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National Pension System: More reasons why you should invest in NPS

Investors have the option to invest up to 75 per cent in equities under the active choice option of the National Pension Scheme (NPS). NPS already offers 75 per cent equity allocation under the auto-choice option.

what is national pension scheme

7 myths about wealth which may change the way you approach money

Wealth creation is not about getting the highest returns. High returns come with high risks when the investment fails the returns decline. Wealth creation is about getting consistent returns.

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6 real ways to travel the world ultra cheap and smart: Wisdom unlocked; Truth revealed

Travel the world in panache. There are multiple ways in which travel can be not only inexpensive but also enriching. From food, transport, accommodation to flight tickets employ the tricks up your sleeve to travel smart.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Make the most of your MF taxation relief

There are three parts of mutual fund taxation. First is the type of mutual fund, second is the period of holding and the third factor is how to calculate the gain.

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Underwriting of loan is the biggest challenge in MSME lending, says Amit, CEO of CoinTribe

NPAs is a function of three things, the quality of underwriting, i.e risk assessment, the industries or geographies of focus, and what happens to the industry, says Amit Sachdeva, CEO and Co-founder, CoinTribe.

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Whole life term insurance Vs Regular term life insurance: Which is better for you?

whole life term insurance provides a guaranteed payout to the dependants of the policyholder. In regular term insurance, there is no payout if the policyholder outlives the policy period.

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Private Equity Investment: Way to earn more than 20% return annually

Investing in the private equity can be done either directly or through funds. First-time investors are advised to take the alternative investment fund (AIF) route.

PF withdrawal? You should know about these forms; How to download and fill

There are different kinds of PF withdrawals available for the EPFO member. Here's all you need to know about them.

Mental Illness in Health Plans: What you can look forward to after IRDA’s recent directive

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has recently directed insurance companies to make provisions to cover mental illness as well. The treatment of mental illness to be covered as the treatment of physical il

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Switching between mutual fund schemes? Know its tax implications

The long-term capital gain tax is exempt in case the total gains made on the equity mutual fund investments are below Rs 100,000 in a financial year. For small investors, it makes sense to shift from dividend to growth option

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Mutual Fund Investment: 6 criteria of picking the right mutual fund

your portfolio of mutual funds should be a reflection of carefully curated assets based on multiple factors like short-term goals, middle term goals and long-term goals. Here are the multiple criteria for picking the right mu

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Liquid Funds Vs Bank Deposits: Know which one to choose and why

The ideal time to park money in liquid funds is at the time of sudden influx of cash, at the time of huge bonus or sale of a capital asset like real estate or money gained in a windfall.

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Mutual Fund Investment: For diversification adopt a contrarian fund strategy

Contrary to the popular action, contra fund aims to go against the market and target out of the favour sectors in the hope of investing in them at lower prices.

Become Insurance Smart: Duties of a policyholder to be better insured

Insurance products require Investor's awareness and smartness right before buying to availing. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ( IRDA) has also laid down some attributes of a smart policyholder.

Government move to curb Ponzi schemes: What you need to know

In the realm of the real world, high return and guaranteed return don't go hand in hand. As an answer to Ponzi schemes, the government has recently tabled the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Bill, 2018.

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Dematerialisation of shares: Convert physical shares to demat before it’s too late

SEBI has amended the listing Obligation and Disclosure Requirements (LODR) regulations. In a new directive, shareholders holding physical share certificates should convert it into dematerialised form by December 5, 2018.

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How to bring money in conversation with parents?

It may become necessary for you to step in and help your parents manage their finances at some point in life. Money can be a sensitive thing to talk about. However, you can be a knight and an armour to your parents money-woes

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Monthly income throughout life: These 7 pension schemes from NPS to Insurance can ensure that

From investing in insurance to mutual funds to post office saving schemes, there are a plethora of options before the investors to secure fixed monthly income apart from the pension schemes.

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Employee Provident Fund: Nomination rules of your retirement kitty

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) apart from being a retirement's nest egg serves other purposes too. Being aware of the nomination rules can come in handy in long term.

What is DigiLocker? Check top features and benefits of this ‘Digital India’ dream app

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have stated that the documents stored in Digilocker qualify as original documents. DigiLocker- a cloud-based storage under the Digital India campaign, stores one’s important document

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Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana: Eligibility, Tax Benefits, Rules – All you need to know

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, a Government of India initiative aims at inculcating savings for generating necessary funds for girl marriage and education.

Open Ended Fund Vs Closed Ended Fund Vs ETFs: Which is a better choice for you?

Open-ended fund has a higher expense ratio as they are actively managed. Close-ended funds have a longer investment horizon making expenses lower.

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10 categories of equity mutual funds for wealth creation

An equity fund is a mutual fund that invests primarily in stocks. SEBI, in order to remove ambiguity and bring uniformity, has defined 10 categories of equity mutual funds.

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How UAN can benefit EPFO subscribers; All you need to know

The centralisation of the EPF data through UAN has actively reduced the dependence on the employer and the regional EPF offices. Moreover, EPF withdrawal has never been this easy.

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4 ways to check your EPF balance through the use of smartphones

Finding EPF balance requires mobile, mobile number and UAN. Gone are those days when you had to wait for your employer to share the Provident Fund statement at the end of the year to check the EPF balance.

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Investors! Beware before investing in corporate fixed deposits

Retail investors opt for corporate fixed deposits because they offer better interest rates than bank fixed deposits. They also carry higher risks as compared to bank fixed deposit which should not be ignored.

Corporate Fixed deposits

How to benefit from holding on to your investments till maturity

One can buy bonds in a primary issue in case you don't have a trading account with a broker. If you don't have a trading account, then you cannot participate in a security listed in the exchange. You can take benefits of high

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