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Across the Aisle: ‘One Nation, One Everything’ will eventually destroy one nation, writes P Chidambaram

The main business of the Houses will be pending Bills and the 11 Ordinances promulgated during the inter-session period.

Punjab Youth Congress leader Brinder S Dhillon during protest against ordinances on farming, outside Mandi Bhawan in Mohali (Express photo: Jasbir Malhi)

Across the Aisle: The worst affected economy

The Finance Minister who blamed an 'Act of God' for the decline should actually be grateful to the farmers and the gods who blessed the farmers.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman at the 41st GST Council meeting in New Delhi (PTI photo)

A time for supreme reform, writes P Chidambaram

A renewed concern has been expressed about the 'independence' of the judiciary. The causes for the concern are different at the levels of the subordinate judiciary, High Courts and Supreme Court.

PM missed an opportunity to give a candid account of the state of the nation on August 15, writes Chidambaram

For Prime Minister Modi, the day before August 15 must have been a day of reflection, a day to take stock why his government had allowed things to come to such a sorry pass, and a day to resolve to make a new beginning.

NEP 2020: Elephant in the room, examines P Chidambaram

The complex issue of language has been complicated further by the NEP's insistence on the three languages principle.

Students' Federation of India (SFI) members during a protest rally against the National Education Policy-2020, in Kolkata (PTI Image)

Triple crises — economy, Covid, China — have exposed India’s weaknesses, writes P Chidambaram

The prescription under each was detailed, but not beyond the comprehension and capacity of a caring, competent government.

Former PM Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi at the 75th birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi at Vir Bhoomi, Delhi (Express Photo : Prem Nath Pandey)

No end to a tragic saga in Jammu and Kashmir, writes P Chidambaram

While the means have been employed, none of the ends has been achieved and, in my view, will never be achieved under the current dispensation’s policy.

A security official stands guard near a temporary barricade in Srinagar as a woman passes by (PTI Image)

The spider’s web: Sachin Pilot should have prepared to run the marathon, writes P Chidambaram

The only ones who think that monetary measures will be sufficient to revive economic growth are Ms Nirmala Sitharaman, Mr K V Subramanian, Mr Rajiv Kumar and the Prime Minister's speech writer.

Mr Pilot should have prepared to run the marathon - and he could have been chief minister for as long as Mohanlal Sukhadia was.

India-China face-off along the LAC could go either Depsang way or Doklam way, writes P Chidambaram

It is common sense that a 'no troops land' (akin to a no man's land) will be created between the new positions of the troops of both sides.

China broke decades-long peace under PM Modi’s watch, writes P Chidambaram

The relations between the two countries have changed dramatically in a matter of months. At the Wuhan Summit on April 28, 2018, the joint statement devoted only one paragraph to the border question.

Custodial death: Jeyaraj and Bennix shouldn’t have been remanded to any custody, writes P Chidambaram

It is our callousness towards that inviolable right called 'liberty' and our ignorance about how liberty is eroded that lead to a George Floyd moment in Minnesota, US, or a Jeyaraj and Bennix moment in Tamil Nadu, India.

Villagers in Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin stage protest against the death of Jayaraj and his son J Bennicks (PTI Image)

Covid-19: Everything is surrounded by gloom and uncertainty. Do you see green shoots of economic revival?

Demand is still abysmally low, hitting the Manufacturing and Services sectors very hard. People are hoarding cash. Year-on- year, currency in circulation has risen 14%. The reasons are two: one, fear of Covid infection and th

Ladakh face-off: Chinese are applying Doklam lesson to Galwan Valley, writes P Chidambaram

Mr Modi's dream that the 21st century will be a China-India led Asian century is practically over. It is obvious that Mr Modi did not take a correct measure of Mr Xi. Whether Mr Xi took a correct measure of Mr Modi is a matte

Ladakh face-off: Dragon invites elephant to dance, writes P Chidambaram

Despite Wuhan (2018) and Mahabalipuram (2019), Prime Minister Modi and President Xi do not share a warm personal relationship. Mr Xi is the only leader whom Mr Modi does not greet with an embrace.

Axe your current economic advisers, bring in new team: Chidambaram to PM Modi

It is elementary economics that income alone - money in people's hands - will revive demand; demand will spur supply and production; production will bring back jobs and incentivise investment; and all of these will revive gro

Supreme Court must not flinch from its duty, not ever: P Chidambaram

The point of this column is that the Supreme Court's resolve to be the sentinel on the qui vive will be tested again and again. The Court must not flinch from its duty, not ever.

Across the Aisle by P Chidambaram: Spend, borrow, monetize

The Modi government has one last chance. It must get off its horse named 'Ostrich' and Spend, Borrow and Monetize. Otherwise, the people will never forget or forgive the Modi government for setting India's economy back by at

Post Lockdown 1.0, every decision of the government has proved questionable in terms of the outcomes.

Across the Aisle by P Chidambaram: The Rs 20-lakh-crore whodunit

Absent additional borrowing, there will be no fiscal stimulus to stimulate demand in the economy. The Rs 20 lakh crore will be another jumla. We will be self-reliant (Atma Nirbhar) in jumlas.

Shops opened after around 40 days of lockdown, imposed in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic Express Photo

After lockdown 3.0, more or end? Another lockdown will lead to a complete collapse of economy that is already tottering

The colour-zoning of India (red, orange and green) and the limited relaxations with several caveats have not helped re-start economic activity.

economic activity, economic growth, GDP, gross domestic product, GDP growth, economic revival, economy, ADB bank, fitch ratings

Across The Aisle: Imagination is everything in war against reality

On May 3, the governments would have got 40 days time to do those things; the question is, do governments need more time?

Trains sit idle at New Delhi railway station amid the lockdown (Bloomberg image)

Across The Aisle: Hoarding government, starving people

The worst fate that can befall a person is being locked down, alone or with his family, with no money and no food.

Across the aisle: P Chidambaram writes about survival, revival after Coronavirus crisis

In such an extraordinary situation, there can be only one leader in each country, and that is the President or the Prime Minister or a despot masquerading as a popular leader.

Health workers collect throat swabs for Covid-19 test from residents of a colony in Mahim, Mumbai (Express photo)

Across the Aisle: Remonetise the poor

The cost will be a maximum of Rs 65,000 crore — absolutely affordable, perfectly feasible, fiscally prudent, economically justified and socially imperative.

A rickshaw puller during the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, in Old Delhi (PTI)

Across the Aisle: Now, everyone is in prison

COVID-19 cannot be stopped at the borders of a country, it respects no national borders, and it does not discriminate on grounds of religion, caste, race, sex, and place of birth.

US President Donald Trump speaks with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the G20 leaders summit in Osaka, Japan (File Photo: REUTERS)

Across The Aisle: Govt’s steps to fight COVID19 are timid half measures, yet welcome

The Financial Action Plan (FAP) announced by the Finance Minister consisted of timid half-measures and was certainly not comprehensive.

People stand outside a pharmacy to buy medicines during a nationwide lockdown, imposed in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, in Jammu (PTI photo)

OPINION | Fighting COVID-19 and beyond – by P Chidambaram

The government has been busy with video conferences; repatriating Indians from affected countries; and issuing advisories on hand washing, covering one’s nose and mouth, and  wearing masks.

COVID-19, Indian Council of Medical Research, coronavirus outbreak, GDP pre-dates COVID-19, PM-KISAN, NYAY scheme, congress

Not banking but buccaneering: The Yes Bank story is not over

The bank can lend only the remaining amount and earn interest (interest income). Even that amount is capped by what is known as the CRAR or Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio, commonly known as the Capital Adequacy Ratio

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