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Covid-19: Five pharma companies collaborate for clinical trial of oral anti-viral drug Molnupiravir

Following the clinical trial protocol approval given by the Drugs Controller General of India, the clinical trial is expected to take place between June and September.


Mucormycosis: As India struggles with Black Fungus, doctors say Methylene Blue can be a solution, demand detailed study on priority

Black Fungus: “Black fungus has now become epidemic and therefore it is very important to take all necessary measures to prevent it from spreading. We need to invent new methods based on our past experiences if want to cont

Black fungus prevention, black fungus treatment

COVID-19: States ignore WHO recommendation on Ivermectin, here’s what doctor who wrote white paper on the drug has to say

Dr Surya Kant said it was only after Australia started including Ivermectin in its protocol for COVID-19 treatment significantly, the WHO started thinking about the drug.

WHO, Ivermectin, Dr Surya kant tripathi

India emerging as the next best destination for medical tourism post-COVID-19 pandemic!

Soon after the strike of COVID-19, India managed to manufacture its vaccination to defeat the pandemic instead of importing it from other countries. This shows the advancement in Technologies and Genetic Sciences that India h

medical tourism

Delhi Board of School Education to be better than CBSE? Know how DBSE will impact students, schools

Experts believe the new board will help schools to focus on various aspects such as understanding of concepts, the aptitude of the students, high lever technology, etc.

DBSE, Delhi Education Board

Hygiene and Sanitation: What are the trends that will be the highlight of 2021?

The consumption, as well as the demand for personal hygiene products, will keep rising even in 2021 and the years ahead.

hygiene covid

How travellers are planning their new sojourns in post-corona world? Here’s all about meteoric rise of eco-resort properties

Staying at eco-resorts is unlike any other travel experience as travelers get to know more about surrounding environments and may learn to live in more eco-friendly ways.

eco resorts, travel trends post covid

National Tourism Day 2021: Govt looks to develop Kargil as ultimate adventure tourism destination, says Prahlad Singh Patel

National Tourism Day 2021: Prahalad Singh Patel also held a meeting with the officers of the hill councils of Kargil and Leh to discuss the roadmap for arranging all the basic resources.

Prahlad Singh Patel, NEAT Kargil 2021

Budget 2021: Ayurvedic medication makes big comeback during COVID-19 pandemic! Experts seek more support for R&D

Union Budget 2021 India: Ayurveda is believed to go to the root cause of the ailment and is known for preventive treatment.

Budget 2021-22, Union Budget 2021, ayurveda, covid19

COVID-19: Most Indians not in hurry to get Corona vaccine shot immediately, expert says no reason to fear

Out of people who participated in the poll, over 42 per cent were of the view that they would prefer to develop natural immunity rather than opting for the COVID-19 vaccine.

covid19 vaccine

Budget 2021: Covid-19 brings back focus on Yoga, industry puts these demands

Union Budget 2021 India: Expectation with Budget 2021 is the encouragement to digital integration of yoga and ayurveda courses & programs as this will ensure both qualitative and quantitative expansion of Indian ancient heali

Yoga Budget 2021 covid19 union budget 2021

Budget 2021: Government must earmark a budget to stop counterfeiting of COVID-19 vaccines

Union Budget 2021 India: While the vaccine can save lives, a falsified COVID-19 vaccine will kill human beings as well as erode the public confidence in healthcare systems, healthcare professionals, and government agencies.

Budget 2021-22, budget 2021 covid19

A Wake-Up Call: COVID-19 pandemic warrants immediate attention towards Thalassemia patients

The issue is not simply that people are dying because of the non-availability of blood, it is much more complicated.

Fighting Coronavirus: Extending helping hand to COVID-19 survivors

Not every COVID-19 positive person recovers fully after treatment and therefore requires some kind of professional counselling or support.

coronavirus patient care

COVID-19: How disposable mask could be the next biggest hazard?

Disposable masks contain polypropylene – a form of plastic – and therefore it could be the next biggest environmental hazard.

disposable mask

World Diabetes Day: Why COVID-19 poses a threat for diabetic patients and what they need to do

Diabetic patients can have a fully productive and healthier life if they strictly follow these three important things

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