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Mutual Funds: Investors bet on balanced advantage funds

These open-ended hybrid funds can help investors mitigate market volatility and returns are more dependable over longer period

Moreover, one can stay disciplined by overcoming emotional biases in uncertain markets and look for regular income via systematic withdrawal plan.

Mutual funds: New swing pricing norms for debt funds

Swing pricing will be applied for both normal times and market dislocation on redemption of over `2 lakh for each mutual fund scheme

The swing pricing mechanism will come into effect from March 1, 2022.

Mutual funds: Dividend yield schemes a good bet now

Investors should consider dividend yield schemes now as low interest rates make high dividend yield stocks attractive

Typically, the funds invest minimum 65% of the net assets in equity and equity-related instruments of dividend yielding companies.

Early Payment: How to use your surplus money optimally

As and when you have surplus money, prepay long-term debts such as credit card outstanding, personal, vehicle and housing loans

However, in case of a vehicle loan it is ideal to pay-off with extra cash as a car loan would be at a higher rate of interest than the home loan, with no income tax benefits and, finally a car is definitely a depreciating asset whereas generally a house is an appreciating asset.

Cyber risks: Irdai issues cyber insurance product norms

The guidance will improve the development of the cyber insurance market with new products and enhance benefits for policyholders

At present, general insurance companies are offering cyber insurance products with exclusive coverage for individuals to protect against cyber perils. The policies cover first party losses such as direct financial loss, data recovery and regulatory actions.

Transparency push: No more arm-twisting by banks for lockers

Banks can only obtain from customers a time deposit that covers three years’ rent and charges for breaking open the locker

Also, customers who do not have any other banking relationship with the bank will be given the facilities of safe deposit locker after complying with the customer due diligence criteria.

Your Money: Now, those aged 65-70 years can sign up for NPS

Those subscribers who have closed their NPS accounts can open a new account as per increased age eligibility norms.

Interview: Jimmy Patel, MD & CEO, Quantum Asset Management Company

‘Equity fund-of-funds is a prudent investment’

This fund gives investors exposure to funds that are actively managed and lets them rely on the fund manager's capability to take advantage of the correction and build a robust portfolio.

Golden rule: Do not buy digital gold from stock brokers

While exchanges have instructed brokers to stop selling digital gold, you can still buy from wallets. But be cautious and buy only in smaller amounts

While stock brokers will stop selling digital gold, wallets and platforms will continue to sell it.

Mutual fund investments: Caution is the rallying cry in this surging market

Avoid investing in new fund offers, increase allocation to debt, continue investing through SIPs and rebalance portfolio by profit booking in equity

Flexi-cap funds see rush of investor money

Risk-return component in flexi-cap funds is well-balanced as fund managers take advantage of investment possibilities and market capitalisation

There has been a steady increase in the systematic investment plan (SIP) flows.

Life Insurance: Lock in annuity rate with Saral Pension

The immediate annuity plan offers lifelong guaranteed rates at the time of purchase making it easier for customers to make an informed choice

Srinivasan Parthasarathy, chief actuary, HDFC Life, says annuity plans are suitable for individuals closer to retirement age or already retired.

National Pension Scheme: Penny drop to validate NPS subscriber details

PFRDA’s initiative will ensure timely credit of money and additional due diligence to identify the rightful beneficiary

Mutual funds: Common platform for MF transactions soon

Initially, the Sebi proposed platform will do all types of non-financial transactions. Later, it may allow purchase, switch and sale of MF units

Experts say a consumer-facing website should be easy to navigate and ensure ease of investing.

Mutual funds: Swing pricing to restore trust in debt funds

Swing pricing will help reduce the first-mover advantage during high redemptions in debt schemes and materially reduce risk of run on the fund, says Sebi

As a result, existing investors are saddled with low quality paper difficult to sell as the secondary bond market in the country is not as liquid as the equity market and can absorb only a limited amount of paper on any given day.

Inflation impact on bond yields biggest risk to equity valuations: Rahul Singh, chief investment officer, equities, Tata Asset Management

Rahul Singh, chief investment officer, equities, Tata Asset Management, says certain pockets of small caps are looking overheated and arbitrage funds are a tax efficient way to earn fixed income yields with extremely low risk

Tata Capital, mutual fund

Health Insurance: Insure against vector-borne diseases

A disease specific cover like vector-borne policy can be helpful if you don’t have a comprehensive cover with an adequate sum insured

Some insurers offer coverage for day care treatment, coverage of medical costs incurred up to 30 days during pre and post hospitalisation period and even automatic recharge of sum insured if it is exhausted due to multiple claims.

Non-Convertible Debentures: Invest in NCDs only if you can handle some risk

Go for secured NCDs to reduce default risk significantly. Limit your allocation to 10% of your fixed income portfolio

Sharp rally attracts investors across mutual funds

In an uncertain market, well-diversified investments are a smart bet for retail investors

“Additionally, a surge in markets despite challenges also boosted investor sentiment. These factors have prompted them to again allocate assets towards equities,” he says.

National Pension System: Now, wider choice of pension funds in NPS

PFRDA has issued norms for opening ‘on tap’ registration of pension funds on a continuous basis to manage the pension assets of NPS subscribers.

The pension fund will exercise all due diligence and prudence in carrying out its duties and in protecting the rights and interests of the subscribers.

Life insurance: Check out the riders with your basic cover

Critical illness rider has gained a lot of traction after the Covid-19 pandemic because of its multi-organ effects

Fixed income: Lock in small savings schemes by June-end

The government is likely to reduce the interest rates on small savings schemes from July 1 to keep in line with falling interest rates in the market

Since April 2016, interest rates on small savings schemes are aligned with the government security rates of similar maturity with a spread.

Home Insurance: All about Bharat Griha Rakshak policy

The standard policy offers two optional covers— cover for valuable contents and personal accident cover for the policyholder and spouse

Experts say such a policy can help in increasing the penetration of home insurance which is very low in the country.

Mutual Funds: Why equity MFs are a hot favourite again

Good quarterly results, positive earnings growth outlook and declining Covid cases after the second wave are prompting investors to enter the equity market again.

With interest rates of small savings schemes and bank deposits falling, many investors are switching to hybrid and equity-oriented mutual funds. Bank deposits grew at 9.7% as on May 21 as compared to around 11% a year ago.

Mutual Funds: Investing in sectoral funds? Proceed with caution

Performance of sectoral or thematic funds is cyclical in nature, and therefore more volatile. Limit exposure to such funds to 5-10% of your portfolio

Health Insurance: Keep an eye on sub-limits in your policy

Even if you have a high sum assured, you will not be able to claim the entire treatment expenses if there is a sub-limit clause in your health policy

While opting for a policy with sub-limits will lower the premium to be paid, it will lead to a lower claims payout and increase the out-of-pocket expenses of the policyholder.

Insurance: Claiming damages due to cyclone is now easier

With Irdai calling for speedy settlement of claims, insurers are encouraging policyholders to file claims online

Insurers will encourage policyholders to use electronic communication for filing the claim and ensure digital processes for assessment of claims
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