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Education loan not enough? Take a top-up loan

Instead of taking a fresh loan from the new bank, you can also opt for a transfer of your existing loan from your old bank to the new bank.

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How to make the most of a personal loan

Before opting for one the trick is to understand your actual financial needs and then choose without hampering your budget

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Senior Citizen Health Insurance: Trade carefully while buying a health insurance cover for senior citizens

Many believe that senior citizens with a health condition or two usually can’t get a cover. Today a number of insurers offer health policies designed especially for senior citizens.

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5 financial strategies for freelancers with irregular income flows

Freelancers should plan their finances carefully to be able to withstand the higher uncertainty they are subjected to face.

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Short Term Flexible Recurring Deposit: Features, advantages, options; All you need to know

After opening a flexible RD account, one can put in any amount he/she wants every month, unlike regular RDs, as there’s no commitment for a fixed amount that needs to be deposited.

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Bank Account Closure Charges: You may get charged for closing your bank account; Know how to avoid it

Did you know that your bank can also charge you when you close your account within a particular time period?

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Home Insurance: Why it is a must for homeowners; All you need to know

If your neighbors or any third-party gets harmed, due to fire break down in your house, the insurance company covering your house will also pay for such incidents.

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Public Provident Fund: 7 things to know before opening a PPF account

It can be opened by both salaried and self-employed individuals, with just the minimum deposit of Rs 100. through any bank branch or a post office.

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RBL Bank Practo Plus Credit Card: Benefits, features; Here’s all you need to know about this health card

The credit card guarantees the availability of an experienced and qualified doctor to cardholders which can be opted for, instead of relying on self-diagnosis or advice from friends and relatives.

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Buying insurance? Don’t fall prey to mis-selling of policies by insurance agents

As a policyholder, you should always ask questions, be aware of the promises made, and read the proposal and final document carefully before signing off.

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Earn up to 9% p.a. on this FD scheme; Find out how

Mahindra Finance currently offers 2 types of Fixed Deposit schemes, which are available under Cumulative as well as Non-Cumulative options. 

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SBI’s large savings bank deposit rate to get revised as RBI cuts repo rate

Whenever the Reserve Bank of India brings in a change in the repo rate, these SBI products automatically reflect such changes.

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Deep down in debt? Here are smart ways to stay debt-free

You fall into debt when having the combination of credit card dues, along with personal loans, vehicle loans or just borrowed funds from friends and family and you keep defaulting on payments.

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JM Financial’s Rs 500-cr NCD issue opens for subscription; offers yield up to 10.40%

The Tranche II Issue, with base issue size, is Rs. 100 crore also comes with an option to retain oversubscription up to Rs. 400 crore aggregating up to Rs. 500 crore which is within the Shelf Limit of Rs 2000 crore.

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Withdrawing cash using credit card? 10 things you must know

We get multiple calls for credit card availability but owning multiple cards can lead to over-spending. Lenders also do not like people applying for too many cards.

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Emergency Fund: What is it, why to have it and where to invest it?

An emergency fund is something that you can rely on and access during a crisis or for unexpected and unplanned scenarios, to meet your regular expenses.

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Taxmann launches tool to find historical GST rates

With this new feature, Taxmann subscribers will be able to see the applicable GST rate on any particular date since July 1, 2017.

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ClearTax launches a new app for quick filing of Income Tax Return

This app will help taxpayers file income tax returns for free.

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Planning to close your credit card? 7 things you must keep in mind

Generally, there is no standard procedure for closing a credit card and the process of cancellation differs from bank to bank. Also, while canceling a credit card, the credit score of an individual also gets impacted.

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Loan Against Fixed Deposit: Features, benefits, interest rates; All you need to know

During an emergency, instead of breaking your investment, you can simply opt for a loan. This is an alternative given to the investor by banks, instead of breaking the deposit prematurely.

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Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme: Features, benefits, interest rate; 10 things to know

RD is used as a medium-term investment option and investors opting for Post Office RD need to ensure that their deposits are active for a minimum of a 5-year period.

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Zero Balance Savings Account of Axis, SBI, HDFC, ICICI Bank: Features, benefits, interest rates

People who forget or just do not maintain monthly average balance in their bank accounts, should opt for a zero balance account.

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Credit Card Charges: How to use credit card wisely to avoid additional charges on your card

Though some of these charges are mandatory for using a credit card, using it smartly some charges can be avoided or even reversed.

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Post Office Monthly Income Scheme: Features, benefits, interest rate; 10 things to know

One can choose from a host of short and long-term investment schemes depending on one's needs and plans. Some of these schemes offer lucrative interest rates, while others provide tax exemptions or deductions to investors.

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Planning to buy health cover for your parents? 5 things to look at before opting for one

Having a health insurance cover for your senior citizen parents will save you from running out of money or trying to arranging funds when unplanned medical emergencies strike.

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Senior Citizens Savings Scheme: 10 things you need to know about SCSS

Though options like mutual funds also offer a high return but are relatively high-risk. SCSS is a low-risk fixed-return investment option, similar to bank FD, post office FDs, and PMVVY.

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What types of death are covered by term insurance? Find out

Insurers classify untimely deaths into various categories, based on which deaths are covered or not covered, and the insurance company declines or pays the death benefit.

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