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Nine steps to nirvana: P Chidambaram

It is difficult to believe that a government will stake so much—risk of defeat in the Rajya Sabha, political capital, support of allies, Prime Minister’s time...

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P Chidambaram: Who wants rupee at 40 to the dollar?

Not Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Not Ms Sushma Swaraj (who famously tweeted in August 2013, “The rupee has lost its value.

p chidambaram on salman rushdie book ban

Natural resources: Fog is yet to clear

Auctions are the flavour of the season.

coal import bill

Equity suffers Rs 75,000-crore blow: P Chidambaram

The Finance minister listed 13 points for his Vision 2022. Among them were a roof for each family, clean drinking water...

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Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty: P Chidambaram

To most Indians, the story of the struggle for independence ended on August 15, 1947...

Beef ban

Column: Budget 2015, Good, bad and ugly

We may have multiple parties in India, but among the “commentariat” (columnists, letter-writers, tweeters, bloggers and abusers), there are only two benches: the Treasury who can see nothing but good, and the Opposition,

budget 2015, union budget, budget speech, arun jaitley

Column: Losing the Victor Hugo moment

Arun Jaitley had 282 on his side. He has lost the opportunity

Column: Losing the Victor Hugo moment

What will FM Arun Jaitley do with 282?

There is an interesting fact in the recent economic history of India. There have been only six finance ministers...

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Column: Lessons for all in the Delhi election

There is a lesson for everyone in the Delhi election.

Column: Lessons for all in the Delhi election
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