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India’s Railway Man: A Biography of E Sreedharan by Rajendra B Aklekar; book review

RED TAPE, BUDGET uncertainties and lack of political will. If one had to choose the top contenders from a long list of problems that plague government infrastructure projects in India, these three would undoubtedly make the c

Good news: From government, resort owners to tourists, all waking up to potential and need of ecotourism

INDIA CLIMBED UP 13 ranks in the World Economic Forum’s 2015 travel and tourism competitiveness index—moving from the 65th position in 2013 to 52nd in 2015.

From Cambodia, a lesson for Indian circuses

THE IDEA OF a circus being a source of employment might not appeal to many at first. But when you factor in the million of tourists that visit India and what circus means to them, then this idea starts to make sense.

ISRO: From late APJ Abdul Kalam to Vikram Sarabhai, journey and people behind its success

Every approach, every distant reach into space is a result of years of hard work. The Indian Space Research Organisation, or ISRO, has been India's flagbearer in the global space exploration community.

ISRO, Indian Space Research Organisation, global space exploration community, ISRO Satellite Centre, APJ Abdul Kalam, Vikram Sarabhai, Glavkosmos, Mangalyaan

Forget Madame Tussauds; these wax museums in India are no less than wonderlands

Unknown to many, India has its own fair share of wax museums. Call them home-grown or inspired by Madame Tussauds, these wax museums will transport you to a different world.

Madame Tussauds, Madame Tussauds Delhi, wax museums, wax museums in India, Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum, Wax World Museums, Mother’s Wax Museum, Madame Tussauds brand

Book review: Matthew Syed’s ‘The Greatest’ looks at defining moments of some sporting icons

A masterpiece that looks at the people and moments that defined the careers of some sporting icons.

Man vs Machine: Technology at its exciting best in medicine, human intervention to take a back seat?

SCI-FI LOVERS will remember the movie, The Island, made by renowned director Michael Bay. Set in the distant future, the movie’s plot revolved around matters such as human clones and organ harvesting.

Life in 2027? A preview of the next-generation smart home

What would life be like a decade from now? Here’s an exciting preview to a day in the next-generation smart home

For many, wildlife photography is a quest for trophies, not conservation: Shekar Dattatri, Wildlife Film-maker

Wildlife film-maker Shekar Dattatri tells Nitin Sreedhar how documentaries and wildlife films can help in the conservation of animals.

Shekar Dattatri

Animal conservation: Wildlife heroes going about the job in a unique way

An orphanage-cum-rescue centre for young animals, a digital snake database and a photography competition for the best ‘comic’ animal picture... Here are some wildlife heroes who are going about animal conservation in a un

Drones take business intelligence notches higher

In the aftermath of Cyclone Vardah, a leading insurance company in Chennai decided to go for an unusual method to vet some damage claims for insurance by an information technology park near the city’s coast.

We are open to making smartwatches: Niladri Mazumdar

Sieko has been one of the leading names in watchmaking since 1881.

Celling point

If nostalgia for a feature phone makes you shell out R4,000, there is a range of smartphones available at this price and even less

Micro organisms and their influence in the human body, find out how

Studies, in fact, reveal that gut bacteria play a much more important role than mere digestion. From metabolism and immunity to obesity and diabetes, how healthy we are depends to a large extent on these bacteria found in our

Kolkata’s Fanattic Sports Museum, is a treasure house of Usain Bolt’s jersey to Sachin Tendulkar’s gloves

The mark of a true sportsperson lies in not only celebrating victory, but also in acknowledging his/her opponent’s efforts.

A 24-year-old, New Delhi-based lawyer who can’t let go of the polo stick

EVER SINCE she started riding from the age of four years, New Delhi-based Avshreya Pratap Singh has had a taste of traditional and conventional equestrian sports.

For this 42-year-old shoe designer, the passion for polo started six years ago

There is no age for learning something new. That was the mantra 42-year-old Rinaa Shah followed when she set out to learn polo six years ago.

This 18-year-old, New Delhi-based beginner aims to compete at the all women’s polo event this year

RIDING COMES naturally to 18-year-old Ameera Pasrich. This teenager from New Delhi started riding when she was just three years old.

Book review: Saurabh Duggal’s Akhada depicts the life of ‘pehelwan-Phogat’

THE LIFE of a pehelwan (wrestler) is in no way easy. Not everyone can devote their developing years to strenuous training, endless sacrifices and bouts that feel longer than just a few minutes.

New age smartphone cameras: Not just selfies, detect anaemia, check food quality and more

If you thought a smartphone camera was good enough to only click selfies, think again. From sensing food quality to screening for anaemia, there’s much more to the new-age smartphone camera than meets the eye.

Smart clothing stitches new tech frontiers

MARTY McFLY became a cult name when he was portrayed by Canadian-American actor Michael J Fox in the Back to The Future movie trilogy.

Smart skin

If wearables were the buzzword the past year, ‘e-skin’ could dominate technology in 2017. Here are some ‘smart’ ways your skin could soon become a cool gadget

Food for the future

Cockroach milk, algae, cactus and jellyfish might not be your common supermarket shelf dwellers, but are potential foods of the future. In a planet with fast-dwindling resources, they could be the next nutrition providers

Sports-based films a winning formula again?

India’s performance at the Olympics in Rio this year might have been lacklustre, but Bollywood has churned out gold when it comes to sports with this year's biggest films, Sultan and Dangal.

Money problems for other leagues

Wrestling league delayed, no stars in tennis

Money problems for other leagues

Is India’s performance in badminton and wrestling in 2016 Olympics shot-in-the arm for sports?

With PV Sindhu’s Olympic silver medal in the backdrop, are the stakes higher for the Premier Badminton League as it heads into the new season?

A growing popularity of mixed martial arts in India

In this cricket-crazy country, it’s suddenly the less popular sports like wrestling, mixed martial arts and badminton that are in focus, thanks to Olympic victories and cinematic endeavours. We find out if all this attentio

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