can affect your life insurance premium

Being a smoker puts people at a higher risk of smoking-related illnesses which translates to higher premiums.

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Is Rs 1 crore life insurance cover good enough for you?

With Rs 1-crore life insurance cover being a popular term, most people seem to be mentally comfortable with the amount even without doing the basic math.

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Attention! Smoking affects your insurance premium

The details of the report reveal that the smokers across all occupations pay an average of 50% more for their life insurance in comparison with the premium paid by non-smokers.

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Life insurance: Know how a joint life cover works

Joint life cover is best for young couples, especially those who have dependent children. It is relatively cheaper than buying two individual insurance plans.

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How to choose a life insurance policy-Check this step by step guide

While purchasing a life insurance policy, most people focus only on the quantum of premium they would have to pay, terms of payment and the amount of sum assured irrespective of the extent of protection that their dependents

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How to prevent life insurance claim rejection: 3 things you must never hide

Jyoti Thakur (name changed) was shocked on being told that her claim to her late husband’s life insurance policy had been rejected.

Why you must buy cancer insurance: These 3 reasons can save your life and money too

If you are the only breadwinner in your family, then you shouldn’t think twice before investing in a good insurance plan that covers you against life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

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Are low-cost ULIPs a better alternative to endowment plans

First thing first, decide what you want – return on investment or insurance? You simply can’t have best of both in one plan.

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