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A parched life

What does a man live for? How and when does he feel fulfilled? Different writers have answered this question differently.

Book review: How I Became A Tree by Sumana Roy

Can we draw parallels between humans and trees? Can humans ever be silent, mysterious and numinous like them? Our lives may be closer to plants than we realise

Crash Bang Wallop: An extremely engaging book on London

WHAT DISTINGUISHES senior British journalist Iain Martin’s book Crash Bang Wallop from its countless predecessors on the banking crisis of 2008 and the great recession that followed is the historical richness that he brings

Book Review: A familiar tragedy

Manju Kapur is sure-footed in the unfamiliar territory of village stagnation and caste politics, but ultimately disappoints

Book Review: A familiar tragedy

Rise and fall of nations

A breezy, lucid book traces the economic history of trading nations through their shipping industries

Trump revealed: An American journey of Ambition, Ego, Money and Power; Book review

The most researched and surprisingly even-handed argument against US presidential candidate Donald Trump from The Washington Post team

The end of Alchemy, Money, Banking and the Future of Global Economy: Book Review

Former Bank of England governor gives sensible advice on how to end the alchemy of money and banking

The end of Alchemy, Money, Banking and the Future of Global Economy: Book Review
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