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Covid-19 & your money worries: Tips to handle the impact on your finances

When it comes to surviving financial crisis, focus on what you can control and you can do rather than on what you cannot control or what is not possible to do now

Contact your bankers for your mortgage payment deferrals, skipping payments, loan extensions, revised terms or even reduced interest rates, etc., that they can definitely consider. News

Stock Markets: Five investment strategies for volatile times

Volatility in the stock market can open up new growth opportunities as some investments become more reasonably priced.

Volatility is one of the main reasons why investors sell their stocks at the wrong time. News

Equity investments: Tips to protect your investment portfolio in turbulent times

However choppy the markets, investors need to remain calm and stick to their long-term investing plans

Though prices may fall in the short term, they may also recover in due course as evident from the above. News

Ways to invest in solution-oriented mutual funds

These funds are ideal to achieve long-term goals such as retirement planning, and the risk is lower if the investment tenure is longer.

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Tax on dividend income: How scrapping of DDT affects investors in different tax slabs

With dividend income now taxable in the hands of investors, those in the 10% tax slab will benefit as net cash flow in their hands will go up.

Budget 2020 has proposed to abolish DDT on dividends paid by the corporates and shift the tax burden completely onto the hands of the investors. News

Five tips to create an all-weather stocks portfolio

When the market looks enticing, they become so excited that they begin to buy and when the market drops, they become frozen, not knowing whether they should continue to buy more, to take advantage of the lower prices or just

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Deconstructing Return on Equity: Why RoE is considered among most relevant ratios in stock selection

Return on equity (RoE) needs to be seen in terms of net profit margin, asset turnover, and the equity multiplier to measure the risks associated with the business model of each company in a sector

Return on Equity, roe News

Mutual Funds: Use core-and-satellite investment strategy to build a good portfolio

Core assets are the foundation of a portfolio and require passive management, which means occasional and not frequent readjustment is required in response to the market dynamics. Generally, core mutual fund consist of large-c

Mutual Funds, core and satellite investment, investment strategy , investment portfolio News

Life insurance: Why we need life stage specific insurance cover

From an insurance perspective, life stages can be classified into the following groups. Starting your first job, buying your first car or home, getting married, having children, getting promoted, providing good education for

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Want to invest? This is an opportunity to pick up good PSU stocks

The government has been trying to unlock value in PSUs through strategic disinvestment and transfer of management control.

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How to become rich: Seven money habits to accumulate wealth

Here are seven everlasting money habits that will help you accumulate wealth in the long run.

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Impact investing: Know how it works

Impact investing has emerged as a new asset class in India, with social venture funds providing capital and support to social enterprises.

investment, investing News

Stock markets: Why investors need to ignore market noise

Obsession with short-term market movements makes sense only for day traders who make money by accumulating small gains and attempting to limit losses on as many stocks as possible

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Five steps to feel good about your investment portfolio

It is important for investors to practice good investing habits as volatility is sky-high, the economy is uncertain and market sentiment is unreliable.

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Equity investments: Need to check corporate governance norms

Indices such as BSE’s CG Scorecard are helpful for small investors who find it difficult to comprehend and gauge corporate governance practices of firms whose shares they want to purchase.

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Explained: Why it is necessary to keep your emotions in check while investing

Getting sentimental over investments, fear of missing out on gains or losing all your money can lead to taking wrong decisions. A prudent way to deal with emotions and biases is to stagger your buy and sell decisions so as to

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Stock market: Here are 4 steps that may help you to select a brokerage firm

Sometimes, fees and other costs of brokerage firms can quickly erode your returns and even eat into your principal funds. So read the fine print before signing up for an account with the firm

The broking industry is moving towards replacing the human intervention with chatbots, which is a piece of software that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. However, elimination of human touch in financial services segment is relatively difficult (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

Market, stop loss or stop limit? Know when to use which order for stocks

To mitigate such type of risks, you could put a stop-loss order, wherein you ask your broker to sell the stock once the price falls to a certain level, known as the stop price, say Rs 255, in this case.

Market, stocks, stock market, shares, best price, current market price News

Financial planning: Why you need to rebalance your investment portfolio

Rebalancing works as a risk minimisation strategy, allowing the investor to periodically line up investments in alignment with their goals

investment planning, investment planning takes steps to, investment planning process, investment planning india, investment planning calculator News

Stock markets: Don’t let slowdown talk scare you away from equities

It is important not to panic and pull out your invest-ments, especially if they are trading at a low price. Slowdown is a good time to revisit your portfolio and diversify your investments.

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Know the risk inherent in bonds and how to mitigate them

The degree of interest rate risk associated with a given bond depends on the size and timing of the cash flows, interest and principal, from that bond.

bond market, portfolios, fixed-income securities, portfolio management, fixed-income instrument, interest rate risk News

Fundamental or technical analysis: Which is better?

Fundamental analysis is more theoretical as it seeks to determine the underlying long-term value of a security.

Markets News

Investing in a private firm? Five guidelines you need to follow

Investing in privately held companies is not easy as these shares are illiquid and risky. The holding period is also relatively long. While there are never any guarantees in investing, there are always methods to mitigate the

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Financial planning: Five steps towards financial freedom

Discuss and take important actions such as paying debt, gaining control over spending, saving for children education, retirement, tax planning, early retirement, and the like.

financial planning, financial freedom, personal finance, emergency fund, debt, insurance, IIM Tiruchirappalli News

Investment tips: How portfolio choice can help you make money in volatile times

During market volatility, an investment portfolio constructed by optimising expected returns based on the level of market risk would be effective

According to Markowitz, the process of selecting a portfolio is an important activity. One must carefully chose the shares or assets in the portfolio. The shares must be selected on the basis of how each asset will impact others as the overall value of the portfolio changes (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

Index funds: A good bet for risk-averse mutual fund investors

These funds are affordable and well-diversified, and they generate good returns over a period and sometimes outperform actively managed funds.

Index funds, mutual fund, mutual fund investors, BSE Sensex, NSE Nifty News

Confused over investment plan? Follow these 5 solid tips

Investments have three characteristics: safety, income and growth. The first thing you need to decide is which of these three characteristics is most important

Make a list of all investment choices that meet your stated goal. Then take the time to understand the pros and cons of each instrument. Then, narrow down your final investment choices to a few that you feel confident about (Illustration: Rohnit Phore) News
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