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Safety at work: 6-step guide to work from home securely

Business continuity and disaster recovery programs require a teleworker strategy that can support a remote workforce with little or no notice, without compromising network security.

work from home, remote working, VPN, cyberattack

Businesses setting out welcome mat for cyber criminals? Unbelievable, but this is what is happening

With businesses figuratively setting out the welcome mat to cyber criminals, attackers have the luxury to build increasingly complex and sophisticated exploits.

cyber crime, cyber crime in india, cyber criminal risks

Keeping networks safe: Security in the era of the millennials

One of the toughest gigs in IT is the job of keeping an organisation’s network safe. It is also one that is getting tougher with the rise of the millennial generation.

IT Job, organisation’s network safe, Millennials, Network Secuity, CareerBuilder, HR software, mobile phone, Internet, URL filters, Web filtering softwar, CIOs, security layers, MDM

Driverless cars: For hackers, new opportunity to wreak havoc

While highways full of driverless cars may be a shining vision of the future for some, from a hacker’s perspective they represent yet another opportunity to wreak havoc.

Smart City scheme: Tech to drive innovative business ideas

Car navigation systems that can predict where and when traffic jams might occur, by siphoning data from sensors in roads and other vehicles. Cameras that can spot litter in public places and call in the cleaning crew. Self-ad

Smart City scheme: Tech to drive innovative business ideas

Outsmart the bad and safeguard the good

The consequences of lost or stolen data can be disastrous for an organisation

cyber security

Cloud security risks are rising

What do Apple, Amazon and Microsoft have in common? The answer: All three technology giants, considered the gold standard among cloud computing providers, have suffered the ignominy of being breached by hackers.

Cloud security risks are rising
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