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Unable to pay off your credit card debt? Follow these 5 tips

As credit cardholders start defaulting on their bill repayments, their outstanding balances start growing at a rapid pace. Here are 5 ways to pull out of the burgeoning credit card debt.

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Credit cards: Know these ways to reduce your credit utilisation ratio

Lower credit utilisation ratio indicates responsible behaviour with credit, and that you don’t depend on it heavily. This, in turn, has a positive impact on your credit score.

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Want hassle-free car loan? Check these 5 easy steps

Buying our own car is an aspiration many of us are able to meet quite early in our professional lives, due to the availability of numerous vehicles within various price ranges, and easy loans on offer to finance them.

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Here’s why switching to a senior citizen savings account makes more sense

If you happen to be over 55 years and are still using your old regular savings account, you may be missing out on special features and benefits that can only be availed with senior citizen savings bank account.

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How banks decide whom to give a credit card

Those who fail to get a credit card due to eligibility issues can opt for secured credit cards, with fixed deposit in the bank offered as collateral.

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Going abroad? Here’s why you should use your credit cards wisely

One must remember that the implications of using your credit card abroad is different from that while transacting in India. There are particular charges that are levied on all international transactions.

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Here is what you can do if you are unable to get a credit card

Credit cards not only save us from the hassle of carrying cash, they also reduce our cost of transactions by offering cashbacks, discounts and reward points on card transactions.

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5 credit cards myths debunked: From not good for financial health o improving credit score, here is how to get it right

As closing your credit card would reduce your total available credit limit, it might increase your credit utilisation ratio. This in turn will reduce your credit score.

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Should you use a credit card? Here are 5 reason why the answer is yes

Credit cards have many advantages over other modes of payments. Although undisciplined swiping of a credit card can land you in a debt trap, its smart usage has several financial benefits.

Should you use a credit card? Here are 5 reason why the answer is yes

How to choose the right credit card: 6 power points to note

Opt for a credit card whose benefits in the form of cashbacks, discounts, reward points and lifestyle programmes outweigh the various mandatory fees associated with it.

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All you need to know about your dormant & inactive savings account

If your current/savings account does not witness any transaction over a period of 12 months, it gets classified as inactive account. Thereafter, if such account continues to remain inactive for another 12 months, it is reclas

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