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Are you seeking professional advice before investing? Find out if you should do it

A professional financial advisor helps investors navigate their finances, all the while keeping their circumstances and life goals in mind.

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Struggling with two PF accounts? Here is what you can do to manage both the accounts

With the current Universal Account Number (UAN), retirement fund body EPFO offers its members to merge or consolidation their multiple PF accounts.

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Senior Citizen Health Insurance: Planning to buy a health insurance policy for your parents? Here’s what to look at

Given the sharp increase in medical costs, it imperative to opt for a health insurance plan as with old age comes several ailments that are expensive to treat and care for.

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Zero Balance Savings Accounts of SBI Vs HDFC Vs ICICI Vs SCB Vs Axis Bank; Know features, interest rates, facilities

While the regular savings bank account requires the customers to maintain a certain monthly average balance (MAB), there is no need to do so with a zero balance account.

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Are you deep down in debt? Find out how to get out and stay debt-free

Instead of aiming at achieving financial goals and planning for a healthy financial life, most end up worrying about clearing their debts. Unnecessary splurging, by means of a credit card or online credit, with a debt to stil

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Fixed Deposit: 5 key things to look at while investing in FDs

When you invest in an FD, the principal amount is invested at a fixed interest rate and you gain interest on your deposits, which accrues and grows over time.

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How to keep your child’s financial future on track?

By planning properly in advance, you can easily provide for your children's educational expenses. Even though you will find several investment options dedicated to children, you should study and evaluate them carefully to und

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Retirement-related life goals becoming a priority among millennials in India: Survey

Retirement-related life goals are becoming a priority, especially amongst Indian millennials. For instance, 2 in 5 Indians have retirement-related life goals; more so in metros, where every 1 in 2 people has a retirement-rela

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Planning to take a quick loan? Know what are your options!

One should pick either of the options only after fully understanding one's purpose of borrowing along with one's repayment capability.

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Aditya Birla Health Insurance launches ‘Activ Care’ for Senior Citizens: Find out what’s in it for you?

Reactive care financially equips senior citizens during hospitalization whereas 'proactive care' provides them with the essential support system one requires in all the three phases of their health journey.

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SBI Vs HDFC Bank: Premature Withdrawal Rules Of Fixed Deposits

For account holders wanting to withdraw money from fixed deposits before their term ends, bigger banks such as State Bank of India (SBI) and HDFC Bank have their own terms and conditions.

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Affected by the dust storm? Here’s how insurance can help!

Natural calamities like floods, lightning, landslide, cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes, or a dust storm can cause damage to health, infrastructure, property, vehicles and also impact travel.

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Flexi Fixed Deposits: From SBI to HDFC to ICICI, check out what all they offer

Other than the regular bank FDs, a few banks have come up with a modified version of FDs, which are much more flexible in nature as compared to the regular FDs.

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Want to avoid higher motor insurance premium? Do this immediately

If you are paying higher premiums, find out how to avoid and pay less premium for your car.

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From Post Office RD, Bank RD to Debt MF SIP, find out your option for risk-free recurring deposits

For short-term investments, investments in these funds are considered safer, as they remain unaffected by daily fluctuations in the equity markets.

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Top-up home loan: Is it a better option than gold or personal loan?

These funds can be used for various personal needs, from home renovation to child’s higher education, including business-related needs, and financing business operations.

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Travelling abroad? Now, a new online platform to buy forex at market-clearing rates

The forex rates will be closer to the interbank rate if bought through the new online platform.

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Your motor insurance policy will not pay the full cost of vehicle damage repair; Know what you can do about it

While the third party cover includes damages caused to the third party property with the involvement of the insured vehicle, it doesn’t provide coverage for any damage done to the insured vehicle.

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World No Tobacco Day: How to quit smoking

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), annually smoking kills over 1 million people alone in India and tobacco kills more than 7 million people each year worldwide.

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5 investment options for Senior Citizens to fetch better returns

There are various investment avenues where you can put in your hard earned money, some of which offer higher interest rates than others with personalized services.

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L&T Finance launches two-wheeler loan with unique features; Check out details

The main attraction of this low-cost finance for two-wheelers is it eliminates the need for hypothecation of the vehicle to the financier over the tenure of the loan.

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Bucket-list experiences that you need to try out on your next holiday

From food experiences tours, music tours to cultural tours, there has been a massive growth globally, is it is now becoming an integral part of traveler itineraries.

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Apply for PAN card by May 31 or be prepared to pay a fine

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) specified that non-individuals are mandatorily required to apply for PAN in case they do not possess one by May 31, 2019.

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Are you using your relative’s ATM card? It can be risky; Find out why

It is illegal to hand over your ATM card to somebody else for money withdrawal, or else on the grounds of ‘non-transferable rule', the bank is right to reject your claim.

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Is your retirement planning on track? 7 steps to start your retirement planning and get it on track

With life expectancy increasing by a fair margin along with inflation and healthcare costs growing, people might face the problem of their savings and investments falling short.

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Planning to take a loan for your holiday? Know your options

Banks along with fintech companies and online loan providers in India are offering personal holiday loans both for domestic and international holidays

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IRDAI guidelines on standardization of exclusions in health insurance contracts; What does it mean for you?

IRDAI in draft guidelines proposes that the health insurance industry while incorporating exclusions in the health insurance products, should adopt a uniform approach.

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