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Mutual Funds: Why equity MFs are a hot favourite again

Good quarterly results, positive earnings growth outlook and declining Covid cases after the second wave are prompting investors to enter the equity market again.

With interest rates of small savings schemes and bank deposits falling, many investors are switching to hybrid and equity-oriented mutual funds. Bank deposits grew at 9.7% as on May 21 as compared to around 11% a year ago.

Mutual Funds: Investing in sectoral funds? Proceed with caution

Performance of sectoral or thematic funds is cyclical in nature, and therefore more volatile. Limit exposure to such funds to 5-10% of your portfolio

Health Insurance: Keep an eye on sub-limits in your policy

Even if you have a high sum assured, you will not be able to claim the entire treatment expenses if there is a sub-limit clause in your health policy

While opting for a policy with sub-limits will lower the premium to be paid, it will lead to a lower claims payout and increase the out-of-pocket expenses of the policyholder.

Insurance: Claiming damages due to cyclone is now easier

With Irdai calling for speedy settlement of claims, insurers are encouraging policyholders to file claims online

Insurers will encourage policyholders to use electronic communication for filing the claim and ensure digital processes for assessment of claims

Retirement planning: Low costs, tax sops make NPS attractive

With small savings interest rates declining, individuals should invest in NPS and gain from the compounding benefits

The lock-in till retirement, except for partial withdrawal for certain emergencies, and flexibility to change fund houses can help build the nest egg in a disciplined way.

Mutual funds: What’s making arbitrage funds a hot buy

With volatility in the markets, savvy investors are putting money in hybrid schemes, especially arbitrage funds, as they can give higher returns as compared to liquid funds

Most investors expect market volatility due to lockdowns in various states, demand slowdown and wholesale price inflation and manufacturing PMI showing stress.

Insurance & real estate: Panel moots cover for allottees & successors

A few general insurance firms offer title insurance to developers, housing societies and their shareholders

The panel has suggested synchronised efforts to popularise the new insurance products so there is demand for the title insurance product from individual buyers, banks and lending institutions.

Yellow Metal: How to optimise your gold purchase

Most savvy investors prefer to invest in digital gold, gold ETFs, gold funds and Sovereign Gold Bonds, which can be bought from the comforts of home

Sovereign Gold Bonds are a better way of investing in the metal as they pay annual interest and are tax-efficient.

Health Insurance: Do you have health cover for Covid treatment?

While it is ideal to have comprehensive health insurance, you can opt for standard health insurance policy or a short-term Covid specific cover

A health insurance policy, including short-term Covid specific covers—Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak—will not only ensure financial protection in case of a medical emergency due to Covid but will also give peace of mind to the policyholder and his dependents.

Health Insurance: Get cashless Covid-19 claims within one hour

Irdai has ordered health insurance companies to settle cashless claims of Covid-19 patients within an hour of receipt

Health insurance: Network hospitals have to give cashless services

Irdai has directed insurers to ensure availability of cashless facilities with all network hospitals for treatment of Covid-19

The ombudsman acts as a counsellor and mediator and arrives at a fair recommendation based on the facts of the dispute.

Equity investing: Safeguard your portfolio against a downturn

In volatile times, do not sell equity investments. Stick to your asset allocation plan and use the correction to buy quality stocks for long-term

Experts suggest that investors stick to their asset allocation plan, remain focused on the long-term goals, diversify their portfolio, and stay away from panic in the markets.

Insurance: Irdai cracks down on misleading ads

An advertisement will be labeled as misleading if it omits to disclose or discloses insufficiently, important exclusions, limitations and conditions of the policy

However, an insurance agent will not have to take written approval of the company if the advertisements are developed by the insurer and provided to them.

Debt mutual funds: Corporate bond funds find favour with investors

Corporate bond funds can be ideal for those investors having a longer-term investment horizon

General insurance: No differential rates for similar risks, says Irdai

Premiums should ensure the product or add-on is viable, generating a reasonable margin without any cross-subsidisation from any other product or add-on

The premium rates will neither be excessive nor inadequate and should aim at ensuring that the product or add-on is viable, generating a reasonable margin without any cross subsidisation from any other product or add-on.

Health insurance: Stopping arbitrary hikes in premium

Irdai steps in at a time when several insurers have hiked premium of health insurance policies citing regulations for wider coverage and standardisation of exclusions

The regulator had clarified that the increase in premium due to the change in norms would not be more than 5% of the originally approved premium rates.

Life insurance: Know what type of life insurance to buy

The total sum assured of all life policies put together must adequately cover one’s dependents in the long run, should something happen to the breadwinner

Buying an insurance cover is protecting one’s family in the long run.

Yellow Metal: Use drop in gold prices to build portfolio

Those with a significantly higher allocation can wait for a rebound in prices to rebalance their portfolio, considering that current gold prices seem stretched to the downside

However, with economic recovery gaining pace and vaccination picking up, the uncertainty is gradually reducing, dragging down gold prices.

Insurance: Better resolution of policyholders’ complaints

Insurance ombudsman rules have been amended to allow policyholders to lodge complaints digitally and ensure faster resolution

The ombudsman acts as a counsellor and mediator and arrives at a fair recommendation based on the facts of the dispute.

Mutual Funds: Why floater funds are showing promise

With interest rates expected to go up, investors are flocking to floater funds. But keep in mind the credit risk

Floating rate funds invest in AAA-rated instruments.

Smart investing: Time to rebalance your investment portfolio

In the current scenario, multi-asset funds of mutual funds can be a good option for asset allocation mix

So, given the elevated index levels and stretched valuations investors should look at ways to protect the downside to their portfolio in case of any short-term market correction.

Mutual funds: Arbitrage funds find more takers amid volatility

Market volatility helped arbitrage funds & dynamic asset allocation funds deliver better returns compared to liquid funds as risk-averse investors looked for better yields

Life insurance: Get ready for index-linked insurance plans

Irdai panel says index-linked insurance plans can be an alternative to or complement conventional guaranteed products and Ulips, given the volatile investment markets and stressed interest rates

The design of ILIP should fit into one of the existing categories of products such as participating, non-participating, unit-linked, annuities or pure protection plans.

Equity investments: ELSS MFs now are a better bet than Ulips

ELSS mutual funds have the shortest lock-in of 3 years, lower expense ratio and give higher returns. They also score over certain fixed income products like PPF & NSC

As ELSS is a market-linked product, there is no guarantee of any assured returns.

Union Budget 2021: Ulips lose sheen with tax on maturity proceeds

Union Budget 2021 India: Maturity proceeds of Ulips with annual aggregate premium above `2.5 lakh will now be liable for long-term capital gains tax bringing these at par with all equity investments

Union Budget 2021: Tax axe on big-ticket PF

Interest accrued on PF contributions by employees of more than `2.5 lakh annually to be taxed

pf tax budget 2021, new PF contribution rules , Calculator, Rs 2.5 lakh, pf interest taxable , contribution rate,

Budget 2021: Individual taxpayers look for tax relief

Union Budget 2021 India: An increase in standard deduction for the salaried, higher deduction for health insurance premium and tax-free annuity are among the top reliefs sought

Annuity or regular pension is received from schemes such as NPS, Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana, National Pension Scheme and even pension received after superannuation.
Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax


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