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Winner’s curse: Govt to lose Rs 2 lakh crore if Vodafone Idea sinks

The government has raised another around Rs 22,000 crore on the telecom operators by way of one time spectrum charge (OTSC) for spectrum held beyond 4.4 Mhz. This is currently being contested in various courts and no operator

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Telecom troubles far from over even after AGR blow; telcos now face another Rs 22,000 crore loss

On July 4 on an appeal of Vodafone Idea, which merged in August 2018., the TDSAT had ruled in this matter that the DoT can only charge for administratively allocated spectrum to these firms beyond 6.2 Mhz and not 4.4 Mhz.

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The Promise of India | A balanced account of policies followed by various PMs

Despite the limitations, the immediacy of politics and economics needs contemporary times to be examined and, therefore, books need to be churned out.

The Promise of India, The Promise of India book review, Jawaharlal Nehru, Narendra Modi, Rajiv Gandhi, Jaimini Bhagwati News

AGR issue: Reliance Jio may have to pay RCom’s Rs 13,000 crore dues

Company maintains as per TDSAT ruling of February 2019, it need not pay past dues of RCom

AGR issue, Reliance Jio, RCom, Anil Ambani, Supreme Court verdict, Ravi Shankar Prasad, DoT, jio News

India’s 5G dream hit by turf war as ISRO cuts telcos’ power supply

Power level of 5G base stations in 26 GHz spectrum band to be just 1/80th of the conventional norm.

5G, 5G SERVICE, 5G service in india, esim, digital technology News

Trai likely to stick to 6 paise/minute IUC rate for two more years

Jio has announced it would charge users; incumbents may follow suit if Trai confirms retaining the current IUC rate.

Sources said Trai is unlikely to come out with a separate consultation paper on any floor price for tariffs, but by keeping the current termination rate intact, may in a way signal that this is a kind of floor price. News

The Anarchy | A lopsided view of Britishers in India

The book is a plain vanilla story of the coming of East India Company to India as traders and becoming its rulers by stealth, deceit and loot. The only difference between a textbook and Dalrymple’s work is, of course, the m

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Rs 3,050 crore penalty on Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea: Three panelists didn’t approve fine

The decision of the Digital Communications Commission (DCC) at its meeting on July 24 to levy a cumulative penalty of Rs 3,050 crore on Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea for not providing points of interconnection to Reliance J

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Awakening Bharat Mata | A book that sheds light on the rise of the Right

Post-partition, the Congress remained the only dominant political force and in power for long years, while parties espousing only the Hindu cause were confined to the fringes.

Going by classic definitions, the Right was seen as conservative people who are rooted in tradition and culture News

Relief for bleeding telcos: TDSAT cuts govt’s spectrum charge demand by 60%

The July 4 order of the telecom tribunal is on the appeal of Vodafone Idea, which merged in August 2018.

The government had raised a total demand of around Rs 25,000 crore on nine telcos in 2013 for spectrum held beyond 6.2 MHz. (PTI File photo) News

Majoritarian State | A one-sided view of communal divides in India

If you read the articles in Majoritarian State with this principle of Carr in mind, you won’t feel frustrated on finding a purely one-sided view lacking in objectivity, for it essentially is a grouping of authors who have a

Majoritarian State, Majoritarian State book review, communal divides in India, narendra modi, Hindu nationalism, india, Hindu-Muslim issues  News

5G spectrum: Space department getting its science wrong

The DoS has written to the department of telecommunications (DoT) that they exclusively want spectrum in the bands of 26 and 28 GHz for themselves.

5G Spectrum, Space dept, European Commission, 5G Indian operators, BSNL WiMAX services, DOT News

Even before takeoff, India’s desi GPS under videshi shadow

To prevent any interference from the 5G mobile/BTS signals in these four earthstations, the DoS has written to the WPC asking that 25 Mhz of spectrum (3.400 to 3.425 GHz) in the 3.5 GHz band of 5G band be reserved for it.

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YC Deveshwar’s legacy: How he transformed ITC into an FMCG giant

It was Deveshwar’s genius to come up with the idea that shops selling its cigarettes could also sell its FMCG products, reaching the interiors of the country.

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Mind without Fear | This isn’t a hero’s tale

Legally speaking, Gupta’s biggest defence is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s wiretap on Galleon Fund owner Raj Rajaratnam did not find him passing on the tip and there was no money trail leading to him.

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Book Review: Not Just a Civil Servant – A memoir of an IAS officer

The memoir of a civil servant, though lucid and readable, leaves the reader wanting for more juicy details

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The Human Tide| Book that tells human story through changes in population

The story began with the British Isles, which saw the beginning of industrial revolution and surge in population. Without going into which of the two came first as it is a useless question, the book says the two were contempo

The Human Tide: How Population Shaped the Modern World News

Policy flip-flop: Muddled approach mars policy-making, reform narrative

The one area where the government did take a concrete step was with regard to the aviation sector where it did away with the 5/20 policy

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Book review: ‘Emergency Chronicles Indira Gandhi and Democracy’s Turning Point’ by Gyan Prakash

A book shows how the Emergency was not manufactured, but implemented using existing laws and constitutional framework

Indira Gandhi, Emergency Chronicles, Gyan Prakash, MISA, Communist Party of India News

Reliance Jio effect: Airtel to offer cheap Volte smartphones to migrate 2G users to 4G

According to a senior Bharti Airtel executive, a clutch of device makers are in talks with the company to manufacture such Volte phones.

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Book Review: Hindol Sengupta’s The Man Who Saved India

A biography of Sardar Patel drives home the point that the towering personality never got his due

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Content tie-ups: How Airtel is snapping Reliance Jio’s heels

With Netflix tie-up, Airtel ups the ante and is fast catching up with its rival.

reliance jio, airtel, bharti airtel News

The test of times: What leads to the rise of strong, often dictatorial, rulers within the democratic system?

The discipline of political theory basically focuses on the normative—how things ought to be—rather than the positive, which deals with how things actually are.

turkey, dictatorship, book review News

Mobile telephony: Numbers speak, and data rules – Rates drop by 90%, average time spent on device up to 240 mins from 190 mins

Rates drop by 90%; average time spent on mobile device up to 240 minutes from 190 minutes.

telecom sector, telecom industry, jio News

Our focus is on partnerships for content, says MD & CEO of Bharti Airtel

With data usage exploding, the competition in the telecom landscape has moved away from tariff, which in anyway is at its lowest, to content as a majority of subscribers use mobile data to watch video.

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Stricken by the empire: A well-researched take on British and Indian history during World War-II

The British period of India’s history continues to be a subject of intense interest amongst commoners as well as scholars even after 70 years of the country’s independence.

former British prime minister Winston Churchill , world war, world war I News

2G scam verdict: Nripendra Misra accused A Raja of cherry-picking from Trai recommendations

Nripendra Misra, former chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), had charged former telecom minister A Raja with cherry picking from his recommendations, instead of accepting them in their entirety.

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