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How to avoid getting your travel insurance claim rejected

Even with a travel insurance policy, your claims can be rejected based on a number of cases. Hence, policyholders should make necessary disclosures with the documentation, while opting for an insurance policy.

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Savings Account for Children: Opening a savings bank account for your child? Consider these 5 things first

Kids saving accounts generally come with the security of zero liability. With this feature, the child's debit card is protected against theft or misplacement of the card, leading to an unauthorized purchase.

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Credit, Debit Card Fraud: Here is how you can avoid it and stay safe

Frauds like cloning, phishing, cyberstalking, identity theft, malware attack, email spoofing, cyber extortion, and loss from IT theft are a few of the cases most people fall prey to.

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IRDAI extends deadline for life insurers to withdraw old products: How policyholders will get impacted?

The changes that were brought in by the regulator earlier this year were to make life insurance more favorable to customers. The new rules also offered essential benefits and flexibility to the existing policyholders.

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Instant cancer cover through your mobile app: Should you go for it?

Cancer insurance plans provide lump-sum benefit, or a percentage of the sum assured, unlike the health insurance policies which reimburses the actual expenses.

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NPS Vs EPF: Which one should you go for your retirement?

Not investing in the right instrument can mean you are losing out on the potential returns of your investment. For instance, while EPFO invests predominantly in debt instruments, investing in NPS promises higher returns over

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Free-look period in insurance policy: How does it benefit you

This helps people who after buying a policy find out that the policy terms and conditions do not suit their needs. However, the cancellation and return of the policy to the insurer have to be done within the free look period,

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Premature Withdrawal of Fixed Deposit: Know the withdrawal rules of SBI, HDFC, ICICI Bank FD

Opting for premature withdrawal in FD means depositors can withdraw their amount and close the account before the term ends, with an added penalty which is generally a percentage of the deposited amount. Banks like the SBI, H

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5 common mistakes to avoid while investing in mutual funds

While determining asset allocation, investors should focus on their financial goals, time left to reach that goal and their risk appetite. A portfolio needs to be diversified across various asset classes, which should include

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Planning an adventurous trip? Check out what does your travel insurance policy cover

Adventurous sports or activities such as mountain climbing, bungee jumping, water rafting, and paragliding, are usually not covered by travel insurance policies and are termed as hazardous activities in the policy documents.

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Top 5 investments options for securing your child’s future

While planning it is important to make the right investment choices at the right time. There are various child plan investment options in the market but depending on your need you should opt for the ones that suit you the mos

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Do you hold a PPF account or planning to open one? Here are some salient features of the scheme, you should be aware of

The scheme can be started with minimal investment amount and offers a tax deduction on the deposit under section 80C and the interest is also completely tax-free.

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Health insurance policies don’t only cover hospitalization expenses; Know about additional benefits you can get

With these benefits and added features, your day-to-day healthcare costs can also be covered. As a majority of policyholders are not aware of all these benefits, they are not fully utilized by them.

Health Insurance Regulations News

Now submit your Life Certificate via video recording; Here is how to do it

This feature will be completely online and hence, eliminates the need for policyholders from visiting the bank or the life insurer. This offering will also be convenient for senior citizens by eliminating multiple processes f

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Renewing your motor insurance policy? Important things to keep in mind

Comparing policies even during renewal, checking for proper features, not letting the policies expire are some of the ways in which you can save a lot of money.

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Life Certificate: How to submit your Jeevan Pramaan Patra before November 30 online

To help the pensioners the government has enabled the submission of the certificate online through this platform. With this online platform, one can avoid the whole process, and do away with physical visits to the post office

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How to update your EPF nominee details online?

If the EPF account holder dies without a proper nominee, it might get difficult to get a claim processed. But, with the new e-nomination facility, the claim process has become quicker as EPFO already has all the information.

epfo bank deposit rules News

Insurance claim process made easier by IRDAI

Earlier, after a claim was filed, the insurer used to send a surveyor to analyze the situation and determine the damage of the claim that is lodged. Now, this step will be eliminated, in case of certain claims.

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Better than Fixed Deposits! These investment options give higher returns than FDs

There are some other investment options that investors can look at. For instance, small finance banks on FDs offer higher interest rates as compared to bigger banks.

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How to reduce the EMI of your home loan

Switching the loan to a lender offering a lower interest rate helps the borrower in the long run. However, note that switching the loan will not be possible in case of irregular repayments made by the borrower to the current

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5 questions to ask your insurance agent before buying a policy

With plenty of health insurance policies available in the market, most people get confused. It becomes a challenge to find the right policy, and most often insurance buyers need guidance with that.

Health Insurance Regulations News

Avid credit card user? Here are top 5 credit card myths busted

If you think making partial payment cuts down interest costs and the interest charged is on the due amount and not the full amount - you can't be more wrong.

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Top investment options for Senior Citizens: Find out what benefits you the most

These investments offer special benefits to senior citizens -- not only limited to higher assured returns on their investments but also greater tax exemptions, with monthly income.

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Air Pollution in Delhi: Does your health insurance cover this?

Other than lungs getting affected, doctors say high levels of pollutants cause inflammation in blood vessels, which leads to the hardening of arteries. This triggers a stroke or heart attack among individuals already at risk

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National Pension System: Trying to open NPS account? Here is how to do it online

Under both auto and active-choice option, NPS offers equity allocation up to 75%, which was earlier capped at 50%. Experts suggest this scheme will allow young investors to have higher exposure to equities and earn higher ret

nps investment rules News

Getting burdened with credit card dues? Here are the top 5 ways to get rid of it

What credit cardholders don't understand is that extensive use of their credit card can result in a debt spiral that will not only ruin their budget but also eat into all of their future income, until it's cleared.

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Child healthcare turning expensive? See how family floater health plan can help you out

If one of the family members gets sick and needs to be hospitalized, the total sum insured of the policy can be utilized by the family member for his/her treatment.

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