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Urban local bodies: Fixing finances and functioning

The Fifteenth Finance Commission can hardly afford to be status quoist in its recommendations. There should be a hard budget constraint for ULBs—for the transfer-grant system to be effective, benchmarks on local revenue rai

Work on getting city-led growth right: Make the process of urbanisation sustainable, inclusive and productive

Make the process of urbanisation sustainable, resilient, inclusive and productive, rather than considering a model that aims to curb the growth of large cities.

Determining an ‘optimal’ size of cities was an important research theme in urban economics in the 1960s and the 1970s, globally as also in India.

Tackling the migrant crisis: Stimulus package must correct imbalance in the labour market

The stimulus package must correct imbalance in the labour market

Nothing has been said about the possible fallout of outmigration on cities they have fled.

Open letter to CEA Arvind Subramanian: How urban is India?

When low level of urbanisation, declining rates of urban population growth, limited role of rural-urban migration, and out-migration of manufacturing from cities are all added up, the stress on urban India is evident.

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Smart cities is a work in progress

The Smart Cities Mission and AMRUT are important initiatives. It is necessary that they are taken forward with as much clarity as can be imparted into their design at this stage

Smart cities is a work in progress
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