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Climate change summit COP25: Rich nations throwing Paris Agreement in reverse gear?

There is a risk of the Paris Agreement being thrown in reverse gear by rich nations

Climate change summit COP25, Paris Agreement, COP 25, UNFCCC, Madrid, Green Climate Fund, NDC

Randomised controlled trials for poverty alleviation can benefit India in fight against poverty

India should work on the research of 2019 Nobel laureates to combat poverty in various forms as enunciated in Sustainable Development Goals.

But the benefits to the poor are not commensurate with the huge spending.

Will air pollution in Delhi abate?

This means that vehicle owners need to pay extra to enter the busiest and most congested parts of the city, and we have already identified 12 such hotspots in Delhi.

What Delhi needs to do to combat air pollution

The recent RFID system (introduced by the School of Planning and Architecture) for commercial vehicles entering Delhi is an example of congestion pricing which has worked.

Go vegetarian to fight climate change

One reason is land degradation, mainly due to human activities like deforestation, mining/quarrying, construction, roads, other infrastructure for economic development, human settlements for increasing population, etc.

climate change, Climate Change and Land, Greater Noida, land degradation, surface temperature

Ayushman Bharat: Fulfilling the dream of a healthy India

Ayushman Bharat: It is the world’s largest government-funded scheme, and is targeting more than 50 crore poorest beneficiaries or nearly 10 crore households and each family would have a cover of Rs 5 lakh per year.

Ayushman Bharat, india, healthy India, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, National Health Protection Scheme, government-funded scheme, AB-NHPM

Water crisis: Nine steps to address the shortage

Only 4% of world’s water resources are available to us, and we have to provide for 16% of world’s population. Thus, our huge water shortage is sure to land us in a critical situation, if urgent steps are not taken. We are

Water crisis, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana, NITI Aayog, Water crisis in india, Jal Shakti Abhiyan, JSA

Uplifting the poor Indian farmer: A #MeToo for farmers’ redressal as well

his new kind of ‘MeToo’ movement has emerged during last year or so, with an eye on winning the elections, both at the central and state levels.

Indian farmers, farmers in india, Uplifting the poor, sexual harassment, metoo, film industry, opinion news

Why the world needs to deal with climate change, now

India and China should help bring all nations on a common platform at COP 26 in 2020

climate change, global warming, earth, environmental calamities , Industrial Revolution, International Energy Agency, food wastage, Sustainable Development Goals 

Indian statistical system is in ruins; Why and how it should be resurrected

Indian political leaders would do well not to jeopardise their country’s statistical system for deriving political mileage

Making the ‘Kisan’ more capable: Impart education and training, provide good sanitary conditions

Impart them education and training, and provide good health and sanitary conditions

agriculture, agriculture sector, agriculture industry, enam

Rhetoric no salve for farm distress

Farmers’ distress over the past few years has taken a new dimension so much so that political parties, without exception, are now using it as an opportunity to win elections by promising farm loan waivers if they come to po

Climate talks: Was COP24 able to achieve its objectives?

The language of the Rulebook that emerged in Katowice is rather weak and vague. It provides many loopholes to rich nations to dilute their historical, moral and social responsibility towards poor developing nations. Although

Why Delhi, unlike Beijing, has failed to combat air pollution?

I wrote an article “Can Delhi breathe cleaner air this winter?” (goo.gl/oB7VMh) during the onset of stubble burning in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and UP. But, alas, hopes of the people have been dashed despite so many mea

pollution, delhi pollution, delhi aie pollution

Can Delhi breathe cleaner air this winter or ‘stubborn’ stubble burning will choke the capital again?

By devising a scientific methodology, these parameters are combined into a single quantitative measure called Air Quality Index (AQI) to assess overall air quality.

Eliminating plastic can’t happen in a short time; in the interim, we can reduce its use

Plastic pollution is causing great harm to all forms of life. Sufficient statistics establish its intensity and magnitude around the world, and need not be discussed time and again.

Take the Earth Overshoot Day seriously

Pushing EOD back just by 5 days annually will get Earth out of ‘overshoot’ by 2050.

The NPOS must improve quality of India’s official statistics

Any discussion on official statistics in any fora generally hovers around reliability, availability, timeliness and comprehensiveness of the formulation of socio-economic policies by governments, and their implementation, mon

npios, stats

How population and poverty are linked

Rising population is creating consumption pressures on the environment

Making agriculture climate resilient

We should increase yield per hectare by innovative interventions so that some portion of the crop is saved even if untimely and extreme weather conditions cause damage, and we need to supplement farmers’ income by other mea

climate change, technology for climate change, climate change, why use technology for climate measurement

Farmers are poor due to low productivity of all major crops

The NDA government has a promise of doubling farmers’ income by 2022, which does not seem to be in sight, at least at present.

farmer income, reasons for low farmer income, government measures to increase farmers income

On clean energy, India has wind at its back, sun ahead

India had an installed wind power capacity to the tune of 32.28GW till the end of 2016-17. While we installed 5.4GW (exceeding the target of 4GW) in 2016-17 and 3.423GW (a record then) in 2015-16, its energy programme may be

energy, India, wind energy, solar energy

Managing Paris climate deal with US President Donald Trump

The fear that some nations may follow suit the US action is now receding.

Paris agreement, US, Donald Trump

Donald Trump should know clean-energy focus will create more US jobs than will be lost

Trump must understand that a clean-energy focus will create more US jobs than what will be lost

Donald Trump, Rio Earth Summit, climate change, united states, November 2017 Climate Conference, Paris Agreement

Why announcing loan waiver for farmers can’t help us achieve ‘New India’

We can’t achieve ‘New India’, if political parties continue to announce loan waiver for farmers and other sops.

Community Development Programmes, Mahatma Gandhi, 1971 General Elections, Manmohan Singh, Congress, BJP, Narendra Modi

Climate change: Donald Trump turning his back on commitments would be disastrous for the world

History may repeat itself, as had happened with Kyoto Protocol in 1997, where the US did not ratify the protocol following a change of guard in Washington, even though it was instrumental in getting it through. Moreover, with

Make villages smart for Smart Cities success; migration a problem

Almost after a year of the announcement of the Smart Cities scheme, PM Narendra Modi has launched 84 ‘quick-win’ projects for the first 20 cities, costing Rs 1,770 crore.

office property markets, rental growth, Bengaluru, Gurugram, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad
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