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Low-risk mutual funds investment: Long-term gilt funds a good choice now

Gilt funds are attractive to buy in a falling interest rate regime as bond prices are inversely proportional to the interest rates

Gilt funds are taxed like debt mutual funds. Short-term capital gains are taxed as per the investor’s income tax slab if the units are redeemed before three years. News

Employees Provident Fund calculation: How much more you will take-home after PF rules change for COVID-19

EPF calculation: In the CTC salary model, take-home pay goes up by 4% of wages before tax, but for others hike in take-home is at the cost of reduced total salary.

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Covid-19: What changed for health insurance before and after pandemic

Given the gravity of the current situation and the worldwide panic surrounding it, people now, more than ever before, are concerned about their health and that of their families.

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Grappling with fear of Covid-19: Flight to safety as investors move to FDs

While the higher interest rates on company deposits are tempting, remember these are unsecured loans. Repayment of principal and interest are not guaranteed. In case of any default or delay, investors have little recourse

For one to three years tenure, the rate has been cut to 5.5% from 5.7%. News

Employees Provident Fund withdrawal: How to withdraw non-refundable advance from EPF account

To avoid delay or rejection of claims, an EPF member must ensure that his UAN is validated with Aadhaar and KYC of bank account and the mobile number is seeded in UAN

This is required to ensure that the bank account number uploaded in the KYC is correct and erroneous payments are avoided. News

Covid-19 survival package: Cash crunch? Take loan against investments

As a salaried employee, go for non-refundable advance from EPF or take loan against your PPF account. You can also take a loan against your life insurance policy to tide over these difficult times

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Motor insurance: Making third-party cover more equitable

The motor third-party obligation of each insurer should be linked to the number of vehicles insured instead of premium derived from this segment, says Irdai panel.

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COVID-19 effect: Debt funds in turmoil, check credit risks

As credit risk funds may see redemption pressure because there are no takers for lower-rated paper, investors can opt for liquid and overnight funds.

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Akshaya Tritiya: Apply online to buy sovereign gold bonds this season

The first tranche of Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) this financial year is on till April 24, and investors who apply and pay digitally get a Rs 50 per gram discount on the Rs 4639 per gm price of each bond

“This is unique amongst most hedges in the marketplace, because it ensures investors get the best of both worlds,” it underlines. News

Mutual fund investment: Why index funds can be a good bet now

Index funds are better for those unable to select quality stocks or bear the risk of near term under-performance from actively managed funds.

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Smart investing: Asset allocation in the time of Coronavirus crisis

Multi-asset funds of mutual funds can be a good option for asset allocation mix even as gold is a good diversifIer. Also, do keep emergency funds in debt funds & fixed deposits

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Mutual funds: Continue SIP to create wealth in long run

If you are facing cash flow issues due to pay cuts, layoffs or delay in salary, you can pause the SIP for one to six months.

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Health insurance: No health cover? Go for Arogya Sanjeevani

This new standard health insurance policy available with every general and standalone health insurer takes care of basic health needs, and is a must for first-time buyers, especially in smaller towns

Arogya Sanjeevani is a good choice for first-time health insurance buyers, and especially for those living in smaller towns. News

Fixed income: Falling interest rates? Ways to reduce re-investment risks

Investors should continue to invest in small savings schemes as the interest rates are still higher than that of bank FDs. They should look at tax-free bonds and avoid company deposits.

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Covid-19: RBI relief on loan repayment: Should you avail of the 3-month moratorium?

Borrowers who opt for the moratorium on repayments will have to pay an additional interest charged on simple interest basis. Thus, those who have the capacity to repay should continue to make the payments regularly

It will also help borrowers to have liquidity, avoid the defaulter tag and give them the much-needed buffer time to understand their income status. News

Health insurance: Irdai for redefining sub-limit rules in policies

Draft exposure aims to restrict proportionate deduction which would lead to, in most cases, the insured being able to get a higher percentage of the bill reimbursed by insurer

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COVID-19 impact on equity investments: Continue SIP and diversify your portfolio

Retail investors should stay away from small and mid-cap stocks until the volatility settles. Instead, they should look at value investing.

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Irdai asks insurers to design health plans for COVID-19 treatment costs

Go Digit General Insurance has launched a fixed-benefit cover of up to Rs 2 lakh for coronavirus.

In case of quarantine cases, if the policyholder is quarantined in a government or military hospital for at least 14 consecutive days, the company will pay 50% lumpsum of the sum insured. News

Life Insurance: Customers prioritise return on premium over sufficient cover

Awareness and ownership of life insurance products is increasing though urban Indians still feel financially insecure, says a Max Life Insurance-Kantar survey

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Life insurance companies may sell indemnity-based health plans again

Irdai panel to study the feasibility of allowing life insurers to sell indemnity-based health covers.

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Explained: Why tax-free bonds suit those in the highest tax slab

Returns on tax-free bonds are not only higher than those on bank FDs, they also do not attract any taxes. Investors can lock in the current interest rate and do not have to worry about reinvestment risk or tax changes

While the interest payments on these bonds are free of tax, there would be capital gains tax if an investor sells before maturity at a profit. News

Mutual Funds: Shift to growth option for tax-efficient returns

As dividend will be taxable at the marginal slab rate in the hands of investors from April, mutual fund investors in the higher tax bracket should shift to growth option to save tax outgo.

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Income Tax: Not just TDS, Form 26AS to show property, shares, MF transaction details

As part of the initiative to give pre-filled income tax return form to assessees, I-T department will revamp Form 26As to include a detailed information statement beyond TDS

This proposed amendment will be effective from June 1, 2020 and the form and manner of the annual information statement will be prescribed by the government later separately. News

Life insurance: Customer-friendly norms, better products in 2019

This year saw Irdai take key initiatives in ensuring policyholder-friendly surrender and annuity norms, a faster claims process, and create a regulatory sandbox for innovative products.

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Mutual Fund investment: SIP route can help you deal with volatility

Investors must do asset allocation and diversify their portfolio across a good set of debt and equity funds.

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Smart investing: Align tax planning with investment goals

Individuals need to look at proper asset allocation of equity and debt investments to meet various goals, reap the compounding benefits and save tax, too.

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You can now choose your TPA for your health insurance plan

If an insurer engages the services of only one TPA, then the policyholder will have to stick with the TPA fixed by the insurer.

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