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Smart Consumer: Spend or save? Finding the perfect balance

Adopt the 50:30:20 rule by allocating 50% of your income to essential expenses, 30% to buying things you want and 20% to savings for the future

Rather than thinking of spending and saving as an all or nothing, mentally allocate a portion of your income to both.

Diversifying Your Investments: Have you thought of investing in commodities?

If your portfolio is focused only on shares and bonds, investing in commodities offers you a way to hedge against portfolio risks

Systematic Withdrawal Plan: Use SWP to redeem mutual fund investments

You can create your own pension or generate a secondary regular income by setting up a systematic withdrawal plan for your mutual fund investments

To conclude, SIP helps investors to learn the disciplined approach towards investing and SWP helps disciplined withdrawal of the same.

Smart investments: Is it the right time to book profit from equity?

There is no ideal time to enter and exit the stock market. So, instead of being swayed by market volatility, focus on what you can control and keep a long-term holding horizon

Know how you can bolster your credit score

Catch up on missed payments as early as possible and make on-time payments to improve your credit score

Stock selection: Value investing is essential in today’s market

While selecting stocks, pay attention to companies with strong fundamentals that are trading at low valuations currently due to business mix and Covid-19 led disruptions

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Fixed Income: Select your debt fund investments carefully

Invest in top quality instruments in the debt market such as Government of India bonds, AAA rated blue-chip companies and PSU bonds to preserve your capital.

Stock Market Investment: Should investors bet on beaten down stocks?

Beaten down stocks have different risk-reward characteristics compared to trending stocks and have the potential to provide a good rate of return and beat benchmark indices

During the same time, BSE Small-Cap index recovered 56%and Mid-Cap index by 48%.

Here are some good-to-know facts about mid-cap equity funds before you invest

Invest in mid-cap funds only if the market volatility does not affect you much and your investment horizon is longer

This category of funds aims to gain from the change in the valuations that happen when a mid-cap company grows into a large-cap company. Mid-sized firms have more scope to expand and often in their rapid growth phase.

Want to invest for short term? Go with gilt funds for risk-free returns

If your investment goal is to accumulate stable returns with no credit risk, gilt funds are the best. In a volatile market scenario, they are the safest and right choice to earn good returns.

Risk Tolerance: Knowing how much risk is too much risk for you

Assessment of risk tolerance is a crucial part of the asset allocation process and helps the investor in constructing optimal portfolios. Take the help of a financial planner to know how much risk you can handle

For instance, if you are a high net worth individual then you would have a high capacity for risk during a market downturn.

Equity Investments: When the market is its own best predictor

Technical analysis involves the examination of past market data such as prices and the volume of trading, which leads to an estimate of future price trends and, therefore, an investment decision.

Gold Investing: Why you should invest in gold ETFs and Sovereign Gold Bonds

Let us discuss in detail why one should go for gold and what are the various forms of investment avenues available to investors.

If we track the history of gold prices, it provided better returns during times of economic shocks, falling equity markets and currency rates, higher inflation, geo-political uncertainties.

Look out for cover-ups in financial reports

Earnings management: Financially weaker firms indulge in managing their earnings to avoid earnings surprises, losses and meet benchmarks to boost their market value


Falling markets: Exercise your put option

As stock markets crash due to Covid-19 impact, investors can use put option to generate income and protect their portfolios from a sudden market sell-off

Stock markets: Tips to control your fears in a volatile market

If you are still working and saving for the future, a downturn should not be a reason to panic. Rather, rebalance your portfolio, boost your savings and invest according to current market conditions

COVID-19 impact on dividend income: Learning to live with dividend cuts

Cut in dividend payouts will reduce your income and also your portfolio value. To avoid this, do not invest more than 15% of your portfolio in a single sector.

RIL rights issue: What’s in it for you

The rights issue offers an opportunity for existing shareholders to reap the benefits from RIL’s new and emerging businesses such as digital, telecom and retail business.

Crude oil prices: How low oil prices can impact your investments

Low oil prices will have a positive impact on glass manufacturing, transport, industrial power, plastics, lubricants, petrochemical, , FMCG, paint, rubber & tyre manufacturing companies

So, other market participants on seeing the pressure from both the buyer and seller, started to quote lower and lower rates as they have to bring large trucks and store oil in far-off locations.

Smart Plans: Four tips to ensure you are ready for uncertain times like COVID-19 pandemic

Make sure that you have the contact information of your reporting manger and HR department in a diary or phone or a place where your spouse can access the same easily.

Often, many people think that health insurance is an unwarranted expenditure, which is not true.

Covid-19 & your money worries: Tips to handle the impact on your finances

When it comes to surviving financial crisis, focus on what you can control and you can do rather than on what you cannot control or what is not possible to do now

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Stock Markets: Five investment strategies for volatile times

Volatility in the stock market can open up new growth opportunities as some investments become more reasonably priced.

Volatility is one of the main reasons why investors sell their stocks at the wrong time.

Equity investments: Tips to protect your investment portfolio in turbulent times

However choppy the markets, investors need to remain calm and stick to their long-term investing plans

Though prices may fall in the short term, they may also recover in due course as evident from the above.

Ways to invest in solution-oriented mutual funds

These funds are ideal to achieve long-term goals such as retirement planning, and the risk is lower if the investment tenure is longer.

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Tax on dividend income: How scrapping of DDT affects investors in different tax slabs

With dividend income now taxable in the hands of investors, those in the 10% tax slab will benefit as net cash flow in their hands will go up.

Budget 2020 has proposed to abolish DDT on dividends paid by the corporates and shift the tax burden completely onto the hands of the investors.

Five tips to create an all-weather stocks portfolio

When the market looks enticing, they become so excited that they begin to buy and when the market drops, they become frozen, not knowing whether they should continue to buy more, to take advantage of the lower prices or just

Deconstructing Return on Equity: Why RoE is considered among most relevant ratios in stock selection

Return on equity (RoE) needs to be seen in terms of net profit margin, asset turnover, and the equity multiplier to measure the risks associated with the business model of each company in a sector

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