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    Em’BARC’ing on a great voyage

    In 2005, India had about 65 million TV homes of which about 40 million were already C&S connected. Responding to the rapid growth of television viewers, broadcast businesses of every stripe were accelerating launches in every genre.

  • Media measurement: Does India need a Media Ratings Council?

    Media measurement has been a part of the Indian media landscape for a really long time. All the way back to the 1930s in fact, when the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) was born.

  • In Perspective: No more ‘one size fits all’

    Sam Balsara, a wise and thoughtful observer and commentator on the communications industry, speaking at the Subhas Ghosal Memorial Lecture a few weeks back…

  • Pay peanuts, get monkeys?

    You know that old saying, right? Pay peanuts and…? Well, content rights are a strange market where you might pay a king’s ransom and buy a mangy cur.

  • Niche is the new mainstream

    Yes, I know. You spotted the pop culture reference immediately. No wonder. You are the supremely desirable English Speaking Market.

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