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Telecom in the times of Covid-19

The telecom sector is reeling under the network strain from increased data traffic. aiding it requires the structural change of getting rid of licence fee based on AGR.

BSNL-MTNL merger: Revival out of coverage area?

To be fair, the government did incorporate BSNL in 2000 to supply services in India, except for Delhi and Mumbai, which have been served by MTNL since 1986.

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Trai gets it wrong: Bundling beneficial for both consumers, producers

Internet and technology companies develop products and services that can be sold attractively to consumers as a suite.

trai, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, broadcasting industry, consumer interest, opinion news

Data, data everywhere: Some to use, some to abuse

Trust has been a scarce commodity in the Indian ecosphere and within the AI-data combine its premium will rise exponentially.

Green in the growth is no more costly: How climate change can help economic development

With cheap renewable energy, budding AI and big data, the trade-offs that used to exist between environmental conservation and development are now disappearing.

global warming, climate change

Can medical tourism be the tie that binds India and Pakistan?

Trade in general, and economic projects in particular, can help in attaining peace by facilitating interactions, fostering prosperity and sustainable development.

Trusting antitrust: Google and the jostling for dominance

The Microsoft case suggests that a sufficiently powerful player could act as a barrier to entry. It is not right to dispense with competition regulation in the economy.

google, microsoft

Why did TRAI issue order on predatory pricing?

The clamour for a ‘level playing field’ (LPF) has been heard in the telecom sector ever since the monopoly of the department of telecommunications (DoT) was broken in 1994 to accommodate private participation in the India

department of telecommunication, trai, telecom sector

Why Internet must come in India first and Net Neutrality later

The next step is for DoT to implement the recommendations either in toto or in part, as it sees fit. Given that DoT is currently immersed in formulating a new telecom policy, Trai's recommendations could serve as input.

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Telecom IUC charges has drained industry lifeblood; why telcos should have been forced to come up with a rate

Rather than Trai fixing IUC, it would have been better that telcos be forced to come up with an agreeable rate applicable across industry

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Telecom sector troubles: Starting with WhatsApp, Viber and now Reliance Jio, here is how incumbents are dealing with attacks on revenues

The call to institute a floor price for data services in telecom reflects a growing aggravation on part of the incumbent telecom operators on dealing with simultaneous and sudden attacks on their revenues streams.

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Telecom tariffs orders redundant, Trai should focus on ensuring quality services

The context of tariff regulation and the principles of tariff assessment are vastly different today from the time when tariff regulation was first introduced in Indian telecom in the late 1990s.

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How to tackle pollution in India and get better air quality

When the common flower girl, Eliza Dolittle, is taken to the Ascot races in the classic.

How to build smart cities: Here is what can help policymakers

What sort of environment will we bequeath to our children, and who will decide the political and economic weight we place on the utility of future generations? We can think of two fundamental institutions at the heart of this

Demonetisation: Paper currency can flourish even without government backing

India’s most recent demonetisation has arguably been more disruptive than the ones carried out in 1946 and 1978 respectively.

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The RJio-telcos tussle: Rejuvenating the interconnect offer

The resolution of current impasse will require skill and influence capital of the regulator

We can never be a China, but correcting Indian sports a must

The anti-sport culture in educational institutions must go. This will be a long and hard process and needs the collaboration of several stakeholders, including parents, principals, Boards and, above all, the sports bodies

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OTT, VoIP and net neutrality

OTT service providers and network operators share a collective interest in ensuring recurring investment in high quality and high speed networks

Multi-stakeholderism & internet: Rare and well-done?

Multilateralism is central to policy formulation in India and shedding that is going to be difficult

Multi-stakeholderism & internet: Rare and well-done?

Column: Socialism to marketism

Involvement of the state in markets must be consistent with its capacity

Column: Socialism to marketism

Why the internet should be open

The relationship between the value of the internet and its openness could be symbiotic


Getting into JAM, and possibly out of another

It remains to be seen whether payments banks and PPI players essay the role of competitors or complements to traditional banks, or act as both.

Getting into JAM, and possibly out of another

There is life after Paris

India has the opportunity to choose an alternative, cleaner growth path. We should focus on policy reforms that address institutional failures to roll out low-carbon infrastructure.

There is life after Paris

Column: Free, but basic – The net as a public good

Trai must unpick the analytics embedded in the arguments for and against Free Basics

Column: Free, but basic – The net as a public good

Column: Missing the quality call

The call drop epidemic is symptomatic of a deeper institutional weakness that is manifest in trust deficits

Column: Missing the quality call

Column: Tread carefully on net neutrality

The DoT committee’s recommendation to embed net neutrality in telcos’ licences is a proposal fraught with risks

Column: Tread carefully on net neutrality

App-roaching India’s digital transformation

India’s unique characteristics and huge service deficits make apps an odds-on favourite

narendra modi, digital india
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