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Sanjeev Sinha is Editor, Personal Finance at Financial Express Online. He has more than 20 years of experience with some of the top Indian media organisations. He has covered a wide variety of subjects such as politics, taxation, wealth management, brands, marketing, management and real estate. An avid reader of crime fiction, Sanjeev spends his free time watching action movies and listening to classical music.

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Here’s what to expect from Budget 2017 for the salaried class

With the Union Budget 2017 just a couple of weeks away, there are expectations that the government will take some measures to help the common man, especially the salaried class, who has rallied behind the government’s decis

Anand Rathi’s Top 10 stocks for 2017 give average return of 9.3% in just 16 days

Anand Rathi had released a Basket of Top 10 Investment Ideas for 2017 on 27th Dec 2016 (published by us on Dec 28, 2016), Looking for multibaggers?Here’re top 10 growth stocks to buy for 2017, which have performed really we

10 sure-shot ways to survive a job loss due to demonetization

The Modi government's demonetization drive may have been a bold move to curb 'black money' to some extent, but it is also likely to have significant adverse impact on the nation's GDP and the job market, among others.

FM may increase I-T slabs in Budget 2017: Here’s how it will reduce your tax outgo

Post the demonetization of the high-value currency notes and the drastic measures taken by the government to promote cashless economy to tackle the evil of black money, the jury is still out whether it had a positive impact o

tax saving, tax slab, tax bracket

Five unexpected reasons for your home loan rejection

Well, let's face it, availing a home loan is surely a tedious task. Yes, it needs a lot of research and time in order to get a perfect home loan deal.

home loan, demonatisation, SBI hoam loan rate cut, interest rate, MCLR rate, income tax act, budget, house purchase

Are extended warranties worth the upfront price you’ll pay? Find out

Every time you go to buy a car or an electronic product these days, you will most probably find the salesman trying hard to sell you a service plan – known as extended warranty – along with the product.

Want tax-free money? Here’re certain types of income you need not pay any tax on

Paying income tax is a moral and legal obligation of every proud citizen of the country. However, did you know there are certain types of income on which you do not have to pay any taxes?

rebate, income tax slabs for FY2016-17 / AY2017-18 80C, 80D, 80EE, 80E, 80U, 80TTA, health insurance, home loan, income tax act, chapter VI A, individual tax slab, education cess, pril 1, 1937, and before March 31, 1957

Want to close your home loan? Don’t forget to do these things

Homebuyers usually take lots of precautions and time while taking a home loan.

Here’re four benefits of holding an e-insurance policy

You must have heard about and experienced the demonetization of high-value notes and its after-effects, and would also have heard a lot about digital money, digital wallets, online transactions and their benefits. Now let us

Lending rates going south: What should existing home-loan borrowers do?

Flush with funds, banks and HFCs have started reducing their lending rates significantly, which is good news for the prospective home-loan borrowers.

SBI, Union Bank give New Year gift by cutting rates: How will this benefit home-loan borrowers?

Home loan rates have fallen to their lowest levels in more than five years with some state-owned banks, including SBI and UBI, announcing steep interest rate cuts, which is likely to be followed by private banks soon.

Five ways prospective homebuyers will benefit in New Year

No need to say that 2017 promises to be an extremely favorable year, particularly for home buyers, on the back of strong reforms implemented in 2016. Here we are taking a look at how homebuyers are likely to gain in the new y

10 New Year resolutions to put your financial house in order in 2017

This is that time of the year again when we all start making resolutions for the New Year. Here are 10 financial resolutions for the New Year.

How demonetization will impact top six sectors of economy

In a historic move, the Modi government decided to cancel the legal tender of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in a bid to curb and eliminate black money and counterfeiting, which is also likely to impact various sectors of the econo

5 customer-friendly initiatives taken by Pension Authority in 2016

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), which has been established by the Government of India for regulation and development of the pension sector in order to protect the old age income security of subs

pension PFRDA kyc pran enps nps

Looking for multibaggers? Here’re top 10 growth stocks to buy for 2017

Indian markets are likely to remain range-bound in the near term with no fresh triggers and because of the holiday season globally.

pharmaceutical companies, USFDA regulations, Sensex, Stock Market, Sun Pharma

PM hints at higher taxes on stocks: Here’s all you need to know about taxes on capital gains

Soon after his demonetisation drive, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now hinted at increasing taxes on income from stock markets, saying the contribution of tax from those who make money on the markets has been low and they

Benami property is PM Modi’s next target: Here’s all you need to know about it

After demonetization of high-value currency notes, Prime Minister Modi is all set to crack the whip on benami property holders.

Don’t want to come under I-T lens? Then avoid these high-value transactions

Are you one of those who love doing high-value transactions but don't bother to file their tax returns? If yes, then you have reason to worry.

New to plastic money? Know all your costs before swiping your credit card!

After demonetisation of high value currency notes, you might be thinking about shifting all or most of your transactions from cash to plastic and digital. Let’s take a deeper dive into credit card charges.

How demonetization can change your home-buying decision

India’s real estate market has seen a lot of churning of black money in the past. Even economists have been guarded in their opinions while trying to gauge the impact of demonetization on stemming black money.

What you should never compromise while buying your dream home

Buying a home is not only an important financial decision, but a difficult one too -- especially for first-time home buyers.

10 things you mustn’t ignore while investing in mutual funds in 2017

No wonder, retail investors are likely to get lost in this maze of financial allegories and also run the risk of their investment strategy getting divorced from their investment objective.

Mutual funds, Mutual funds investment, Equity Funds, Debt Investment, Mutual fund Risks, Stocks, Market Caps, Mid Cap Stocks, Small Cap Stocks

Love playing Santa? Great, but avoid passing on these 6 bad financial habits to your kids

How often have you heard that children’s minds are blank slates? Since the day they are toddlers, they emulate you so much so that they unconsciously pick up on your gestures and even your slangs.

Should you invest in mutual funds with just one fund house?

Mutual funds are claimed to be the simplest way of having a sound portfolio of investments according to one's financial goals.

Should paying off education loan be top priority for a 20-something?

If you have an education loan that’s awaiting paying off, you must be seriously weighing your priorities.

education loans, education loans by students, education loans a priority, edu loan a priority, education loan, loan by students, loan re-payments by student, education loan

Top 10 investment strategies to help you emerge a winner in stock market in 2017

The year 2016 has been an interesting year for the equity market. We saw extreme pessimism at the start of the year, followed by a phenomenal market rally starting from the Budget day.

Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax


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