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How can the budget help ensure sustainable growth for auto industry

Budget 2019 India: How can the upcoming Budget help ensure sustainable growth for the Indian automotive industry.

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E-sports: With 113 mn unique viewers, the potential is immense

The venue is packed, the teams are set, banners are waved, jerseys are flaunted, banter is exchanged and the roar of the crowd is deafening as commentators introduce the players.

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What does GST bring for the automotive sector? Find out here

A measured approach to understand the impact of GST on operations and preparing an effective strategy to claim benefits from this tax reform would definitely occupy minds of sector leaders in the coming months

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Decoding how to view content

In the age of digital convergence, where the world is shrinking into a global village, one thing that has grabbed our attention the most is content and most importantly how we consume it.

Decoding how to view content

Union Budget: Meeting Automotive Mission Plan 2026 growth targets

Substantial support and policy interventions are required from the government across different levels of manufacturing, right from OEMs to suppliers

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Smart classroom: Opening windows to the world

Technology has touched not one but every single vertical the world operates in. It has made us smarter, accessible to greater extents...

Smart classroom: Opening windows to the world