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Budget 2020: Govt has refused to look at serious reform measures, writes P Chidambaram

Union Budget 2020 India: It is a matter of grave doubt if the BJP government has an underlying economic philosophy at all.

Budget 2020 India, Budget 2020-21

Budget 2020: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, says P Chidambaram

Budget 2020 India: It cannot define its relationship with the RBI and determine how the two can maintain financial stability, promote growth and contain inflation.

Jammu and Kashmir: More could have been done by the Court, says P Chidambaram

On August 5, 2019, Constitutional Order 272 was issued by the President stripping J&K of its special status and applying all the provisions of the Constitution of India to the proposed Union Territories.

ghulam nabi azad, congress

Youth have sensed something is terribly wrong the way country is being governed: P Chidambaram

The ferment that we witness in the campuses of Indian universities and colleges bears a striking resemblance to the events of 1968.

Protesters raise slogans during a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Bengaluru (PTI Image)

BJP openly shuns Muslims and intimidates them with NRC-CAA-NPR: P Chidambaram

The Constituent Assembly was not constituted on the principle of ‘one person, one vote’ and hence not truly representative of the people.

P Chidambaram, Constitution of India, Other Backward Classes, Scheduled Tribes, AIMIM, NRC-CAA-NPR, muslim community

‘Project Hindu Rashtra’ must be stopped well before 2024: P Chidambaram

There was shock and awe among other political parties after the BJP’s overwhelming victory in the Lok Sabha elections of May 2019 — 303 for the BJP alone and 353 with the allies.

Nirmala Sitharaman consciously unmade Budget 2019-20: P Chidamabaram

In course of time, some proposals in the budget will be modified; on occasion, one or two proposals may be withdrawn in response to criticism.

Nirmala Sitharaman , union budget 2020

Citizenship Act is part of elaborate plan to advance project Hindu Rashtra: P Chidambaram

The Citizenship Act, 1955, recognises citizenship by birth; citizenship by descent; citizenship by registration; citizenship by naturalisation; and citizenship by incorporation of territory.

Citizenship Act, CAB protest,National Register of Citizens, NRC, Chidambaram Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, bangladesh, pakistan, afghanistan

India’s economy being run without the aid of economists, says P Chidambaram

The protagonist may be elected as the chief minister of a state and may deliver an impressive account of governing the state.

india economy, Narendra Modi, Nirmala Sitharaman, Ministry of Finance, india GDP growth, GST, MGNREGA, Arvind Subramanian

Govt has forgotten the flagging economy: P Chidambaram

Unfortunately, the economy seems to be the last of the concerns of the government which is barely able to conceal the triumphalism after Operation J&K.

An elderly Kashmiri man crosses a road as Indian paramilitary soldiers stand guard in Srinagar (AP photo)

Just real estate: Before J&K no state was reduced to Únion territory, says P Chidambaram

The new Article 370 with just one clause is no longer a special provision, it simply applies the whole of the Constitution to J&K.

Jammu and Kashmir, Union Territory, Ladakh, Article 370, P Chidambaram, Constituent Assembly

BJP is passing laws that will reduce states to municipal administrations: P Chidambaram

The Central government (through Parliament) cannot encroach upon the territory reserved for the state government, the state government (through the Legislature) cannot encroach upon the territory reserved for the Central gove

Congress,Rahul Gandhi, P Chidambaram,ak antony, hindutva, Gandhi parivaar, nationalism, Hinduism, JDS Congress alliance, Karnataka, Pulwama, Balakot, PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, lok sabha election 2019

Finance (No 2) Bill-2019 is unconstitutional and unrealistic: P Chidambaram

Like there were serious questions about the Budget, there are serious questions about the Finance Bill.

Finance Bill, budget 2019, Nirmala Sitharaman, Rajya Sabha, Indian economy, Consolidated Fund of India, Reserve Bank of India Act, india GDP gwoth

$5 trillion economy? Modi government should aim higher, says P Chidambaram

Unfortunately, the Finance Minister avoided a review of the macro-economic situation and her assessment of the present state of the economy.

