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How to invest in IPOs and get it right; 6 amazing tips to profit from

From credibility of promoters to foreign collaborators to project and product details, check each of these in the Red Herring prospectus before betting your money on an initial public offer.

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How to identify right stock market benchmarks to give investors hint of possible returns

Proper benchmarking allows investors to contemplate what returns are possible, and what risks may be necessary to achieve them.

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Portfolio management process: 4 steps to smart investing

Starting with writing the policy statement, then determining an investment strategy to constructing a portfolio of assets, the portfolio management system ends with continual monitoring of the investor’s needs and capital m

Portfolio management process: 4 steps to smart investing

Stock markets: What you must look at before investing in companies

Cash flow statements act as a kind of reconciliation between profit made by the company and its cash and bank balance.

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IPOs: From what is greenshoe option to how it helps investors, take a brief look at critical points

Green shoe option enables the underwriters to buy back up to 15% of the shares so that the market price on listing does not go below its offer price.

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Should you file revised Income Tax returns; find out here

Often, many taxpayers file their tax returns just before the July 31 deadline expires. This year, owing to the heavy rush, the deadline was extended till August 5.

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How to identify blue chip stocks for strong earnings and impeccable income

Blue-chip stocks have a history of strong earnings and impeccable income sheet, and are likely to generate above industry average rate of returns

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Booking stock market profits: From risk to tough love, here are 4 power points to note

As the stock market indices touch new highs every day, those investors who have missed the rally are entering the market which further boost the indices.

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Investment plan: Six steps that you must not fail to take

Before embarking on an investment plan, do the ground work so that you have the money to invest and the proper mindset to stick to your plan.

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Mutual funds: The dos and do nots of investing in ELSS; 6 power points

Equity-linked savings scheme (ELSS) is an asset class where investors can get equity-like returns with tax saving benefits.

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Eyeing early retirement? Here’s a 5 step plan on how to ensure a comfortable income

Many of you would like to retire early, given an option. You would like to renounce the corporate race, reduce work tensions, have more time to pursue what you like the most.

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Managing debt: How to pay off credit card debt

Credit cards are often described as a debt trap when used uncontrollably, whereas if used smartly, it could provide you free credit for certain period of time.

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Real estate: In 5 brief points, how a diluted RERA may hurt home buyers

Many states have diluted some crucial provisions of the Centre’s Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act which empowers buyers of residential properties.

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Buyback offers: When will a shareholder gain? 6 points to know

A shareholder will gain only if the buyback offer price is significantly higher than the current market price and the quantum of the buyback amount is substantial.

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Stock markets: All you want to know about when to sell your shares in 5 points

Often, you get advice on how and when to buy a share whereas not much of the literature is available on when to sell them.

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Will a coffee can portfolio suit you?

Actively managing your portfolio or frequent buying and selling shares produce sub-optimal returns. The ‘coffee can portfolio’ is a buy and hold strategy, something like passive investment style yet different in various a

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Invest in municipal bonds? All you want to know in 5 brief points

AROUND 60 municipal corporations are set to issue bonds for smart cities soon.

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Payday loans: As start-ups target young India, are these loans worth it?

The concept of payday loan was quite popular in developed countries wherein the lender provided loans which were given in advance of the next pay cheque to blue collar workers who lead their life from pay cheque to pay cheque

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Investing in rental property? Top 5 things to consider

Real estate as an investment is always an integral part of an investor's portfolio, especially the benefits of owning rental properties are as vast as your goals and desires.

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Productive expenses: 5 ways to spend money wisely and where to conserve

Contrary to many theories on saving money and avoiding expenses for the rainy day, it is also equally important to spend where you should.

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How to read an equity research report

An equity research report analyses a company’s financials to arrive at a buy or sell recommendation

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Pay slip: Here’s all you need to know about your salary slip in 7 brief points

Nine times out of ten, they will think for a minute and provide you a rough number which is credited into their bank account as their salary. Understanding the pay slip will help you in effective money management.

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Is it a good idea to go for refinancing your home loan?

With lowering of interest rates by the central bank, you are tempted to go for refinancing the home mortgage.

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Stock markets: Are differential voting rights shares a good investment opportunity? Check it out

DIFFERENTIAL Voting Rights shares, popularly known as DVRs, are like ordinary equity shares, but with different voting rights. DVRs provide the shareholders fewer voting rights than that of ordinary equity shares.

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Lifestyle makeover: 4 mistakes to avoid when saving money

Making changes in your lifestyle rather than going for stop-gap arrangements can make the money saving process more productive.

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Financial planning: 4 ways you can avoid breaking new year resolutions

THE start of a new year is a popular time to make a resolution to live your life differently. It could be learning something new, improving your health, or managing your money more effectively.

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How good is your financial standing? Here are 4 points to note about your investment portfolio

The end of the year is a good time to review your financial standing, goals, and implications of major economic events

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