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Is India’s public health spending strategy ill defined?

India’s public health spending goal is a classic example of this.

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Healthcare spending: Need sharper distinction between consumption and investment

Is healthcare spending a consumption expenditure or an investment expenditure?

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PM-JAY: Can it rise to the challenge?

Draw clear boundaries between political interests and professional conduct.

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PM-JAY: India needs to move away from input-based financing to results-based financing

13,000 hospital claims were submitted in just six days of the launch of the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana Abhiyan (PMJAY) that entitles nearly 10 crore poor families to avail free hospital care of up to Rs 5 lakh per famil

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Jan Arogya Abhiyan: Much more than a health insurance programme

PMJAY has all the necessary ingredients needed for its success—a strong leadership support, good initial design, assured public funding, support from the states, and the needed momentum. But those engaged in its operational

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Explained: The right way to fight graft

Anti-graft efforts can either exploit the tension built by providing for punishment for the bribe-receiver, but not the giver, or focus on proactive deterrence

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Financing Ayushman Bharat: Are states ready?

Ayushman Bharat, which is one of the key initiatives of the Narendra Modi government, can necessitate a huge step up in public health spending in India, which currently ranks among the lowest in the world.

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Modi government’s initiatives: An analytical frame

Govt’s key schemes can be packaged into three categories of inclusive growth, human development and security.

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4 years of Modi government : What PM has done quite successfully is turned development into good politics

The Modi government’s strong push to building infrastructure projects—not only to new projects but also to kick-start the stalled projects of the previous governments—is well-meaning insofar as it addresses market failu

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National Health Protection Scheme: Choosing the right model for implementation

NHPS is different from RSBY scheme in one fundamental way. RSBY was based on enrolment whereas NHPS is an entitlement-based scheme.

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Health Budget: Towards improved healthcare access

Health allocation may have belied expectations, but the evidence indicates that central health spending has grown significantly higher under the NDA than under the last four years of the UPA, despite states getting a higher s

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Demonetisation ‘historic’, created ‘new normal’, but narrative failed to appeal to a reasoned mind

Demonetisation by itself will not protect the rights of the poor; nor will it prevent the middle class from getting exploited. What it will indeed do is set the stage, create conditions, for their betterment

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Demonetisation: A step towards formalisation

If one changes the medium of exchange, the exchange comes to a grinding halt! This is what we’ve seen over the last few days, after the central government demonetised the use of old R500 and R1000 currency notes, that took

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Repairing healthcare

Prioritisation of primary care is not just a question of more public funding

Repairing healthcare

Indian Railways surge pricing: Passenger amenities should have come first

Improvement in passenger amenities should have preceded introduction of surge pricing

Indian Railways surge pricing: Passenger amenities should have come first

How government can make healthcare affordable in India

Just as with organised purchase of medicines, organised purchase of care can bring down prices

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Road accidents in India: Fines are not the solution

Policymakers should not lose sight of comprehensive solution that India needs

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Kerala ‘fat tax’: Is it justifiable?

Some people/entities have criticised Kerala’s recent decision to levy a ‘fat tax’ of 14.5% on burgers, pizzas and pastas served in branded restaurants.

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NITI Aayog vision document: Does India need a national health policy?

The vision document that NITI Aayog is preparing must reflect a common understanding between the Centre and states on healthcare in India

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Design versus implementation debate, again

Recently, an event and an incident again brought the distinction between policy/programme design and its implementation to the fore.

Design versus implementation debate, again

Congress must support GST, outsmart Modi on development agenda

The party must ask and extend support for higher-deeper-wider reforms than what the Modi government can deliver

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