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India to get $1 trillion digital economy? See big change that is in store

The pace of digital innovation is likely to touch each and every Indian — we are one of the fastest adopters of new tech.

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Digital revolution: 7 steps taken by Modi government in telecom sector

In May 2014, when the new Government commenced its term, hopes were high and India’s 1.25 billion citizens eagerly awaited a radical transformation capable of steering India on a high growth trajectory.

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Spectrum policy: Sharing’s fine, allow trading next

That will provide operators exit options and allow them to sell spectrum as per business needs

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Combating call drops

Reversing the tide of call drops is largely dependent upon installation of telecom towers. However, this is easier said than done

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Column: Go for zero-rating

Net neutrality is good, but bridging digital divide is even better. Zero-rating would help bring the unconnected online

Column: Go for zero-rating