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GST and anti-profiteering: Industry must pass on benefit to consumers, but authorities too must take a big step

Anti-profiteering provisions under GST have been one of the most hotly debated topics recently. This debate has gained momentum after the steep GST rate cut from 28% to 18% on over 175 items from mid-November.

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GST 2.0: If 18 pct and 12 pct baskets merge, it would be transformative for economy

Before the roll out of GST, the US Federal Reserve in a study predicted that an aggregate weighted GST of 16% could lead to a positive impact on real GDP by 4.2%, whereas at 20% it would result in a positive impact of 3.1% on

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GST 100 days: Here is what will smoothen the path for new tax regime

Addressing key areas of discomfort—such as GSTN glitches, readiness of industry, the burden on exports and SMEs—will help smoothen GST's path.


GST rate baskets: Not all that was hoped for, but holding promise

Too many items are in the top-rate basket, and services, like Goods, will be Subject to Multiple rates, but GST largely should not lead to price increase

For GST’s success, state government officials will have to re-invent themselves

Recently, the Indian Revenue Service Association wrote a letter to the prime minister, outlining some of their concerns on GST implementation.

GST positive, but there are concerns Narendra Modi govt will have to address digital payments: Pursuit of a less-cash economy benefits everyone

While approving the laws, few important changes were proposed. First, a maximum ceiling of GST rates got increased from 14% under the central and state GST laws, respectively, to 20%, thereby effectively increasing the cap fr

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GST cess confusion: Focus should be having most products at 18% rate

The focus should be to have most products at a standard rate (18%) and reliance on increased consumption, more manufacturing and economic activity

What does GST need to take off? Find out here

Things continue to take place at lightning speed on the GST front.

Here are three things GST is likely to generate

The proposal for 1% additional tax on inter-state supplies has been scrapped. This is indeed a welcome move and would eliminate inefficiency

GST and e-commerce: How tax collection burden can hit India

Recently, the draft of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) law was released by the finance ministry. While there are no major surprises in the structure of the law from what was earlier envisaged by the Empowered Committee’s d

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