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Charade of austerity: Ruling class remains austere on austerity

Ruling class remains austere on austerity: instead of making austerity a way of life, it chants the slogan from time to time, to no effect

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How GST helped the country sign a free trade agreement with itself

Article 301 of the Constitution aimed at India functioning as one single economic unit without barriers, promoting free flow of trade and commerce through the country’s territory.

The erstwhile interstate border tax checkposts having been dismantled, the truck took just half the time compared to the usual four-day travail in pre-GST days. News

Learning from Train 18 and ARL: Indian Railways can ill-afford to retard the pace of transforming its passenger services

The sprawling and pervasive institution has had little impact on the monster of corruption plaguing the economy.

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Full state for Delhi: AAP’s obsession a misplaced idea

Kejriwal may well ponder how this obsession in reality dwarfs the space he needs for action.

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Why India needs a leader with humility, self-restraint and compassion

The endemic deficiencies that continue to plague the country remain buried. Although conceding that pockets of the country have had material gains, people living longer and better-fed, the glass in real terms remains more tha

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GDP and productivity statistics viewed overlooking much of what we truly value

GDP and productivity statistics are viewed overlooking much of what we truly value.

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Indo-Japan ties are the confluence of the two most deep rooted democracies

India has a long road ahead to derive potential gains from the Japan-India bonhomie. In addition, the two countries have far more to do by way of a liberal exchange of their people through tourism, cultural festivals, scholar

india, japan, india japan ties News

10-day journey over 80 km stretch for cargo. Here’s what ails India’s exports

Investment in R&D has been low, in addition to underinvestment in physical and human capital.

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India’s lamented & lacklustre export record can change; this sector may hold the key

India has a lamented and lacklustre export record; how to attempt a change.

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Railways’ Report Card: Indian Railways chugging along Air India path?

India can well do without an Air India; Indian Railways is far too important, precious and strategic for the nation to be allowed to become a burden on the economy

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Mid-Term Foreign Trade Policy Review: Why it fell short of real export promotion

Even within the smaller segment, India secures less than 5% in world textile exports, and 2% in clothing (against China’s 33% and 38%, respectively)

Trade, India foreign trade policy News

Bullet train scripts new paradigm for country; why India must not delay transformation of nation’s lifeline

The project provides for Japan to transfer not only Shinkansen technology, but it will also train Indian workforce in sophisticated construction technologies, providing a fillip to Make-in-India.

Bullet train, Bullet train in india, Bullet train news, india Bullet train, HSR, high-speed rail, Indian Railways, Shatabdi trains, TGV network, HSR fares in China, bullet train fares, TGV revenues, HSR in India, Make in India News

Indian Railways corporatisation: PSU has stuck to its departmental character

With his acknowledged reputation Suresh Prabhu as IR’s helmsman raised expectations that it would be rescued from the tail-spin it had lapsed into. Prabhu underscored in his last budget speech the need to “reorganise, res

Indian Railways corporatisation, Indian Railways, PSUs, departmental character, Suresh Prabhu, mobility cells, compartmentalised trains, signal engineering, coordination and control in Indian railways, IT-enabled flat management structures, China Rail, China Rail vs India Rail News

Railways alive, but not kicking; here is what will get it running

IR needs a new, genuine customer-centric framework along with exponential capacity enhancement for traffic growth with reduction in tariffs for freight and increases for lower-class passengers.

Indian Railways, railway sector, suresh prabhu News

Merger of Union Budget 2017 with Rail Budget: Thanks to PM Narendra Modi, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, Indian Railways freed from legacy problems

The long-awaited rail tariff regulatory authority, if in place, would have helped fix tariffs, as the merged budget wished

Budget 2020 News

Suresh Prabhu led Indian Railways still in slow lane over fast trains

Railway minister Suresh Prabhu just reiterated the Indian Railway’s plan to accelerate trains, enabling most inter-metro passengers to complete their rail journeys within 12 hours.

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Trade reforms: SAARC sans Pakistan has led to clearing of vehicular movement hurdles

SAARC sans Pakistan has done well to clear hurdles on vehicular movement

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What does India have to do to get Olympics medals? Find out here

Over a long stretch of 96 years, India has to its credit 9 gold medals, 7 silver, and 12 bronze—a total of 28—at the Olympics. Eight golds came for hockey (the last of them, over a quarter century ago, at the truncated Mo

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Craft some USPs to boost exports

India’s exports—now for long on a continuous slippery slope—need a structural change in the ecosystem

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Towards a high-speed railway future

c(HSR) doesn’t crowd out other railway projects. Japan’s $12-billion assistance is only for the designated HSR, not transferable to other schemes

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Column: Ringing in the year with aplomb and purpose

Following the euphoria of 2014, the Modi aura that diminished in 2015 may well bounce back in 2016

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Partnering Africa: India must go beyond transient gains

Africa offers many opportunities to Indian companies in IT, agriculture, mining, infrastructure, services etc. The need is to strike a sustainable relationship.

india africa News

Making Indian Railways safer

Accidents signify a breakdown in efficiency; railways needs a managerial transformation

Indian Railways trains News

The right recipe for Indian Railways

The Railway Board should function like the corporate sector. The IR needs to right-size. It is over-staffed, which has a drag effect on its efficiency, economy and accountability

The right recipe for Indian Railways
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