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What is behind the low food inflation?

The government has proactively managed food supplies and prices through procurement, imports, stocking, releases through open market sales and public distribution, export duties and restrictions, stockholding and inter-state

Food inflation, Food inflation in India, supply management, crop surplus, low food inflation News

Taming India’s core inflation: Rate hike was inevitable, but sticking to neutral stance risks MPC’s credibility

Rate hike was inevitablE, but sticking to neutral stance risks MPC’s credibility. Amid oil prices, weakening ` AND global financial conditions, Little Reason for the stance.

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Has core inflation begun to feed itself?

the rbi’s monetary policy committee must get to its dynamics to respond appropriately in time

inflation, CPI, International Monetary Fund, RBI, MNREGA, MPC News

Women & Banking: India’s financial inclusion suffers from a gender gap

Indian women score disproportionately low on ordinary functions such as savings and borrowings: of more than three-fourths who have a bank account, less than a fifth (16.7%) save formally, i.e., at banks.

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Panic move: Evergreening the country’s external balance sheet

Why recourse to external debt for current account financing will not be enduring.

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Rate of change: Free market lessons for RBI

Readers should recollect how banks refused to raise respective base rates even when RBI, under Raghuram Rajan, increased policy rates by 75 bps in September 2013 to January 2014.

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Cash signals: Trend reversion questions formalisation of the economy after DeMo and GST

Trend reversion questions formalisation of the economy after Demo and GST. structural formal-informal divide may have happened instead.

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Opposite to reform: Higher MSP is disaster in waiting

The halo around “food-supply management” is out in the open. Four years ago, a new government started with the grand standing of economic policy-making: it would lower MSPs (minimum support prices) for cereals to help sta

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Budget 2018: Expenditure quality deteriorates, tilts towards current spending

Budget 2018: Most markets participants were focussed primarily on long-term capital gains tax. We saw a significant price correction in small and mid-cap stocks in the run-up to the Budget 2018.

Budget 2018: The grandfathering of gains till January 31, 2018, makes no difference to sale or purchase before or after the Budget 2018. News

Crude prices and inflation: Will tomorrow’s inflation be any different from yesterday’s?

In the years following the 2008 crisis, the world’s major economies almost begged for a little more inflation. They ran ultra-easy monetary policies to stave off potential threats to a deflationary situation.

crude prices, inflation, 2008 crisis, monetary policy, ultra easy monetary policy, deflationary situation, inflation targeting News

Growth upturn: PMIs, CEOs & CMIE

Two sets of contrasting data welcomed the first week of the new year. The first one was the Manufacturing PMI (Purchasing Managers index), which expanded the fastest in five years in December 2017.

Manufacturing PMI, what is Purchasing Managers index, Purchasing Managers index News

Here is why rupee may not sail so smoothly in 2018

A calm rupee has been the cornerstone of India’s macroeconomic stability in the past three years.

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GDP outlook: Why growth optimism is misplaced

Slowing consumption could be the new headwind; on the supply-side, agriculture’s weather dependency persists, construction is yet to revive

GDP, GDP outlook, growth optimism, growth optimism misplaced News

NPAs crisis: Now, private banks do not look good anymore

This is critical as the current narratives squarely blame public sector bank management for pure bad lending—either being coaxed by the then UPA government to finance its ambitious infrastructure investment targets or collu

NPAs crisis, RBI,  NPA disclosures, private banks, public sector banks, UPA government News

Economic slowdown: Parroting the structural reforms mantra

Why did the economy slow down for five consecutive quarters? Was it structural or cyclical? The government seemed in no mood to entertain any such question.

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Demonetisation, GST largely seen as positive development; here is why

Few policies focus on what causes informality and so most ignore the cost of trying to make the economy more formal.

Demonetisation, GST News

From policy paralysis to policy shocks: Uncertainty returns to haunt investment, growth

In FY13 and FY14, a paralysed govt failed to respond to business needs. Now, a hyper-active govt led by an agile tax bureaucracy is causing uncertainty

india economy, policy makers, post gst, policy shocks, Nielsen, rbi, 2017 Consumer Confidence Survey, Business Expectations Index, NDA government News

GDP growth: Economy’s recovery is L-shaped? Here is what the constraint is

Expectations that growth will revert to 7%-plus look implausible. An optimistic scenario is that the path ahead is L-shaped: Growth may hover in the 6-6.5% region.

GDP, GDP india, GDP news, latest india GDP, latest gdp india, GDP growth, gdp revision, gdp revival News

Inflation targeting: Volatile food prices expose inherent risk

Volatile food prices have exposed the risks inherent in targeting headline CPI inflation.

Inflation, Inflation targeting, Volatile food prices, inflation targeting News

How rising repatriation, disinvestment outflows spoil India’s fine FDI story

According to the commerce ministry, this is a response to substantial easing of rules—87, to be precise, spread across 21 sectors—that has catapulted India into the topmost FDI destination globally.

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Forex policy: Here’s why it would be tough for India to copy China

The deficit must be reduced sharply to allow RBI to absorb liquidity arising from intervening in the currency market, and a productivity surge is needed to keep domestic inflation in check.

Forex policy, India to copy China in forex, GDP, forex earnings, PBoC, tax revenues, Indian GDP, CPI inflation News

Book Review: Parthasarathi Shome’s ‘Tax chronicle’, a useful compilation of articles on fiscal, taxation issues

Parthasarathi Shome’s grasp on taxation systems across countries, and experience in reforming these is vast and possibly unchallenged.

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As bank credit falters, how worried should we be?

Are Indian corporates credit starved? Looking at the recent trend in bank credit to industry and services, any one would tend to agree with such a notion.

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RBI monetary policy: Neutral stance does not support growth, may make repairing India Inc balance-sheets more difficult

The policy statement itself, released on February 8, stunned everyone by shifting the stance from accommodation to neutral, leaving the market groping for reason.

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Indian economy at cusp of recession? Reforms fail to provide critical mass to push up growth

The first quarter of 2016-17 was marked by stories of green shoots firming up and further uplifting growth. We had discounted such views in these pages in May 2016, convincingly making the case that most lead indicators were

Budget 2020 News

In 2017, there are three monetary policy shifts to really focus on

The customary sign-off at the year-end compels a review of its defining developments. What such markers distinguish Indian monetary policy?

Indian monetary policy, RBI Act, primary monetary policy objective, MPC, FCNR deposits News

Demonetisation dent: Uncertainty is breeding ground for structural slowdown

The sudden invalidation of the 1,000- and 500-rupee currency notes elicits many concerns; but with little relevant history to rely on, there are only some sketchy narratives on channels through which it could impact.

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