Budget 2019: Modi govt is satisfied with 7% growth, but it means nothing

Budget 2019 India: The budget speech uses the phrase ‘structural reforms’ in two places but there is no reference to any measure that could be regarded as structural reform.

A man walks past container trucks parked near the Jawaharlal Nehru Port, in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra (Bloomberg photo)

India needs radical reforms, not the incremental ones pushed in Budget, explains P Chidambaram

To begin, school education must be transferred to the states — as it was in the original Constitution — to be followed by transferring more subjects from the Concurrent List to the State List. On the contrary, the FM has

Budget 2019, Union Budget 2019 India, Budget 2019-20

Modi’s campaign for One Nation, One Election is unconstitutional: Chidambaram

Balakot was the answer, the Pakistan Air Force was half-prepared, the Indian Air Force hit the targets, and Pakistan shot down an IAF aircraft.

P Chidambaram, P Chidambaram column, IAF aircraft, balakot, Prime Minister Modi, opinion news

GST, Ujjwala, Swachh Bharat — right policies, bad implementation: P Chidambaram

Swachh Bharat is good policy, but the false statistics fed on ODF status of states and villages is the deceit of small-g government. Ujjwala is good policy, but the replacement cylinder rate of three per year is the failure o

Nirmala Sitharaman has inherited economy with slow growth and worrying fiscal situation: P Chidambaram

The former chief economic adviser, Dr Arvind Subramanian, has cast a shadow on the growth numbers and has, in a way, concurred with the long-time critics of the methodology employed to calculate the GDP.

Modi’s Sabka Vishwas a smart move but fraught with difficulties: P Chidambaram

Not only the number of seats won (303), but the sweep and scale of the BJP’s victory are astounding.

Narendra Modi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, BJP, P Chidambaram, modi 2.0, narendra modi, lok sabha elections results 2019, amit shah

PM-Kisan won’t help agriculture labourers: P Chidambaram

"Observing his first term, I am certain he will make every effort to rise to the challenge. There are two problems in the way."

farmer, PM Kisan scheme, Uttar Pradesh, Election Commission, Aadhaar, BJP, p Chidambaram, p Chidambaram son, karti Chidambaram

BJP fought election on divisive agenda, hope governance will be inclusive: P Chidambaram

Let me come back to the competing visions of different political parties. The results of Election 2019 cannot be regarded as a decisive choice of one vision over the others.

As the bitter campaign ends, EC gets ‘average’ on its report card, says P Chidambaram

There has been an abundance of political parties, candidates, rallies and roadshows, money spent, abuses hurled, violence, failure of the vaunted EVMs and VVPATs, and clean chits by the Election Commission (EC).

Poling officials checking EVMs and VVPATs before leaving their polling booth at a distrubution centre ahead of the seventh and last phase of Lok Sabha polls in Kolkata (PTI Image)

Indian economy has entered danger zone, writes P Chidambaram

When the management of the economy is entrusted to novices or tyrants, the consequences will soon follow. Demonetisation was a classic example.

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Modi making outrageous claims, skirting real issues, writes P Chidambaram

The 71 seats propelled the BJP to form a government with an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha. If the BJP loses even half of the seats it won in UP, it will not be able to form a government on its own strength. It is, theref

BJP leaders running an outrageous campaign, says P Chidambaram

I suspect that there are several candidates in India who would like to do a Donald Trump and be as successful in the elections to the Lok Sabha that are underway.

lok sabha elections 2019, narendra modi, lok sabha elections 2091, bjp, donald trump, Mayawati, Akhikesh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi, sonia gandhi, congress

Modi vs Manifesto: Hindi heartland to witness battle of ideas, says P Chidambaram

Every Lok Sabha election in India is unique even if the two main contestants are the same.

lok sabha elections, lok sabha elections 2019, pm modi, pm narendra modi, narendra modi
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