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Japan extends economic recovery as exports, capex shake off COVID hit

Japan's economy expanded more than expected in the fourth quarter, extending the recovery from its worst postwar recession thanks to a rebound in overseas demand that boosted exports and capital spending.

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Bitcoin approaches $50,000, wider adoption fuels record rally

Bitcoin recently stood at $48,700 on Sunday morning, up more than 3%. It had traded as high as $49,714 earlier in the day.


NASA rover faces ‘seven minutes of terror’ before landing on Mars

Among them is a small drone helicopter, nicknamed Ingenuity, that will test surface-to-surface powered flight on another world for the first time.

"Al Chen, head of the JPL descent and landing team, called it the most critical and most dangerous part of the $2.7 billion mission.

COVID-19: UK closes in on 15 million vaccine target, pressure to unlock grows

Britain's vaccination programme has so far reached more than 14.5 million people and is seen as one of few successes in the government's handling of a pandemic in which the country has suffered a higher death toll and worse e

Foreign minister Dominic Raab said he was confident the government would hit the vaccination target, but said it was too soon yet to discuss when restrictions could be lifted.

China refused to provide WHO team with raw data on early COVID cases, team member says

Such raw data is known as "line listings", he said, and would typically be anonymised but contain details such as what questions were asked of individual patients, their responses and how their responses were analysed.

"While the Chinese authorities provided a lot of material, he said the issue of access to the raw patient data would be mentioned in the team's final report.

Coronavirus: Oxford University to test Covid-19 vaccine response among children for first time

The University of Oxford has launched a study to assess the safety and immune response of the COVID-19 vaccine it has developed with AstraZeneca Plc in children for the first time, it said on Saturday.

coronavirus vaccine

Is US finally ready to shut down controversial Guantanamo prison in Cuba? Biden administration launches review

Set up to house foreign suspects following the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, Guantanamo prison came to symbolize the excesses of the US ‘war on terror.’

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‘I’m sorry’: After outrage, Tokyo Olympics chief quits over sexist remarks, woman official may lead committee

The resignation of Yoshiro Mori further erodes confidence in organisers' ability to pull off the postponed Summer Games during a coronavirus pandemic.

Olympics, Tokyo Olympics, Tokyo Olympics 2020, Yoshiro Mori, Japan

Pakistan approves Chinese CanSinoBIO COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use

CanSinoBIO becomes the fourth candidate to get the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in Pakistan.

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Is Putin listening? Alexei Navalny’s anti-Kremlin movement get record bitcoin donations

Navalny's movement has accepted donations in bitcoin since 2016 via its network of regional political headquarters, an attempt to make it harder for Russia's intelligence services to disrupt its funding.

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Not perfect, but saves lives, AstraZeneca says as Africa backs COVID-19 shot

AstraZeneca said it expected much-anticipated data from the US trial of the vaccine before the end of March.

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‘Will you be my quarantine’: How quirky Valentine’s Day cards are helping couples during pandemic

With limited socialising for most of 2020, many Britishers have increasingly turned to cards to stay in touch with friends and family.

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Myanmar street protests intensify, many accuse China of backing Junta’s coup; US enforces fresh sanctions

Close aide to ousted Myanmar leader Suu Kyi detained; US to sanction military leaders and business interests, family

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Betting on Biden? Reddit fuels fresh surge in cannabis stocks

U.S.-listed Tilray and Sundial Growers, which surged more than 50% each in the previous session, were up 14% and 50% respectively in U.S. premarket trading, as European retail investors piled in to the rally.

Betting on Biden? Reddit fuels fresh surge in cannabis stocks

Britain’s ‘Kent’ coronavirus variant a concern, ‘likely to sweep the world’, says scientist

The British variant, which is more infectious but not necessarily more deadly than others, was likely "to sweep the world", Peacock said.

coronavirus, coronavirus UK variant

Toyota to launch two new electric vehicles in 2022: Forecasts 18% sales to be EVs by 2030

In 2020, Toyota sold 337,000 hybrid vehicles in the United States, accounting for 16% of U.S. sales, and hybrids will grow to more than 20% this year as it adds more hybrid versions.

toyota evs

Malaysia’s economy posts biggest annual decline since 1998 crisis

Gross domestic product contracted 3.4% year-on-year in the October-December period, the central bank said on Thursday, falling for a third straight quarter and faster than the 3.1% decline forecast in a Reuters poll.

Malaysia economy

New Zealand, Australia sound tsunami alert after massive 7.7 magnitude earthquake

The strong tremor struck southeast of the Loyalty Islands in the Pacific.

Tremors were felt in and around the district at 12.34 pm, it said.

WHO’s Wuhan probe ends, US-China bickering over COVID-19 continues

China called on the United States on Wednesday to invite the World Health Organization to investigate origins of the COVID-19 outbreak there, as sparring over the pandemic continued after the WHO wrapped up its field work in

Covid-19 virus

Myanmar protests resume, West condemns security response

Protesters returned to the streets of Myanmar on Wednesday after the most violent day yet in demonstrations against a coup that halted a tentative transition to democracy under elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Myanmar protests

Are two masks better than one?

A number of politicians, including Vice President Kamala Harris and Senator Mitt Romney, have been spotted doubling up on face masks, and top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci has recommended that everyday Americans do

KN95 mask,covid 19 pandemic

India says Johnson & Johnson interested in making COVID-19 vaccine in country   

India also currently has no concern over the efficacy of the AstraZeneca vaccine that is being used in the country’s massive inoculation campaign, Vinod Kumar Paul said.  

covid vaccine

First doses of COVID-19 vaccine arrive in Afghanistan from India

The vaccines were produced by the Serum Institute of India (SII), which is producing the AstraZenecca/Oxford University vaccine for mid- and low-income countries.

Afghanistan has had 55,335 COVID-19 cases and 2,410 deaths from the disease, according to the health ministry.

Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID shot less effective against S.African variant: study

British drugmaker AstraZeneca said on Saturday its vaccine developed with the University of Oxford appeared to offer only limited protection against mild disease caused by the South African variant of COVID-19, based on early

covid vaccine,

Biden’s Homeland Security czar vows to fight domestic terrorism

U.S. Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas, who last week became the first Latino and immigrant to hold the post, on Saturday reaffirmed his resolve to fight domestic terrorism, one of the greatest threats to the United

Alejandro Mayorkas

Thousands gather for second day In Myanmar to protest against military coup, chants for democracy

Thousands of people marched for a second day in Myanmar’s biggest city on Sunday to protest against the military junta's coup and detention of elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi last week.

Suu Kyi, protests in Myanmar against military coup
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