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Government Securities: Are G-Secs better than fixed deposits for retail investors?

Investing in government securities is one of the safer investment options available to individual investors because these are risk-free instruments and provide portfolio diversification and are available for longer investment

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Buying insurance from agent? Top 3 things you should always keep in mind

With mis-selling quite prevalent in the insurance industry, it is good to do some fact-checking on the agent and the policy before signing on the dotted line

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How R&D creates value for the firm and, ultimately, the investor

Companies invest every year significant amount on research and development (R&D) activities because they want to grow by developing new products and services.

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Market volatility: No need to worry for sustainable business models with good marco-economic factors

Mean reversal is a popular theory in investment science which states that asset prices and returns eventually return back to the long-run mean or average.Accordingly, the Indian stock market could probably undergoing a revers

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Beware of these risks! 5 pitfalls to avoid while using mobile banking services

The use of mobile phones is at an all-time high and mobile banking is one of the fastest growing segments in banking.

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Fixed income: Know how downgrades impact debt funds

If the downgrade is for short-term instruments, you need not worry too much as maturity of these instruments is one or two months away. If it is for long-term bonds, then check the percentage of your fund’s assets invested

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Stock markets: Four simple steps to assess a company’s future performance

Assess the company’s goal and strategy, sales outlook, product-market strategy and investments, and future profitability to determine its long-term sustainability.

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Stock markets: Investing in a cash-rich firm? Check the source of cash

As an investor, you should know why a firm’s cash pile has goes up. Look at the cash flow statement and not the balance sheet to know the source of such funds.

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Price/Earnings to Growth: Over-valued stocks? Look at PEG ratio

A share with a very high P/E might be seen as overvalued and not a good choice. But, if you compute the PEG ratio, assuming it has good growth estimates, it could actually yield a lower number, indicating that the share is a

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Financial Planning: Check your risk tolerance level before investing

Often, many think that they are aggressive investors but, in reality, they behave like moderate investors. So, in this process they end up selling some shares when the market falls.

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Financial planning: Lifecycle investing strategy – Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Lifecycle investing will deliver a relatively higher return given the elevated allocation to riskier assets until middle age after which a more conservative asset allocation approach is taken. This may be appropriate for some

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TCS Buyback: Should you go for it?

Last week, the board of directors of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest information technology services provider, approved a proposal to buy back up to 76 million equity shares to the tune of 16,000 crore.

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Investing in corporate fixed deposits? Here are four points to consider

While most risk-averse investors prefer to invest in bank fixed deposits with low risk and low gain, one must also look at corporate fixed deposits after weighing their merits and limitations

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Stock Markets tips: Find out if you should invest in a growth stock

Investing in a growth stock has high upside potential and vice versa. If you invest in it, consistently monitor the same for any hidden weakness

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Stock Markets: Here are 6 steps to analyse industry before investing

To pick the right stocks, look for those industries which are growing at a faster rate than the overall economy.

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Tips for goal-based planning: Simple steps to achieve your financial goals

Converting an enormous dream into reality within a certain timeframe is hard but doable. Chalk out a realistic plan, break it down into small achievable milestones and then automate the entire plan

Every one of us have our own financial dreams. It could be anything: From being completely free from debt to retiring early, to building one’s own home, to setting up a business, etc. News

Here are top 5 ways to save money, and you won’t even feel the pinch

From automated transfers to deposit accounts to availing discounts to avoiding late payments, these are simple ways of preventing unnecessary expenses and thus saving a tidy sum.

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Stock Markets: Know how algorithmic trading can benefit individual investors

A computer programme will track the share price including moving average indicators and place buy and sell orders efficiently and help prevent emotional trading

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Company fundamentals: When negative working capital is not a bad thing

AS an investor while analysing the balance sheet you may have come across the term ‘negative working capital’ and often thought that as it is ‘negative’it is not good.

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Explained: Why investing in dividend paying stocks is a good strategy

Let us understand, whether investing in dividend paying stocks is a good strategy for long-term equity investors.

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Stock markets: Wealth-building strategies during volatile times

Market volatility is not always bad. In fact, you can add certain new stocks in your portfolio as they may be available at a cheaper or reasonable price

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How to get financial independence: 4 steps to freedom you must take now

Financial freedom is meaningless if you are unable to take key life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact. You can achieve the same by means of having complete control over your state of finances.

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5 amazing stock market buying tips on margin trading that will hold you in good stead

Always make sure that you have read the broking firms’ guidelines carefully before making the first trade on margin

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Going on a vacation? Here is how to manage your holiday expenses; 6 amazing tips

With the winter school and college holidays approaching, many of you will be getting ready for vacation. Some of you may not be sure about how to manage your vacation expenses.

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How do investors benefit from stock split: 4 points to get empowered by

Stock splits help make shares more affordable for market participants and provide greater marketability as well as liquidity, thus leading to price discovery

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How to pick debt mutual funds: 5 steps to big profits

As long-term debt funds are most vulnerable to interest rate movements—net asset values generally move in inverse correlation with underlying interest rates in the economy—modified duration will indicate the interest rate

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Rights offer: Should you subscribe or not? Top 5 profitable points you must know

When companies require cash for their expansion, diversification or acquisition they raise the same by means of rights issues.

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